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Using Dairy-free Substitutions In Your Favorite Recipes

Going dairy-free or vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favorite recipes! With just a few simple substitutions on hand, you can feel all the benefits without deprivation. Here are a few new recipes for old standards that call for easy substitutions and deliver impressive results!

1. Gluten-Free Banana Flax Pancakes with our dairy-free substitute for buttermilk

It’s simple to make your own dairy-free buttermilk for this recipe. Just add 2 tsp apple cider vinegar to 2 cups of our Original Coconutmilk beverage. The acidity of the mixture allows a reaction with baking soda and baking powder that creates an airy texture and adds a tangy flavor.


2. Ultimate Vegan Game Day Burgers

Eggs add moisture to burgers and also act as a binder. In this recipe, we add store bought egg replacer to the last bit of Culinary Coconutmilk left in our container and shook it, for a more emulsified substitute that works perfectly to hold the burgers together.


3. Tacos with Dairy-free Coconut Sour Cream

Add creamy tanginess and smooth texture to traditional homemade tacos like mom used to make with our own dairy-free sour cream recipe and vegan crumbles (we used Fiesty Crumble from Beyond Meat) and vegan cheese shreds (we used the Fiesta Blend from Follow Your Heart).


4. Dairy-free Magic Cookie Bars

Our substitute for sweetened condensed milk is an easy recipe that reduces the water content from our Culinary Coconutmilk while replacing it with powdered sugar. Simple as that!

This quick and easy dessert is a dairy-free version of the traditional magic cookie bar you remember, with the soft graham cracker crust, rich chocolate layer and crunchy coconut drizzled with our own recipe for Dairy-free Sweetened condensed Milk.


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  1. I am wheat free, dairy free, and recently soy free. I have been looking for a sour cream substitute, since I started feeling worst with my HS after making recipes with tofutti. My favorite brands that cause me no flares are So Delicious dairy free and Daiya. Now to find your culinary coconut milk and make myself some Tacos!

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