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Turtle Trails Contest – Win a Trip to Costa Rica!

As a last hurrah before summer ends, we’re teaming up with Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN) for our week-long Turtle Trails Contest! One lucky fan will win a trip for two to Costa Rica for a Marine and Wildlife Expedition with Turtle Trax!


Why We Love Turtle Island Restoration Network
We have admired and supported TIRN for more than 20 years! As a leading advocate for the world’s oceans and marine wildlife, TIRN works with people and communities to preserve and restore critical habitats, protecting sea turtles, sharks, salmon, sea birds and mammals, important ocean migratory ‘swim ways,’ and public health.

In its early years, So Delicious donated 1% of profits to the project. To date, we’ve been able to donate more than $110,000 to TIRN, contributing to their efforts in saving thousands of sea turtles and other marine species through hands-on conservation, policy change, and consumer change campaigns.


How to Participate
Visit our Facebook page between August 17-23. We’ll post five times during that timeframe. For every post you comment on, you will receive one entry in our sweepstakes for a maximum of five entries! We’ll contact on our winner and runners up on Monday, Aug. 24. Official rules here:


Trip Details
As mentioned earlier, our grand prize is a trip for two to Costa Rica! The Turtle Trax Marine and Wildlife Expedition is an 10 day/9 night tour of the rainforests, beaches, oceans, and rivers of Costa Rica. Possible activities include dolphin watching, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, yoga and more! The trip can be taken in 2015 or 2016.


Day 1 – Arrival in San Jose, lodging at Hotel Aeropuerto or similar (1 Night)
Day 2 – Nicuesa Rainforest Eco Lodge (3 Nights)
Day 3 – Golfo Dulce Dolphin Tour and Coastal Adventure
Day 4 – Free Day
Day 5 – Villa Lapas Rainforest Hotel, Central Pacific (1 Night)
Day 6 – Hotel Laguna Mar.
Day 7 – Mangrove tour
Day 8 – Free time during the morning to relax by the pool.
Day 9 – San Jose Hotel Aeropuerto or similar
Day 10 – Departure flight


Reviews & Comments


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  1. I am passionate about reclaiming and conserving water, most especially because I live in the southwest that has been in a terrible drought. I have 6 rain barrels (55 gallons each) that I use to water the garden. I capture the cold water running from the faucet waiting for hot water to arrive; in a typical day I save 6 gallons that I can use for laundry, watering plants, etc. I am a strong promoter of conservation, and even designed a T-shirt that I wear to spread the word!

  2. Anything nature, environmental, marine ecosystems and our Ripley turtle nesting and our Indian River Lagoon. I even have a Florida tag on my car to support Turtles. But, I am passionate about de-forrestation as well. At home…women’s issues..our children protection, Texas Eqisearch, home decorating and food. I am a passionate person.

  3. What am I passionate about? My passion is compassion. For animals, for humans, for the Earth. I strive every day to help protect all animals from cruelty and keeping the wild wild. A trip to Costa Rica to view the ocean wildlife in the habitat they belong in would be precisely the surge I need. There’s so much cruelty in the world and stopping the cruelty towards animals is something that I care about immensely .

  4. I’m passionate about daily practicing and living my life in gratitude and being appreciative of everything that comes with that acknowledgement.

  5. I am passionate about preserving what our earth has provided us with and sharing it with my children. I hope they will have the opportunities to help carry on the preservation of our earth, many of the species in jeopardy,and to leave as little blue print as humanly possible, 🙂

  6. This sounds amazing! I’ve always been interested in conservation efforts and I love animals and I love turtles since I have been able to work with them before! I wish I can go and be of great help for them

  7. We just saved a baby stinkpot turtle at the park on a bike trail … took it home and is doing very well ….we love our lil turtle !!!!!

  8. I try to live my life being aware that I can help or harm others with simple decisions and acts every single day. I have a special love for marine life…. A large part of why I chose to live in Hawaii. I would love to visit Costa Rica and will….. One way or another … 🙂

  9. I went to Costa Rica as a child once and I said id be back someday. As a single mom of two, one that doesn’t speak It is hard to imagine ever making it there again. We live animals, striving to be vegan and my daughter wants to be a veterinarian someday. This would just be such an amazing trip dream.

  10. I am very passionate about florida wildlife. I reside in Florida and I always pick up trash when I go to the beach. Also my boyfriend works in marine construction and accidentally damaged a turtle nest one time. He took the remaining eggs to our local zoo to try and save them. I love our wildlife here in Florida I enjoy protecting it.

