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Vegan Comfort in a Crock-pot – Tuscan White Bean and Kale Soup Served with Rustic Gluten-free Biscuits

September 24, 2015
By: So Delicious

We’re in the mood for fall! Even if it’s not quite sweater weather, we can sure dig into a hearty bowl of savory soup. This simple crock-pot recipe is full of Tuscan flavor, thanks to sun-dried tomatoes, herbs and garlic. Served with piping hot biscuits, the welcoming aromas will bring your whole family around the table to share an effortless weeknight meal.

Recipe here: Tuscan White Bean and Kale Soup


If your crock-pot has a sauté/simmer function, you can use it for super fast cooking. Just prep the ingredients ahead of time. When you’re ready to cook, sauté the onions and garlic first, then add the remaining ingredients as it switches to simmer.

No sauté/simmer function? Not to worry. You can add all of the main ingredients to your crock-pot in advance and set the delay/slow-cook function as needed. Could it get any easier?

Whichever function you use, shred the kale as the soup cooks and set it aside to be added with the cashewmilk, just before serving. Once the kale is just tender, it’s ready to eat! Make the flavors pop by garnishing each bowl with red pepper flakes, fresh basil and sage. Right about now, family members will start filing into the kitchen to see what smells so good!


A few tips:

  1. Oil-packed, herbed sun-dried tomatoes taste amazing in this recipe and work well with the sauté/simmer function. But you can certainly use dried, particularly if you slow-cook. Just rehydrate them before tossing them in.
  2. Mashing 1/3 of the beans creates an even heartier base to this soup.
  3. Any So Delicious Dairy Free beverage will work well, but our cashewmilk lends both depth of flavor and satisfying creaminess.


Oh no, we didn’t forget about the biscuits. We’ve got your biscuits right here: Rustic Gluten-Free Biscuits With Coconut Oil

These little guys are made with gluten-free flour and coconut oil, rather than butter.  Drizzled with a bit of agave nectar, they’re the perfect complement to your fall family meal.


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