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Who Needs Dairy When There’s Cashew Milk?

July 18, 2013
By: So Delicious

Cashew Milks Unblurred

At So Delicious Dairy Free, we already make numerous tasty beverages.  Some from coconuts, others from almonds, and now… It’s official! Our brand new Cashew Milk beverage has arrived in both unsweetened original and unsweetened vanilla flavors! With only 35 calories and 0 grams of sugar per serving, this indulgent beverage is the perfect addition to recipes, smoothies, cereal, or all by itself in the glass.

Did you know that cashews are America’s favorite nut, with 31 percent naming it as their favorite? In case you’re wondering, almonds came in second with 16 percent of the vote.

Although the raw cashew milk you might make at home is undoubtedly delicious, it is very difficult to replicate that pleasing flavor and texture on a larger scale. We found that roasting the cashews provided the notes of flavor we were looking for in our new cashew milk while still delivering a neutral unsweetened milk that is an ideal replacement for dairy milk in any setting.

The feedback we’ve received from bloggers and chefs who’ve tried it has been overwhelmingly positive, and we can’t wait for you to try it, too! Look for it soon at a store near you. Please note though that, sometimes, it can take awhile for stores to start carrying new products. Don’t be afraid to tell management that you want them to carry this for you. To make it easier for our fans to get their favorite So Delicious products in their local stores, we created this handy-dandy product request form that you can print off and bring with you.

Another advantage of our Cashew Milk beverages is that they come in cases of 6 instead of 12, so if you’re unable to get your local store to carry them, it’s very easy to ask them to place a special order for you. Many stores will even offer you a discounted price (usually around 10%) when you purchase by the case. It never hurts to ask!

Comment below if you’re excited to try this delicious new dairy-free beverage innovation!



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  1. Why are you using carrageenan in your products when World Health Organization has classified it as a possible human carcinogen? Europe bans carrageenan use in infant milks, but allowed in USA?

    I am shocked a company like yours uses these products.

    Please advise.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for sharing your concern with us.There has been a great deal of confusion about carrageenan, a natural polysaccharide (carbohydrate) extracted from red seaweed. The confusion arises because there are two types of carrageenan: undegraded (food-grade) and degraded (hydrolyzed with acid). Undegraded carrageenan has been used on a huge scale in food production worldwide since the 1930s, and its safety has been assured by the FDA Gras status. The Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) of the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) gave carrageenan the highest ADI (Accepted Daily Intake) status.

      The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), which has included undegraded carrageenan on its approved list of ingredients since the mid 1990s, completed another extensive review of undegraded carrageenan in 2012, and they concluded that undegraded carrageenan is safe to continue using in organic products. Although these major governing food organizations have supported ingredients like carrageenan for decades, we are always striving to deliver excellence with our products. That means we take our product integrity and ingredient selection very seriously, and conduct our own internal reviews to determine how our products are made.
      When new consumer concerns about this ingredient surfaced, we began taking proactive steps on our own to assess its use in our products.

      We believe that the scientific literature overwhelmingly concludes that undegraded carrageenan is safe to eat. However, we are committed to using the highest quality ingredients and offering products that are delicious and respectful of our consumers and the planet, and we are actively pursuing the removal of carrageenan from our products. Just so you know, we have several new products that do not contain carrageenan – including our new Cashew MIlk beverages, Greek-style yogurts, and our almond milk frozen pints and novelties.

    1. Hi Patricia! There are 85mg of sodium (4% of daily value) in our delicious new Cashew Milk beverages.

    1. Hi Jonathan. Because our cashew milk is brand new, it’s just now rolling into store shelves. We’ll be sure to update the store locator as soon as we’re able to confirm which stores will carry our delicious cashew milk beverage. What is your ZIP code? I can check to see if there are any stores in your area for you.

  2. I tried your cashew milk and it really is “so delicious!” It’s my new favorite non-dairy milk. It’s excellent in a milkshake with So Delicious ice cream. For anyone looking to find it in stores, I found it at Whole Foods Market. Wegmans carries just about all So Delicious products, so I’m hoping they will start carrying it soon.

    1. Thank you, Donna! I made pancakes using the cashew milk, and they turned out SO rich and fluffy! I also love it all by itself or on granola for breakfast. I haven’t used it to make a milkshake yet, but that will soon be remedied 😉 We hope Wegman’s will start carrying it soon, too. It might not hurt for you to talk to a manager and ask them to start carrying it for you. We even have a handy form that can help speed up the process. Simply select the products you want to see them carry, print it off, and bring it with you to your favorite stores!

  3. Can you give me a breakdown of what ingredients are part of the natural flavor that is listed on the cashew milk ingredient list?
    Thank You,
    Christopher Koval

    1. You can rest easy knowing that all of our products are always 100% plant-based, certified vegan and GMO-free, and never contain any animal products or byproducts. In terms of the natural flavors we use, they can be comprised of many or just a few compounds that are extracted from plants, fruits and beans. So, for example, our vanilla flavor comes from vanilla extract.

      One of the pillars of our company is “So Kind.” This means treating people, animals, and the planet with kindness, and we operate with that spirit every day. We do this by selecting high-quality, cruelty-free ingredients for our delicious products, sourcing from vendors with integrity, and ensuring we are respectful and fair with all of our suppliers. We hope that helps answer your concerns.

  4. I have been stalking my local grocery & Whole Foods for this Cashew Milk!!! Can you tell me when I can expect to see it grace the shelves???

    Impatiently Waiting,

    1. Hi Cheryl. Our cashew milk is available for stores to order and get in stock, but the decision of which products to carry is ultimately up to each individual store. Have you tried asking management to order this and bring it in for you? We have a product request form that you can fill out, print off and bring with you to the store that can often help speed up the process. Also keep in mind that our cashew milk only comes in the 32oz. shelf-stable containers and won’t be found in the refrigerated section at your store.

  5. I have been a long time purchaser of your Coconut Milk Beverage and have recently been informed of the possible dangers of carrageenan. I am happy to see that you are actively looking for alternatives to the use of this ingredient in your products. Unfortunately, I am going to discontinue purchasing this product, but look forward to a carrageenan free version soon.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Krista! Our cashew milk is so tasty, we think it deserves to be just as popular as almond milk 😉 We’re happy to offer this unique beverage choice to our wonderful fans before anyone else could produce it, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

  6. I’m IN LOVE with this cashew milk. I’ve had the unsweetened vanilla and I wanted to guzzle it like I haven’t guzzled milk in years. My question is though- are you planning on releasing an organic version. It’s fantastic, but I’m all about the organic baby…

    1. Hi Kim!

      We strive to use organic ingredients whenever possible. We always use organic coconuts in all of our coconut milk products, and our coconut milk products, almond milk products, and our new cashew milk beverages are all Non-GMO-Project Verified. We had a very difficult decision to make when creating our Cashew Milk beverage. Unfortunately, if we were to offer this beverage in an organic version, it would make the product unaffordable to most people. We would really like to offer an organic cashew milk, and we hope that down the road we will be able to do so. We continue conversations with organic cashew suppliers and will let you know if we are able to bring an affordable, organic cashew milk to stores in the future. Thanks again for your comment. We will be sure to share your thoughts with our team.

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