  11. I love ALL animals because they are beautiful creatures who react out of love and nature, unlike people who react out of love and hate. ❤️

  12. I love the work they are doing as a Vegan I am against anyone harming animals or their habitat. I hope that more people realize the harm that pollution and their choice of the way they live their lives is hurting the animals and if we do not make better choices in our lives and the way we live we are going to destroy the Eco system and their won’t be anymore beautiful fish or Turtles or Whales etc to look at… We as people need to be more aware and less ignorant and selfish and learn how our needs for advancement are destroying the ecosystem!

  13. Hi, I would like to work for your company. Can you connect me with your HR department?

    Your help would be much appreciated. I have my profile on LinkedIn should you like to see my work experience to date. I am Vegan and it’s very important for me to work for a company that provides vegan products.

    Virginie Misseri

  14. I love and need wildlife because it restores balance to my life and helps me find peace, joy and contentment. Thank you. 🙂

  15. Sea turtles are my dream come true 🙂 Would love to work with them someday 🙂 studied them in books in college, even applied for internship in Costa. Rica but didn’t get it due to overwhelming number of applicants. Have yet to see in person 23 years after college graduation. Help make my drems come true please 🙂

  16. I first went to Costa Rica when I was 17. I was a volunteer who worked with the Ministry of Health and Colgate, and I traveled around the country educating children about the importance of good dental hygiene. The following year, I returned as a college student in an International Studies program; I focused my energies on learning about feminist studies and sustainable development efforts in the region. A few years after that, I returned to Costa Rica again to volunteer at an orphanage where I cared for eight children with various physical, mental, and emotional difficulties. On each of my trips, I stayed with the same host family, and we grew very close; now we keep in touch via Facebook. I have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit nationally and internationally, but Costa Rica is a place I would return to in a heartbeat. Furthermore, I have a red eared slider turtle that I rescued a couple of years ago, and caring for him every day has deepened my love of turtles. Lastly, I am such a fan of So Delicious products as they have helped me stay vegan when the urge to eat dairy products kicks in, so winning this trip would be absolutely amazing on many levels. Pura vida!

  17. I work for Duke Energy FL and our company donates to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. We have contests to name the rescued turtles. It’s so much fun to show my grandchildren how to protect them.

  18. The world needs more conscious companies like So Delicious Dairy Free! Thank you for bringing this cause to our attention!

  19. This ttripwould be the trip of a lifetime for my daughter! She just urned 18 and graduated from highschool. She loves Sea Turtles with a passion! I want to nominate her for winning this trip. Her name is Larissa and she completely deserves to go on this trip. This would be an awesome learning adventure for the both of us. I was not able to buy her a graduation present so this would be truely the greatest gift of all to her. Thank you for considering us as possible winners! 🙂
    -Terra Saunders

  20. I live in the pacific north west! So I don’t get to see turtles at all, but I am very passionate about them, they are such beautiful peaceful creatures! I have stopped using plastic bags, I have gotten family and friends to start using reusable bags when shopping! I have also gotten most of my friends and family to throw away there trash instead of throwing it on the ground or places it doesn’t belong! When I see trash on the beach (I have a beach house so I visit very often) I pick it up because the beach is supposed to be beautiful! I have learned that balloons can also hurt turtles so I don’t let my balloons go!

  21. I am passionate about helping others and animals. I work to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families in need as a child welfare social worker for a major city. I rescued three cats who are like children to me. I also have several godchildren whom I help to care for and be a positive role model in their lives, respectively. A trip to Costa Rica would be an amazing adventure after losing 90 pounds and not having a vacation in nearly ten years. I would be happy for whoever wins!

  22. Two things that we do to make the world a better place: we have rain barrels at our house so we can use reclaimed water for the yard and garden. We walk and bicycle errands whenever we can for exercise and to save gas. We buy local produce and meat whenever possible to cut down on fuel costs for transportations food and we use reusable bags constantly.
    When we were in Hawaii, my favorite activity was snorkeling on the NaPali coast and having a sea turtle approach me.

  23. Wildlife is the beauty of life, the connection of the mind body and spirit. God gave us this Earth to take care of it. We should do that buy keeping it clean, recycle and reuse things.

  24. Be a good heart person both IQ and EQ that you can start from yourself, do good things for your family that It will automaticly effect to the better world! Always care about what you do and be responsible for the next generations in the future!

  25. I recycle, upcycle, and have a compost bin. I am also teaching my grandsons at a very young age how to grow their own garden, recycle, water conservation, and how to do things to save the planet and our great Earth so it is around for a long time.

