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Transition Into Fall with Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk!

September 30, 2013
By: So Delicious

It’s that time of year again! Our delicious seasonal Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk is now available, so be sure to let management at your favorite grocery store know how excited you are to see these in stock. Printing off a request form for your favorite So Delicious® Dairy Free products and bringing it to the store with you can help speed up the process even more!

This is a wonderfully satisfying beverage all by itself, but it also makes an incredible dairy-free chai or latte! In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be sharing some mouth-watering recipes that use the Pumpkin Spice beverage (like vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake and Pumpkin Spice French Toast) on our Facebook page, so be sure to stay tuned for those!

Want to win a FREE case of Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk, delivered right to your door?!

Then listen up! With the fall now officially here, we’ve been thinking a lot about transition. That got us curious about your transition to living dairy-free, and we want to hear about it! So starting this Friday, we’re launching Fan Feature Fridays.

We want to share your inspiring stories and photos of how leading a dairy-free lifestyle has helped you or your family. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dairy-free for days or decades. All you have to do is send us your stories and photos of how going dairy-free has changed your life by posting them on our Facebook wall, and we’ll share some of our favorite submissions with our fans and followers each Friday. If you’re the first fan we choose to feature, we’ll ship you a case of Pumpkin Spice! It really is that simple.

We can’t wait to hear your story and see photos of your transition! Thanks for supporting us in our mission of bringing joy to dairy-free lives.

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  1. Learning that I was lactose intolerant made life really frustrating for me! I loved yogurt, cheese, and the big one I loved was coffee creamer! I could not eat any of this without it giving me a massive stomach ache. So Delicious has help me still be able to treat my self with awesome ice cream, coffee creamers, and yogurt! The only thing better would be to win pumpkin spice coconut creamer so I don’t have to turn down pumpkin spice lattes at a coffee shop!

  2. My transition to a dairy free lifestyle came after I developed an allergy to dairy and was suffering many different problems because of it such as eye infections, ear aches, sore throat, stomach problems, and skin problems due to the allergy. It’s been quite a change as I started to realizing how many things milk ingredients actually are in. I was so happy to find so delicious products to fill the void of things I had been missing since going dairy free. whether it’s ice cream, yogurt, milk, or coffee creamer I know so delicious has me covered.

  3. I have been dairy free off and on for the past few years. I feel better when I stay away from dairy and wheat products. I am hoping the changes I make today will improve my future well-being and help with the weight-loss I have been strugglig with. I will keep you posted and let you how it goes.

  4. My children both had behavioral issues. The doctors said diet wouldn’t change anything and wanted to give medication. I’m not a fan of popping pills and decided it would be best to try it out and see what happens. My kids behavioral issues went away. I came to find out later that they had lots of signs of food allergies… I just didn’t know to recognize them. So glad there are great dairy-free alternatives like So Delicious!

  5. I have an allergy to milk due to a total gastrectomy. Since I then I have tried many different lactose free product and I keep coming back to SoDelicious. My favorite product has to be the ice cream bars with the chocolate and nut covering. Taste like the Almond Joy bars. I was so discouraged after my surgery because of all the food restrictions but because of your products I have now been able to eat cereal, have a great cup of coffee, and I love the coconut milk with the sugar free chocolate syrup on a cool evening. I actual look forward to a good breakfast in the morning and I have been known to have cereal for lunch too because of the great taste of your product. Any new foods I can find that agree with my system is like a new gift given to me. Thank You for your great products and making my new life so much better.

  6. It all started when my son was diagnosed with food allergies milk eggs and peanuts also when I was a baby I was allergic to milk eggs soy and corn my mother recently found out that her weight gain and swelling could be the culprit to her heart condition and the inability to lose weight was from Allergens which included milk eggs peanut soy wheat gluten and corn. As a mother and a daughter I wanted to be a support system I wanted to change my eating habits just like they were changing their eating habits from then on I started drinking coconut milk and becoming very aware of the different varieties that SO had to offer. So Delicious has inspired many morning conversations whether it’s FaceTime or person-to-person sitting on the porch talking while drinking our coffee with our SO coconut creamer.

