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The Wonderful Little Coconut

Coconuts are a big part of life at So Delicious Dairy Free.  The amazing ingredient has shown to be a popular alternative to dairy for people looking for a safe and healthy way to feed and treat their family.  Did you also know that coconuts are a great ingredient to help us keep our carbon footprint down too?

So Delicious Dairy Free only purchases organic and non-GMO verified coconuts.  In fact, all of our ingredients are non-GMO and many of our products are organic or made with organic ingredients.

Coconuts require very little space. Trees that produces all of our coconuts last year can fit in nine square miles of land, less than half the size of Manhattan. In contrast, the dairy farms in the state of Massachusetts alone take up about 100 square miles.

It takes about seven liters of water to produce half a gallon of coconut milk.  In contrast, soy milk uses about 50 liters per half gallon of product.  Water usage on farms is important for protecting natural resources and preventing run off and soil erosion.

With our efficient transportation system, the overall environmental impact of coconut milk is about one tenth of the carbon footprint of dairy.  More information about our carbon footprint can be found in the 2013 Sustainability Report.

The coconut tree is also a versatile and useful plant.  The husks are often used as building material, and the meat can be made into milk, oil, dried snacks, vinegar, sugar and more.

Coconut can be harvested throughout the year.  A healthy tree can produce up to 70 ripe coconuts every year.  A large bounty makes the most of the land and helps farmers continuously earn an income.

coconut footprint

What’s your favorite way to use a coconut?  Let us know in the comments below.

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