  26. Two of my favorite things… SDDF products and sea turtle conservation through TIRN. Glad they’ve got such a history to provide much needed efforts to preserve marine wildlife!

  27. Two of my favorite things… SDDF products and sea turtle conservation through TIRN. Glad they’ve got such a history to provide much needed efforts to preserve marine wildlife!

  28. to preserve and restore critical habitats, protecting sea turtles, sharks, salmon, sea birds and mammals, important ocean migratory ‘swim ways,’ and public health. for ever !!!

  29. I love turtles, I take care of them and help advise other on how & what to do with turtles they find this trip would be awesome and nice to learn more stuff about other turtle

  30. I’m passionate about turtles and how they beautifully simbolize freedom, independence and strength and how magically I feel connected to them as my spirit animals! Their journey is so rough and full of traps left by us humans and it makes me truly happy that there are people who care for such strong yet fragile lives. Thank you So Delicious Dairy Free for helping saving our turtles!

  31. Thanks for making the lives of turtles easier! We also try to help the animals by rescuing dogs and cats from high kill shelters and off the streets! We will make a difference one pets at a time!

  32. Some of the little things I do are composting food wastes and leaves to return to my garden. Recycling as much as I can …glass, paper, plastic and aluminum.

  33. My daughter ,11 wants to move to Costa Rica. She has learned a lot because of her love of animals. She has dreams of going to the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. What an amazing mother and daughter trip!

  34. I love wildlife because its beautiful and natural.. it makes me smile… this is how life is… this is life at its fiercest.. and at its most volatile… it is where we see life at its purest state

  35. YAY Sodeliscious!!!!!!!!!! Excellent job investing back into nature and mother earth. As a zoologist myself I love to hear to work y’all are doing. Keep up the great work!!!

  36. I am a social worker who has worked for the last 35 years in the field of adoption. I have been committed to finding permanent homes for children who have no family to call their own. I hope my work has made a difference in their lives.

  37. I wish everyone could see the amazing beauty that is sea turtles and nature in general!!!! I wanna go so bad!!! It would be like an aniversay with a purpose trip if your going to travel do good while there

  38. You can’t even begin to know how thrilled I am to find Turtle enthusiasts besides myself! Who knew? I would love to support endangered Turtle rescue efforts. Let me know what I need to do to be a candidate for a trip to see Turtles! Awesome!

  39. Sea turtle lovers….we are a special breed. 🙂 I love the message and the passion behind So Delicious! This past June my daughter’s Sea Scout and I (a leader) were pleased to adopt Gio, a kemps ridley at the turtle hospital. Knowing we are part of helping our sweet Gio with care and food makes my heart smile. Thank you for bringing positive attention to our beautiful oceans and their inhabitants.

  40. I cherish the moments with my family and friends while we camp, boat, swim and snorkel. Being among mother nature’s beautiful creatures brings excitement, peace and joy….especially discovering a new creature in the ocean while we snorkel. What a gift!

  41. i love wildlife because when I lose al hope in the world and my faith is gone to the waste-sidewildlife and nature restores me. Seeing animals in their natural habitat, just being the way they should be gives me calm, gives me hope for the world, a reason that this planet is worth it.

  42. Thank you for your continued support of our precious ocean friends! I hope they get justice for Jairo in Costs Rica. He paid the ultimate price for protecting the turtles.

  43. My lil Mermaid (8 year old Grandaughter) Aubrey and I need to continue to Love our Planet, it’s Creatures great and Small, and I want this trip for us because she is the Live of My Life and I know that when we Train up our Children and Grandchildren to love our Mother Earth … It is then that we Can Make A Difference !!!

  44. I am passionate about making the world a less polluted and more compassionate place. I try to teach my child and my friends and family to step in and fix something as soon as they see. it. Someone polluting or even just littering? Stop it and help clean it right away. An animal is in distress? Help it. Someone left a cart in the middle of a handicapped spot? Move it and be grateful you have the mobility to do so. Only purchase what you truly need and do not accept excess packaging or a bag.

  45. I am passionate about all the life that God has given us on this earth. Animals and nature of all kinds. Some take it for granted for the things we have, I try to respect that at any place we go by picking up trash off the beaches or camp grounds I go.. Just a simple act makes a difference. In the past people have always asked me where would be the one place I would love to go. To me, I always said The Galapagos Islands. The beauty of all the wild life …turtles , Iguanas and Marine life,,, is so amazing…. I have always said it would be a bucket list thing,, a passion I have always desired but in my heart I know will never happen.. Then I seen this trip you are giving away and my heart fell. This is a once in a life time opportunity you giving to someone, A beautiful Wonderful thing and a chance to see all the amazing turtles and rain forest .