  7. I started eating clean to lose weight and there have been bumps in the road but I keep going because it will be so worth it to be healthy and Thanks to coconut milk it’s getting easier to stick to the routine. Would love to try this in my coffee!!

  8. It took me 11 years after countless doctor visits, procedures and pills to finally figure out that my little girl has been severely allergic to dairy! Trust your instincts! If she has to be lactose-intolerant, now is a good time because of lactose-free or substitute products like you’d. It is such a blessing to have these products readily available at the grocery store for her to enjoy! The challenge? Keeping her three siblings out if it so she doesn’t run out so fast!

  9. For the first two years of his life, my son was plagued by constant “stomach bugs”. We went through teat after test to no avail. Finally, I decided to try cutting out dairy and soy, and we instantly began to notice a difference. Turns out, he has MSPI.

    My 4 month old daughter began having tummy issues at around 2 weeks old. Luckily, I knew what the likely culprit was and, now that she is on elemental formula, she is thriving and growing beautifully.

    Since both our children have issues with dairy and soy proteins, we’ve decided to just try to transition the whole family rather than worry about separating food and buying for two different lifestyles. I am so immensely grateful for companies like yours who make our lifestyle so much easier. These days, I’m especially thankful for your Hazelnut coconut milk creamer. Mommy needs her coffee to function!

  10. I love sobe creamer. my husband has a problem with milk so we have not used milk in some time but this summer while visiting relatives in ind. I tried sobe creamer and loved it. have been using it ever since

  11. i have been soy gluten and diary free now for 4 months. i feel better than i have in years. not only is my stomach feeling better. I have lost weight, my skin has cleared up, and i have more energy. i love the ice cream and i would love to try this. thank you for making items i can actually eat and drink1

  12. I have been 100% dairy-free since March of 2013 when I found out my daughter was potentially life-threateningly allergy to milk and dairy products. My daughter was and still is exclusively breastfed, but I used to have oatmeal, with almond milk and whey protein for breakfast everyday. One day she seemed so interested in what I was eating that I put the spoon to her mouth, she didn’t even take a bite but within 15 minutes her entire mouth, lips and tongue were swollen. I rushed her to the doctor who was only able to rule out almonds as that was our first guess. An appointment with and allergist and some skin testing showed she was actually allergic to milk. The day we left the allergist, I vowed never to eat any dairy products again. Not because I was told to by the doctor, but because I wanted my daughter to be healthy. If she could potentially go into anaphylactic shock from eating whey, dairy or any form of, then what is it doing to have trace amounts from my breast milk? She was colicky for 3 months and then developed eczema and constant runny noses. Within a week of me changing my diet, her eczema was completely healed and so was mine! My daughter will be 14 months old next week and she had never had anything to drink besides water and breast milk. I plan to nurse her until she is 2 in order to keep her as healthy as possible and I will continue to be dairy-free long after that as she will be too. I don’t want her to feel like she can’t have the same things mommy eats or feel like she is somehow “abnormal” for being this way. So Delicious products allow me to continue enjoying my daily cup of chai tea with French Vanilla creamer and the Coconut almond milk is great in cereal, recipes or just by itself. I haven’t missed dairy one bit but one thing I did love every fall was chai tea with pumpkin creamer and I haven’t been able to have that this fall because it has dairy in it. I know my local grocery store will not carry it, even if I beg every day! I live in a town that a local family owns every grocery store in town and they overcharge for nearly all their products, especially the speciality items I need to buy. Thanks for making great products and do whatever you can to get them into more stores in Saint Cloud, MN!! Please!! Thanks again, Kaydee and Kylani

    1. Kaydee, That is an amazing story. I am proud of you for taking control of your life! You could have just cut it out of your daughters life and played it cool for yourself. You took the responsible route by owning your actions! You are one in few! I hope folks read this and understand that their eczema along with many other bodily conditions will disappear once they make the muscle protein drinks disappear.

  13. I use the french vanilla in my coffee every day. I can only get it at our local health food store and would love to see it in the grocery stores here in Sebring FL.

