Water Conservation & Awareness

Water is part of our company’s DNA. We simply couldn’t create all our tasty dairy-free frozen desserts, cultured products, and beverages without it. As the world pays closer attention to our growing freshwater crisis we believe it’s important to be responsible stewards of our freshwater resources.

our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: conserve what you can, and work to restore what you can’t. We’re taking steps to reduce our water consumption wherever we can, from little things like using water-saving hose attachments in our frozen dessert factory to tackling bigger projects that have the potential to save much, much more.

Some water usage is of course necessary.

Thanks to an innovative product offered by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), businesses like ours can now restore a portion of the water we draw from municipal water sources to critically dewatered rivers and streams.

The Middle Deschutes is defined as the 35-mile section of the Deschutes River between the city of Bend and Lake Billy Chinook, Oregon. Thanks to the Deschutes River Conservancy and local irrigation districts, over 115 cubic feet per second flowed in the Middle Deschutes during the summer months of a recent irrigation season, helping foster a healthy ecosystem for people, plants, and wildlife. A number of river guides have already reported improved fish populations.

a trip to the deschutes

A few representatives from So Delicious Dairy Free recently had the opportunity to visit this magnificent river, and it is truly a special place! We believe the vital habitat this river provides along with the rugged beauty of this place is worth protecting.

water restoration on the middle deschutes