  46. Helping someone when they are at a low place in life is a great way to make the world a better place , compassion goes a long way.

  47. For many years, friends have called on me to help with their companion animals or wild animals in need of healing. At their urgins, I am now studying to be an interspecies communicator. I have taken several basic courses, discovering that I do have an inborn ability to do this work! In September I will be in the mountains near Santa Cruz for a course in nature connection and animal tracking with the group 8Shields; in October I will be in Michigan for advanced animal communication. Helping animals directly and then BRINGING THEIR WISDOM to people is becoming my way of healing the planet. THEY know what our Mother needs.

  48. I am raising my ex boyfriend’s daughter and she and I do our part by rescuing cats and getting them spayed/neutered in our neighborhood! Thank you for helping the turtles!!

  49. I am a plant based college student and passionate about saving the planet and I do everything that I can to do just that, and I always encourage others to do what they can as well.

  50. I am passionate about living my life the way I was designed and created for. If everyone knew the gifts and talents they had and used them to the best of their ability the world would be a better place. But like the story of the boy that saved one turtle by picking it up and throwing it into the ocean when he was surrounded by turtles trying to make it- he said it changes the life of that turtle. I can do my part and love and care for others using my God given gifts and hopefully it will make an impact on at least one other life!

  51. Sounds like fun
    Love to do this
    I’m originally from Florida I miss watching the
    Turtle’s hatching and making their way to the ocean
    Miss watching the dolphins playing in the ocean

  52. I always love these beautiful majestic creatures. I recently was able to help release one caught up in a bunch of fishing line. It was an amazing feeling to hold it and release back into the water. We all need to have more awareness about all species of wild life and their environments. We all need to do our part. Thank you for doing what you do!

  53. Being that I live in southwest Florida ,helping turtles live is a major need .. They are always having to cross busy and nonbusyroads to get to other locations so I am always on the lookout for a turtle in need of a human assistance to get across the road safely. This means junping out of my car while on my way to my own location and hand lifting and carrying the turtle to safety . Always a sight to get 4 lanes of traffic to stip to allow me to help a turtle and I absolutely love to hear and see others honk and give me the thumbs up for helping these sweet creatutes cross !

  54. I had an exhilarating,humbling and unforgettable encounter while snorkelling,when a beautiful turtle surfaced next to me ,stayed a bit,looking at me before diving down the reef.

  55. I try and pickup any garbage along the road so animals will not eat things that might harm them. I also put out safe food to the birds and other little creatures to eat in my back yard. It’s a win win, on both sides.

  56. I love how supportive you all are taking care of amazing creatures! I would love to go because I love saving them and to actuall spend one on one time with them! Every year I send money to the rescues for the neast to make sure they can get the proper care and to support those that are sick or injured

  57. I grew up landlocked in Wisconsin on a dairy farm. I started traveling when I got married to share our USA with our children. We visited the west coast of Oregon and I learned what I thought at that time quite a bit. I young I was then. After our two children graduated we started going to South Padre Island, TX…learned even more about water life and conservation. Now we go to the Florida Keys and WOW did my education increase. We have always enjoyed nature and conservation efforts. My family was very active with the Boy Scout program and when ever we our out we leave a place better than we found it. We passed on this idea onto our kids and now our grandchildren. I found that life is a journey of education and action that never stops. I would adore a trip like would force us to get that ‘passport.’ A couple years ago we learned about the plight of the green sea turtle. In fact, that very year we rescued one. He was 2 years old and the Turtle Hospital (after examination) determined that he was too emaciated to save. He was named ‘Kahl’ and my husband and I was so upset that he had to be ‘put down’…the only solace we had was knowing that he was no longer suffering. I am disabled and there are some things I can’t do but I found that I can kayak! The second year in the Keys, I was so very blessed to have to sets of dolphins swim on either side of my kayak; it was life changing. Nature is so precious and needs to be shared with all especially the importance it has to our survival.