  14. I have been living dairy free for over four years now. It is absolutely great. I never knew I had a severe allergy to milk until I had my colonoscopy at the age of 33. My intestines were found to be blistered and swollen. Doctors tested me and discovered that I was allergic to whey and casein the proteins in milk and milk products. Although pizza and ice cream have been my favorite cheat food when I went dairy free I grew sad that I thought I would no longer be able to eat such until I discovered dairy free cheezes, ice cream ( I love your ice cream) and I enjoy non dairy milk especially in “milk” shakes. It is a great taste. I love my dairy free diet. My health has improved significantly.

  15. My husband and I love almond and coconut milk. I use on my
    Cereal and in smoothies as well as in recipes such as pancakes to cakes. I feel it has helped issues with my stomach and made me feel healthier.

    1. Hi guys, thank you so much, I appreciate the povisite feedback, and I hope you have a wonderful time on your journey! I’m extremely jealous. I look forward to following your (mis)adventures.

  16. I have switched from half and half to your products and I absolutely love them in my coffee and for cooking and baking. I hope I will be able to find the pumpkin spice in my area. I think I just need to move to a better “food” area.
    I will be buying more of your products in the future.

  17. My daughter & I were never much for drinking milk, until we switched to almond & coconut milks last year. Apparently we were lactose intolerant (her, more so). Now we go through a 1/2 gallon of milk a week! We’re so happy we found you!

  18. I have just recently been diagnosed with EE and in to try and heal/prevent my condition I have had to eliminate many things from my diet. The hardest one by far is dairy. I know I don’t want to be on steroids and therefore I am willing to make the changes. I know i will be healthier for the sacrifice, too! I already drank coconut milk and used it for cooking so that was a plus. This time of year is my favorite because of the amazing fall inspired lattes. The coffee chains don’t carry alternatives other than soy and almond and those are other eliminations I have had to make. So I would LOVE to try this product ASAP! I can’t wait to find a retailer and or print off a request to take to the grocery stores!

  19. My story is not earth shattering. No diagnosed medical condition has made me become dairy free. However, I have made the choice to see if it would improve how I feel and my whole well being. I thought at first how can I live with out dairy? Truth is I don’t miss it at all! Thanks to all these new dairy free products you don’t feel like your missing anything. Since being dairy free I’ve felt so much better and have had more energy!

  20. My son had to go dairy free due to a milk protein allergy. The transition was difficult at first but as his allergy symptoms and his symptoms due to eosiniphilic eosophagitis started to clear, he was the first to admit that going milk free was going to be the best thing for his health. As a family we routinely use milk alternatives such as So Delicious (which is our favorite) to cook all our meals. It’s a lot easier as we are not having to cook a special meal for our son and we all benefit.

  21. One simple phrase was all it took for our family to go diary-free ” There is pus in all dairy products along with antibiotics and growth hormones” Ewwwwww!

  22. I’ve been dairy free for four weeks. It’s been incredible. The first thing I’ve noticed is my energy level and how much better I sleep. I hadn’t realized how much it seemed to weigh me down. In addition I’ve dropped 16lbs. I am so grateful I have chosen to go dairy free! Life is Good!

  23. My husband has been dairy free for almost two months, he can breathe better,sleep through the night, has stopped coughing, has very little heartburn and acid reflux now. This change has been remarkable,we never would have guessed going dairy free would stop all these years of upset stomach and ache.

  24. I am crazy about all the so coconut products coming. Been begging for your yogurt and finally found it today in my local grocery store. Love the way you love us and take care of us with quality and nutrition!!! Thank you

  25. Iam so glad someone finally came out with a non soy, almond,and rice alternative to dairy. I have a lot of food allergies and could not use those other alternatives but the coconut ones are MY FRIENDS thank you so very much. I can cook with ‘dairy’ again and I can have cereal as well THANK YOU.

  26. My Transition is not only a transition to dairy-free, but free of processed, chemical laced foods. It’s only been a week, but I already lost 8 pounds. I found ways to enjoy foods in a natural way, and I use So Delicious in my coffee every morning, and do not miss the sugar or cream.

  27. I would love having the coconut creamer for my coffee as it makes my stomach happy !! As soy milk is so nasty!! And it’s not good for me anyways! I buy the ice cream and they are so good!! Thanks for inventing this!!

