We know that what isn’t in your food is as important as what is.

So Delicious began with a desire to provide deliciousness for those who can’t consume certain ingredients. We started out making frozen desserts, and over the past 30 years, have continued to expand our portfolio to include foods and beverages made from coconuts, almonds, cashews and the latest—oats. We use high-quality ingredients and have a rigorous allergen control program to ensure you know what is in every delicious bite, sip and pour.

Here’s how our allergen control program works

We vet each of our suppliers and the ingredients we purchase from them to ensure our stringent quality and safety standards are met.

Ingredients that contain a major allergen are segregated from other ingredients to avoid allergen cross-contact.

We plan our production runs with allergens in mind. We clean our equipment at each allergen changeover to ensure allergen removal before the next product run.

For specific allergen concerns or other questions, contact us at 866-388-7853.