  58. I took a trip with my dad a fews years back. Best choice i ever made and in tribute i got a sea turtle tattoo because I love these wonderful creatures so much. It is a dream of mine to help with turtle rescues. Thanks for this chance and your products are amazing. #savetheseaturtles

  59. Thanks for helping the see turtles & I will be sure to buy So Delicious Dairy free products to support you #140Difference

  60. Thanks for helping the sea turtles & I will be sure to buy So Delicious Dairy free products to support you #140Difference

  61. Thank you for being a voice for those who can’t speak a language humans can understand. I fell in love with the ocean on my first visit a few years back, and the more I learn about it and its inhabitants the more I want to do to protect them. I wish more people realized that all creatures have brains, feelings, emotions and personalities.

  62. I like to volunteer( Hawaii is a great place for saving turtles too!) and spread the word using social media on things I believe will make a better and more peaceful world. Helping other people, treating animals with same respect we give ourselves and helping our environment are some of the things I strongly believe in.

  63. I have a very small carbon footprint. I don’t drive much since I work at home.and have been a vegetarian for 26 years. I would love to visit Costa Rica and see turtles and also the many bird species.

  64. I volunteer at a nature center that rescues injured sea turtles . we try to heal them and release them . When there is a hatch out we rescue those that did not make it out of the nest , then we have evening releases > the preserve is beautiful and educational

  65. I was fortunate enough to watch turtles leave their nests for the sea on Padre Island, TX once. It was an amazing experience I’ll cherish forever. This would be amazing.

  66. I volunteer at a nature center that rescues injured sea turtles . we try to heal them and release them . When there is a hatch out we rescue those that did not make it out of the nest , then we have evening releases > the preserve is beautiful and educational

  67. There are so many little things we can do each day: At home, unplug unnecessary things from wall sockets to save energy, turn off the TV when nobody is watching it and the computer too! Take shorter showers and don’t let the water run when doing dishes. Do full laundry loads. Dry outside when you can. Basically live like the early 20th Century. You’ll be glad you did!

  68. I volunteer at a nature center , that rescues and release injured turtles ,after they have rehab . We try to save and release those hatchlings that could not make it out of their nest . During nesting season each night we release the hatchlings. the centers main focus is for education and awareness of our environment.

  69. I’ve been volunteering in sea turtle rehab for over 2 years at Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, Florida. I’ve seen many turtles come in sick and see them be released healthy;)

  70. Winning this trip would be awesome! My high schooler wants to be a marine biologist & this would really be cool for her!

  71. Everyday on my way to work I watch for Turtles trying to cross, so I stop pick them up & gently walk to the side they’re going & put them down! I want to make sure no Turtle gets run over!

  72. I want to go to Costa Rico because me and my Fiance need to get away.. He works so hard to support us since I’ve been sick and can’t work. I need to get away cause I went Vegan and lost 60 pounds and just bought a new Bikini and deserve to get to go away and wear it! Lol.. I would love to be able to go and swim with the Turtles and enjoy the sea life.. Please consider us we could really use this vacation.

  73. This sounds like an amazing getaway. Not only would it be in one of the most beautiful countries ever (I spent a summer doing volunteer work there in 2004), but to get to be involved in such an important work would be amazing as well.

  74. I’ve only seen turtles once in my life, they are such beautidul majestic creatures. I stand by you in the protection and presevation of their way of life. You rock!

  75. I love todo what ever I can to save our wild life .I plant thing that don’t need a lot of water and that the butterfly’s bee’s and birds love

  76. I have always been in love with turtles! They live to be so old we need to protect them as much as possible!! I would love to know what I could do to help!!

  77. I am a wildlife nut and especially love sea turtles. I live in Florida and have been on numerous turtle patrols, checking nests and helping homeowners understand the necessity to turn off the lights during turtle season. Would love to see conservation practices in Costa Rica, and be part of a turtle watch down there.

  78. While I don’t have extra money to give away, what I do instead is collect can tabs and pet related coupons to give to a woman who sits at PetSmart and collections donations for several organizations, including the local animal shelter in the PetSmart. The can tabs she gives to Ronald McDonald House and they in turn, give her pet supplies for the shelter and convert the tabs to cash to fund the local RM House.

    I give of my time to help feline diabetes groups with advising newcomers as well as providing items for the fundraisers and designing the annual calendar which people purchase and proceeds go to the group(s).

  79. As a single working Mom, teaching my son about our beautiful worldand the people and animals that inhabit it, is mostly done in books. I would love to win this trip to give my son an opportunity to learn about the environment, conservation, wildlife and different cultures first hand. An opportunity like this could be life changing for a boy so kind, smart, and compassionate as my son, and a much needed break for a hard working Momma like myself.