  28. Well, I have became Vegan in November 2012 , I have started with the SO Delicious Brand and Never switched. I ran out of the coconut coffee creamer the other day and I hated it because I could not drink my coffee without it. Now The Non Dairy has lowered my cholesterol by 22 points, I am saving the lives of cows and baby calfs by not drinking dairy or eating cheese. Cause with dairy who wants to drink pus and blood anyway with their milk, when they can have SO Delicious coconut milk and coffee creamer. It is what I call a no brainer. I would love to have a case of FALL delivered to my door in the low desert of Mesa, Arizona thanks

  29. Our daughter has suffered from allergies and asthma since she was 2 months old. We tried every medication they would give us but nothing really helped. About a year ago my sister who was trying to eat healthier recommended that we try cutting out dairy from my daughter’s diet. It was hard at first but SO delicious was one of the first products we tried. Today she is healthier and relying less on medication. She loves her coconut milk in the morning with her cereal and her coconut milk ice cream for dessert. It hasn’t been easy but it has been totally worth it!

  30. This is a very good product this milk has help me maintain a healthy lifestyle because it is easy on my stomach lining which causes my stomach to not be upset anymore I am thankful for SO delicious and thank you.

    1. If they don’t carry it for you, just ask them to bring it in for you! It’s often the best way for stores to know which products their customers want the most.

  31. We have not only gone dairy free but completely vegan. I have recently had my second heart surgery and my daughters both have insulin intolerance and PCOS. It was time to get onto a healthy lifestyle and SO products have made this transition so much easier. We love our smoothies, ( best I’ve ever had) with coconut milk, coffee creamer, and delicious vegan desserts! Thank you so much SO dairy free products!

  32. My trainer put me on coconut milk along with my diet, and I found I really love it, along with the ice creams! I can’t wait to have the new pumpkin spice now, yummy I love the fall! Almost forgot to say I’ve lost 10 lbs too!!

  33. The transition to a dairy-free life was by no means easy for me. I had always loved cheese, ice cream, yogurt and lattes with 2% milk. I never thought in a million years that I would be able to give all of my favorite fatty foods up.
    But I cut out dairy for two weeks and saw my skin clear up and the number on the scale drop right away. Immediately, I was sold. I later slipped up and ate cheese without even thinking of it, which led to one of the worst stomach aches and breakouts I’ve ever experienced.
    I’m so happy I’ve discovered the cause of my digestion and skin problems – and So Delicious makes it easy to eliminate dairy from my life entirely!

  34. I have been dairy free since June. I have felt so much better but the transition has been hard. With 5 kids, I have to be strong to resist ice cream. I have really enjoyed the SO brand chocolate ice cream!! It is really good so I don’t feel cheated when eating it. The pumpkin would be super delish. A great way to make a pumpkin latte that I’ve been wanting:) thanks.

  35. I have had some severe stomach issues the past couple of years. I thought I was just messed up, but my doctor finally suggested that perhaps I was gluten sensitive. I dragged my feet for a while before finally really considering trying that type of lifestyle. My mom works for the natural product industry and we were talking to him this summer about several health issues and symptoms I have been having. He told me its easier sometimes to cut out wheat/gluten AND dairy at the same time than to just do one or the other. At first it was really hard, but now over a month in I don’t really crave anything except for fruits, veggies, and meat. I am, however, having a hard time finding drinks that I am able to have other than water and herbal tea. I obviously can’t have milk, and I can’t have juice because of the sugar. I don’t really like almond milk much…its okay, but a little too thick and sweet for me. I like coconut milk much better, and would LOVE to try the new Pumpkin Spice coconut milk by SoDelicious! This would be perfect considering I am missing out on my favorite Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes this fall!

  36. I’ve been dairy free for about 7 months, and I’ve never felt better. I love all of your products. The icecream is great!! I love the coffee creamer, your milk and the yogurt is great!! having the pumpkin spice milk would be great!!!!

  37. I’ve been dairy free for about 7 months now. and I’ve never felt better. your products are the best. I love your icecream, yogurt, coffee creamer!! Milk and my niece loves your chocolate coconut milk!! this pumpkin would be great to have!!!!