  80. wouldn’t it be nice to share photos of our famous Chautauqua Rehab. & Nursing Tortoise, Shelton, with others who love animals! Shelton lives at our nursing home with all of us Elders and co-workers! He recently was even famous enough to be in the news! If you are having a rough day, just step out side in his pallor and soon you will smile…maybe not at Shelton but at all those who love him and are talking with him!!!!!

  81. this trip would be wonderful, especially, knowing soon, my husband will be back from deployment…it would be a good time, away spending time with family and just nature…especially, my girls love turtles…it would such a wonderful family trip…being a family is rare, and we lack memories..but a trip like this, we can all make many…especially, my husband will be able to relax and be away from his job and feel like family..

  82. I have always loved our natural world and the ever learning that comes with it. I am lucky enough to have a husband of 20 years to share this with. This economy really kicked out butts and we haven’t been on a vacation for over 6 years together. He has worked hard and reinvented himself time and again to provide for our family and I went back to work after he supported the decision for me to be a stay at home home mom. During this time he underwent major neck surgery and is doing great. We love the ocean and all its wildlife and would look so forward to spending the time together, learning and adventuring through Costa Rica. I have never seen a sea turtle wild, isn’t that crazy!?
    Best of luck to everyone!

  83. I wanted to dtudy marine biology and oceanography as a young adult . I got married and became a mom . I would LOVE to have the opportunity to go see what this organization , that you help , is all about . This is a once in a lifetime opportunity ! Whoever wins will be very lucky and hapoy ! Thank you!

  84. I would love to go with my daughter as this is my daughters passion. Shes the next generation to promote a healthy ocean environment!

  85. I love that they don’t have an army and they are doing a lot for conservation. They are making lives of animals better.

  86. Going to Costa Rica and seeing the turtles and wildlife would be a wonderful trip. My husband and I haven’t been on vacation since 1999. It’s time to go and enjoy Costa Rica just like we enjoy So Delicious products. Love the cashew milk ice cream.

  87. I would love to go to Costa Rica! I live dairy free and am proud to support a company that supports preservation of wildlife. Thank you for being ethically sound and helping the turtles!

  88. I would love to see turtle and other sea life in their natural habitat and not in a sad aquarium. I hope you guys are still donating to the great cause of tirn.

  89. Wow! I had no idea you did this. I luv companies that give back to nature
    I’ve been doing animal rescue and transport for 30 years working with many shelters across the U.S. Ive been to Florida during incubation, but never had the chance to see the hatchings. My future goal is to move somewhere that I am able to work with the preservation of turtles,dolphins and manatees, etc
    What a wonderful chance to start my dream by going here and learning/ working. I knew I luved your products, but now I’m really impressed that you give back to preserving our endangered species.

  90. Thank you, SO Delicious for all you are doing to help the conservation of wildlife! I already love your products, but knowing what you are doing in the world makes me love you even more!

  91. i have been to southern Mexico and love the water and heat, that was my last vacation in 2002 after my father died, but never been further south then Belize, I would love to see the turtles in the wild that Costa Rico is famous for.

  92. My husband and I would love to win this awesome trip to Costa Rica! He works for an environmental agency and is active in helping clean and protect the important Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Every year, they raise Terrapin Turtles from babies and release them to help bring back this threatened species.
    We teach our children to love and protect the environment as we try to do. My children have helped clean the shores, plant grass and trees, and even release the Terrapins!
    Winning this trip would also provide us our first kid-free vacation since having our twins 12 years ago! After 15 years of marriage, it’s time!

  93. This would be a total dream for me and my husband!! We have not gotten to take our honeymoon yet, and have been discussing ideas to turn it into a giving back trip.. Animals are so important to us.. And I have a very special love for the creatures of the sea. To help, learn, explore and spread awareness would be unbelievable. Keeping my fingers double crossed!! Who ever wins this trip, I hope they realize what a unique opportunity this is, and makes the absolute best out of it. I know Alex and I would!!

  94. This caught my attention for various reasons.
    First my favorite animals are turtles (all types) and it would be so cool to interact with them and other wildlife in person.
    Second, I would love to see another part of beautiful planet earth and change my scenery from being in Virginia.
    Third, I have not been on a plane before of the whole thirty plus years I have been living. Need to conquer my slight discomfort of floating amongst the clouds.

  95. I love nature and what the world has out there to enjoy and explore it for future generations to enjoy if we keep it clean.

  96. As parents and teachers, we have the responsibility to impart all that we know so that others may know, too…this Earth and all mof its inhabitants are precious!

  97. To experience Costa Rica would an educational trip into a climate, wildlife and communities that I have never visited before. I think I would enjoy myself immensely!

  98. This is a great opportunity for me to learn more about habitats and to come back and share the experience with my students. I am a fifth grade teacher this year and sharing information is what I do.

  99. Saving turtles is good for mankind. I would like to take sister in law to Costa Rica as a thanks for caring for my wife her last few weeks.

  100. My granddaughter has to eat dairy free, So Delicious makes it easy for me to give her different options when she’s visiting me.

  101. Love the Ice cream! Love turtles have always wanted to go see them there!
    It’s a great way to help and save all things natural!
    I am against violence towards all animals .
    And love that you make fabulous products and now this. Kudos to you!

  102. My husband and I are passionate about conservation. We live off the grid, using only what we need of our natural resources, rather than wasting! I would love to visit Costa Rica to observe the conservation efforts there. Hopefully learning things I can bring back home.

  103. As avid scuba divers we are always in a state of wonder when we encounter a turtle in the wild. Always so much fun to watch.

  104. We love your products. Thank you for all the amazing dairy free flavors! My son would love the chance to visit Costa Rica and see all the turtles in person.

  105. I would love to see as much of this planet as I can before it no longer exists. I love wildlife and the preservation of wildlife is very important to me….So Delicious is just what you say it is So Delicious….

  106. I’m a custodian & green team coordinator for 4th/5th graders at an elementary in Springfield, OR. Last November our school unveiled a 15,000 plastic cap mural with an underwater coral reef theme. It was part of a community involvement project to encourage mindfulness of recycling/waste. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art, but it also reminds us of the waste in our oceans that is so harmful to wildlife. ie. Great Pacific Garbage Patch. At each green team meeting, we have a drawing of two students who choose a prize from an egged-shaped prize basket lovingly called ‘The Turtle’. This name having been voted upon by the kids in 2013. Below is a link about our mural:

  107. My whole family uses your So Delicious products and we love love love them!!!! We have never been out of the US and my husband and I have raised 4 kids with out youngest going to college next year. We never had a honeymoon because of funds being tight so a vacation of any sorts would be very lovely. Thanks so much for making such awesome products!!

  108. This would be WONDERFUL to win. What a great thing! Anything to protect our wild life is so important! Thanks for your support of this amazing cause. You are the best!

  109. Many good reasons, I want to win a trip ,never won anything,always been promised trips. We love and give to save marine life,and love the relaxation of the ocean Costa Rica would be a dream come true.

  110. I really want to go to Costa Rica for personal growth and broaden my experiences. I’m excited to learn more about TIRN, and I want to start traveling more! Thank you for the opportunity to earn this trip!

  111. I would like to visit Costa Rica so I can visit my Friend Maureen that I haven’t seen since high school. That was back in 1994! She moved back to Costa Rica when she was done with high school. She’s a great mom to her son JC and dog Frosty. I see pictures all the time of her in and her family there in Costa Rica and they are all so beautiful. I’ve told her I would love to move over there one day. Maureen has asked me when we are going to move over there and I tell her, hopefully one day we will be there so we can just have our families love each other. I haven’t met her son and husband and she hasn’t ever met my husband and kids. I would love to see Maureen again someday in person so I can give her a nice big hug.

  112. Costa Rica sounds lovely and our family has always been very environmentally concious, with recycling and reusing. Our youngest son was born on a nearby island but has never seen it since the age of 1 1/2, and we would love to show it to him, now that he’s old enough to remember it. At the age of 12 he collected enough cans to buy his first trombone! Our family has never been snorkeling or seen turtles or dolphins up close!

  113. a chance to do something special for my wife of 46 years, the rainforest, dolphin tour, she would know i think she is special

  114. My husband and I visited Costa Rica fifteen years ago and loved it. One of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world; unspoiled by commercialization. Would love to revisit and learn about the turtles and their habitat.

  115. My husband and I love to take part in nature travels! We’ve seen the unspoiled nature of Galapagos, and the wild interior of the Amazon. Costa Rica is also on our bucket list.

  116. Conservation is the most important thing we can do to have our plant health for our family for years to to come. Everything we do impacts the future. Taking care of how we live and treat our planet starts and ends with us. It’s amazing what So Delicous is doing to help out, thank you!