  38. Having two kids that are both dairy intolerant, gluten free and cannot have hardly any sugar has been a challenge. I like being able to have your So delicious brand options and I told my kids that you now have a pumpkin spice flavor. This will be good because its different and they can have something else that will be different to drink! The best part would be if I could win this for them!

  39. I first gave up dairy about 10 years ago in an attempt to lower my high cholesterol. I soon lost that bloated feeling that I thought was normal. I really thought I heard the angels sing! Going dairy free wasn’t easy. I was the whole milk, cheese, a dice cream poster child. I swear I kept a herd of cows in business (sorry girls). At first I was seriously bummed. I so missed my dairy foods. But I found The So Delicious line of non dairy milks, yogurts, and frozen yummy treats. Again, those angels sang. This pumpkin spice creamer sounds heavenly. Cue those angels!!

  40. I’d love to enter your contest but your wonderful company doesn’t ship to Hawaii…except a few items to a few stores. I’m going to hope for the best while going on a road trip around my lovely island of Oahu and hope to find the pumpkin spice coconut milk. Really awesome job on the new flavor!!

  41. Being a breast cancer survivor ( 3 years now ), I needed to consume less dairy and soy products . Almond, rice, coconut, etc. Milks all add interest and contribute to my continued good health!

  42. Going dairy free alleviated bloating and irritabile moods for me. Sadly, I couldn’t find an alternative for coffee creamy and tasty enough to replace creamers including those sub par flavored creamers in large jugs. That was until So Delicious Coconut Creamer. Thank you so much for introducing the vanilla creamer and I am going to be looking everywhere for Pumpkin Spice! That is unless I win.

  43. So delicious is one of my best friends ever since I discovered I was lactose intolerant, I drink it all the time. I then discovered that cooking with it also lowered calorie intake, it’s so good my husband is hooked always looks forward to potato days where I make mashed potato using original coconut milk and black pepper. I am now looking forward to being able to get my hands on Pumpkin spice flavor so that I can get into the spirit of fall too

  44. I grew up eating unhealthy food which lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. Sometimes struggling to eat others struggling to stop, a little bit f binge and purge on occasion. Finally i started researching and learning healthy habbits which lead to me learning more bout where my food came from. After seeing posts on veganism i started researching that. I went vegetarian and then vegan 🙂 thanks to products like these t was asy for me to go cruelty free 🙂 now i am healthy and happy and dont ever feel bad when i eat.

  45. Well my journey began when I worked at a vegan icecream shop!!, we
    Made ice cream using liquid nitrogen and any type of milk based you preferred
    We offered almond, coconut, soy and rice milk and regular sugar, agave, or stevia
    Once I found out what and how milk was processed and made I couldn’t drink or eat

  46. My kids went from “regular” eating habits into a dairy free,egg free and wheat free living style,quickly. It was a very hard transition especially for my older daughter who was introduced to dairy for a long time. Both my children not only are allergic to many other foods but also suffer throughout the year from seasonal allergies. I am so greatful that both my kids were able to accept their new diet in a short time.
    It was a very difficult transition that they endured but I could not be anymore prouder of them. Since they have been living dairy free,gluten free,peanut free and egg free my oldests schedueled surgery from almost a year and half ago keeps getting postponed since shes doing much better. She just turned 7 two months ago and has been dairy free for almost a year now.

    1. We’ll let our product development team know how excited you’d be about seeing a Pumpkin Spice coffee cream from us. For now, have you tried simply using our Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk Beverage in your coffee? I’m actually enjoying some right now! While it doesn’t change the color of the coffee like creamer does, it still tastes delicious!

  47. Our 4 yo was diagnosed 2 years ago with a list of food allergies, milk being one of them. It’s really hard now that she has started school and can’t have so many of the things her classmates can. It would be fun to try something fun like this in recipes.

  48. At first, for me, dairy free meant cruelty free. But, after quitting dairy, I suddenly learned that it also meant allergy free! And acne free!

    Even if people don’t acknowledge the animal suffering behind the production of dairy products, they can understand the how much they hate allergies and zits, so I always share that part of my dairy-free story whenever people ask, “how do you live without it?” I love So Delicous products, and love coconut milk!