  117. We love your products, especially the almond and cocnut 12 year old has to have his almond milk smoothies in the morning for breakfast…what you guys do is awesome…we are passionate about all living creatures…couple of weeks ago we went to see turtles laying eggs on the beach… hats off to Do Delicous for saving the turtles…

  118. Once in a lifetime opportunity, in which I’d never have the chance to experience as I’m a single mother. I could never afford to,go on my own, and winning this would be a dream come true.

  119. I always try to be a part of the great things we can do. It would be a dream fulfilled and part of a new journey to see the positive actions in our world and not just locally.

  120. Hi my name is Anna Fiorentino and I am a (lactose intolerant) marine biology fanatic. I grew up going to beach clean ups and river walks in my home town of Chicago, studying the different ecosystems in our Great Lakes oasis. My father’s family is from the islands, so naturally we’re all a little nutty for water (and everything in it). I loved studying marine life SO much, that I managed to convince my parents to send me for a couple weeks of marine biology camp on the New Jersey coast line. This went on for several summers in a row, each day bringing new surprises and bits of shoreline-wisdom. We learned about how much is out there in the great deep blue–fueling a life time of curiosity and knowledge that I now share with the children I teach and coach every day for a living!

  121. I would love to be able to tell my one-year old daughter, years from now, how her mom and dad contributed, in a small but meaningful way, to the preservation of the beautiful world she inherited and to which she is custodian.

  122. I would love to teach my students about the importance of preserving and restoring these habitats. What better way to do it than by teaching them all that I learn while on this trip.

  123. I love turtles & when I was a little girl I collected them in my house, that was one of my hobby & enjoyed every moment of it. That is really nice of you (So Delicious) on saving these lovely Turtles. I love to win this amazing trip & be able to save the turtles….

  124. I am passionate about every kind of animal I have rescued several animals and don’t like to see an animal abused. I am trying to be an example to my two year old Granddaughter and she already shares my passion for animals,

  125. I am dedicated to buying only sustainable products and non-plastic items that could harm ocean life! I’m dedicated to doing what I can for marine life and land animals

  126. We all have a reason for being on this planet Earth and we need to protect it if we want to survive it for future generations. SAVE the PLANET.

  127. I think it would be wonderful to see the wildlife and get to be involved in saving these beautiful animals. I think we all take for granted God’s gifts of clean air, water and earth by not being more knowledgeable about pollution and how to protect our environment.

  128. This is a great opportunity for people to actually make a difference,in the assisting of our turtle/wildlife friends thriving for the future of OUR planet! Thank you so much 🙂

  129. I love So Delicious products. I really don’t miss dairy. Turtles play an important role in the ecosystem. My son who is fun loving and on the Autism Spectrum is a great swimmer and loves turtles. A trip of a lifetime if we are selected.

  130. Not only is So Delicious the best tasting stuff around, it makes you feel good that money from your purchase is going to help the endangered creatures in our environment.

  131. I think it is amazing how So Delicious has been able to give back to such an amazing cause TIRN. I think it is sad when people don’t realize how important our beautiful sea creatures are to our environment.

  132. So Delicous Dairy Free, great job in helping protect our sea life. I’m a lover of animals in all forms and would enjoy seeing the Rainforests of Costa Rica so much and learning more about your conservation efforts.

  133. I used to be an avid birdwatcher. Costa Rica was one of the 3 places I always dreamed of visiting and birding (Hawaii & Alaska were the other two). Working long hours for many years seriously curtailed my birding time. Now I’m retired and finally able to spend more time hiking, birding and enjoying nature again. Visiting Costa Rica with my husband would be a dream come true!

  134. This is so funny. When people have asked what my dream vacation is, I always reply with “I want to observe sea turtles in their natural habitat”. As an ocean enthusiast, this would be amazing!

  135. I love the fact that your company cares about the life of turtles! I just recently watched a video of a sea turtle who had an unknown object lodged in it nostril. They were filming the biologists attempting to remove the object. You could tell the sea turtle was experiencing pain with each pull of the object as it winced with each attempt. Blood was dripping from the turtle nostril, and there was also bleeding from the right front flipper from an injury. After approximately 20 minutes they finally removed the object which turned out to be a plastic straw, like one you get with a cup of soda from a boardwalk food stand.
    I always cut all my plastics, bags, bottles, any type of plastic I throw out is cut just in case it finds its way into a water system containing any type of wildlife!!! <3

  136. This is a GREAT partnetship! To teach my children the importance of sustainability and wildlife preservation by seeing it first hand! We’re homeschooling this year and it will be an awesome resource of fun & learning!

  137. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature and tour a beautiful country. Thanks So Delicious for the great products and awesome contest.

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