  49. Removing dairy from diet changed my stomach! Love love love the coconut milk and the creamers! Where can I get this Pumpkin goodness?

  50. After finding out I was allergic to dairy, almonds, and rice (and I won’t touch soy), So Delicious Coconut Milk saved my life. It’ great in cereal and smoothies…. Oh and let’s not forget about the creamer and dairy free probiotics!!!!

  51. YUM!! I only drink this product. Love the vanilla 45 cal. milk, love the coffee creamer, love the yogurt- would love a greek kind. Egg nog- yum!

  52. Went cookoo for Coconut! Found So Delicious products at UNFI and started ordering for The Market…sure made my friends (customers) happy to know there is a delicous alternative to dairy.

  53. i have been working on becoming dairy free for a while now. i use soy in my ceral and i love your ice cream! cant wait to try this product. i feel so much better when not eating dairy. i know i am lactsose intolerant and maybe casin too not sure yet. thank you for such great products!!!!

  54. Absolutely Love So Delicious! So much better than soy! I have been lactose intolerant for years and just avoided any kind of milk. Tried all of the lactose free milks and soy versions. They all still irritated my stomach. A few years ago a friend introduced me to coconut milk. I absolutely LOVE coconut, so when I find this wonderful product, I fell in love! Now my teenage daughter also enjoys it as well. I am so excited to try this pumpkin flavor, as it is another favorite flavor!

  55. We found out two years ago that my daughter was allergic to dairy. This was devastating, along with all the usual horrible allergy symptoms she was studying to be a chef. Well, she has become an amazing chef and thanks to the So Delicious line of products she can turn any recipe dairy free. She feels wonderful now and has helped others make the transition to a dairy free lifestyle by recommending So Delicious.

  56. My husband and I have switched to a dairy and meat free diet and have loss abi ut 25lbs each in the last four months. We feel healthy and enjoy trying new dishes. We both really like so delicious it is the best! So excited about the pumpkin spice flavor. Yum

    1. – that looks absolutely doiuciels. i love the contrasts. the what i imagine to be sweetness from the squash, the sharp mustard, the mellow (nutty?) cheese, and then the hazelnuts AND brown butter sounds heavenly. will try.

  57. Major diet change to fight inflammation . No more gluten, dairy, soy , or corn. Been eating this way for 10 months and never felt better. Autoimmune issues are better, down 20 pounds and products like So Delicious help me to still eat what I love without feeling deprived. Love all things pumpkin so I’ll be looking for this tomorrow!

  58. I absolutely love coconut milk holiday flavors. I especially hope this year my store will keep more coconut milk nog in stock. I didn’t get enough last year.

  59. Coconut milk allows my little grandson a SAFE NON-dairy option. His DAIRY ALLERGIES have sent him to the emergency room twice. Once after eating about 1/4 teaspoon of yogurt. Another time after eating a bite of bread with milk in it.
    As a bonus, I switched to Coconut Milk to help with my weight control (Coconut Fat). My test results have never been better! I can’t wait to try the Pumpkin Spice.

    1. There is no way to insert photos into the comments on our blog. To submit your dairy-free transition story, please visit our Facebook page and leave your comment/photo on our wall. Thanks!

  60. I was just at Sprouts picking up some So Delicious French Vanilla creamer and was hoping to see a Pumpkin Flavor so this just made my day. Thanks!

  61. In an attempt to heal our bodies, we have cut cow milk from our menu and replaced it with coconut milk. During this time, I’ve found that the eczema on my 2 year old son’s legs has begun to clear up. The fact that his skin is returning, and he isn’t up all night crying and scratching his legs is a great reason to keep it out of our house.

  62. My journey to dairy free began when I was pregnant with my 3rd son and was having one ear infection after another. After being placed on round after round of antibiotics, I didn’t want to live like that and decided I needed to see a Naturopath Doctor and see about other options. The first thing she did was take me off dairy and ran an allergy panel. Cutting out dairy had an immediate effect and my ear infections slowed down, became less intense and fewer and further between. Of course dairy turned out to be a high allergy for me! I have been free of ear infections for 3 years now! I am now pregnant with my 4th son and my pregnancy is healthier, my weight gain more minimal and I look the best I’ve ever looked while pregnant. I am so thankful for the dairy free options because I can still have a treat when I really want one. I can hardly wait for the Pumpkin Spice drinks. I looked for them in our local stores just yesterday, before even seeing this ad…and was so disappointed it wasn’t stocked yet. Soon…I hope!

  63. Back on June 5th I had decided it was time for a life style change in my eating habits. At 54 years old it was getting harder to shake off the extra pounds even with a semi active life style. I had decided to go vegan! I Thought I would NEVER make it happen. But thank God for great products like SO Delicious Dairy Free coconut Milk. It has been a BREEZE to do it. I was 223.4 lbs on June 5th, as of today (October 1st ) I am 178.1 Lbs. 45 lbs! not bad, and not done. People ask me what diet I’m on. I tell them I’m not, it’s a life style change in what I eat, and going dairy free is easy and a No Brainer when you look at the Heath benefits. Leave the milk for the calf, you deserve something better! My wife has joined me and she LOVES the SO Delicious Ice Cream bars. They are the
    best reward at the end of a long day! You owe it to Yourself. You can do this, and SO Delicious will Help!

  64. Going dairy free for my son and I allowed him to finally nap and sleep at night. It was a hard 14 months for both of us with him being little and not being able to tell me that he hurt.

    I miss cheese, but So Delicious products have made everything so much easier. I adore the Greek Style yogurt and wish that more stores carried it regularly. At this point I can’t find it in my 1 hour driving radius. I have to drive about an hour and a half just to find it, so it’s our special treat.

  65. Last year my Dr told me no more dairy. The funny thing is, I never cared for milk. I didn’t think I would care for soy milk, either. How wrong I was!! I always have a carton of So Delicious in the fridge, and coconut ice cream sandwiches in the freezer. I love this brand and am dying for the pumpkin!!

  66. My husband was lactose intolerant with cows milk. I gave him coconut milk and he’s in love all over again! With the milk of course,…..

  67. I have been dairy free for years now but had never tried the product till a few weeks ago. Not only was I amazed I was instantly hooked and will never look back. The coconut milk, chocolate milk are all soy delicious! I wish we had more companies that not only make the customer smile but also make things that are affordable. Thank you for everything! I would love nothing more than to win a case and be able to show more of my dairy free friends your product!

  68. I’ve been dairy free for a few years but my sister has always had stomach problems and was diagnosed with IBS. As a naturopathic medical student the hardest challenge is behavior modification. Now doing that with family is 10x harder. After helping my sister cut out the dairy (half and half, ice cream, butter) her symptoms vanished. But even better is now we can share new foods (maybe a pumpkin latte or a pumpkin pancakes with this new product). It would be nice to welcome the fall with this pumpkin coconut milk and make the holidays a little more convenient.

  69. I began to live a more holistic lifestyle 1 year ago after finding my spiritual sisters and joining a 12 week Detox program here in Detroit, MI by holistic healer, Queen Afua from Brooklyn, NY. It wasn’t hard to give up dairy. It was hard finding the healthier replacements. Detroit isn’t exactly known for it’s variety of healthy and nutritious health food stores and restaurants. And not having a car makes it a tab bit more difficult to get to the few places we do have. A few weeks in I noticed I wasn’t congested. I could breathe easier. I want coughing up phegm. I was sleeping better. But I was missing ice cream.

    One day I was at my local market, and I happen to notice they had this Dairy Free Ice Cream with Peanut Butter and Chocolate. That was the best non dairy treat I ever had. Let me to try other flavors like the Pomegranate. Amazing.

    Thank you for creating such a Delicious and healthy products.

    I would love to have anything you have to give.

    1. Hi Candice 🙂 All you have to do is let them know how much you’d like to see them carry it for you. Most Whole Foods stores will be happy to carry our Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk, and it’s possible that they’ve already ordered it and it will be in stock soon. Don’t be shy about asking for a manager!

  70. My husband Jimmy and I became dairy free to lose weight. We cut out all cow products and in doing so each lost around 40 pounds without doing anything else. We’ve since adopted a vegan lifestyle and I have lost a total of 100 pounds. I spread the dairy free word to anyone who will listen!

  71. Pumpkin spice is my favorite flavor to add to my coffee in the fall. To enjoy sitting on the back porch reading the paper in the cool breeze. I love fall

  72. I’ve been completely dairy free for over three years now! It has helped me become a healthier person and that is something that I am so happy about. Health is all we really have sometimes and to be living a healthy lifestyle has ultimately changes who I am and what I do. I am now completely vegan and I must say it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Thank you for making the greatest products to get me along the way!

  73. My daughter and I are both lactose intolerant and we’ve been trying to find a healthy replacement for our favorite dairy products. We hated soy and tried almond prodects which were ok but then one day, kind of on accident, we bought So Delicious Organic Coconut Milk and didn’t even realize it wasn’t Almond milk until we tried it! It was amazingly tasty and we were hooked! Now we can enjoy ice cream and all our favorite things with milk and no tummy aches after! Thank you for such a wonderful product!

  74. my transition began when I was diagnosed with cancer and decided to heal myself naturally. now I am dairy free and cancer free!!

  75. While I don’t tolerate dairy well, I also *love* the taste of coconut “milk” in the SO products. And , I am converting family members – who consume the less healthy non-dairy coffee creamer products- to these coconut formulations instead!

  76. We have a son Alonso. He will be 6 years old in December and he is allergic to all dairy.
    We keep our house dairy free for his safety. My husband and I have 3 children including Alonso. Your products have allowed us all to have a safe healthy alternative to dairy. He loves all of your products. When he was first diagnosed we were lost until we found your products. I am glad to say we are proud supporters of your brand as a family. You allow my son to be included everyday activities.
    Your #1 Fans

  77. I have recently started using dairy free products and I am exploring all kinds of options. I did recently purchased your chocolate coconut milk and immediately fell in love with on the first sip. I can’t wait to try this by itself or in my coffee or hot chocolate.

  78. I had been having ridiculous stomach issues for 9 months before I decided to bite the bullet and go to the doctor’s. After much testing they told me what the problem was but not what the cause- it wasn’t until I went to a naturopath doctor who helped me realize I had a dairy intolerance.
    Since that day I have gone sans dairy. I can now go hiking or places without a restroom without the fear that I’ll have an emergency. I can go on long car rides and not countdown the miles until the nearest rest area.
    So delicious has allowed me to indulge in my dairy favorites like ice cream and milk without the fear that I’ll destroy my stomach for the next few days. I feel great and healthy now that I am dairy free.

  79. I’d been living a gluten free lifestyle for years, but I was still having terrible gastrointestinal symptoms. Turns out I’m lactose intolerant too! So Delicious has made it much easier to enjoy food I live without having to eat dairy. Thank you!

  80. Being lactose intolerant I became very upset knowing that I was not going to be able to have ice cream or even more devastating chocolate milk! Being a runner it literally was my favorite thing to consume until i discovered chocolate coconut milk. It is definitely a great alternative to chocolate milk (maybe even better) and is especially good warmed to make hot chocolate. Transitioning to being dairy free was not as hard as I thought that it was going to be and thankfully so delicious has so many alternatives I am completely content and happy being lactose intolerant now.

  81. My dairy free life started when i was 11. I feel like it has opened so many opportunities for me to cook healthy meals and enjoy a twist in a persons every day meal. I want to win this festive treat.

  82. I’ve avoided cows milk for years because it has an adverse effect on my body. I was too stubborn to try lactose free milks because I’d just gotten use to not drinking or eating dairy. I was at a friends house and we had dinner and dessert. Dessert was So Delicious Coconut ice cream. I was hesitant to try it but I did.

    It was Delicious!!!! I said to myself if the ice cream is this good, the milk must be awesom. Needless to say I’ve been a fan for 2 years and counting!

  83. I was diagnosed in December of 2010 with dairy, soy, gluten and egg allergies. I have been dairy free ever since then. It was a life changing habit of eating. I now no longer get sinus infections and my Fibromyalgia syptoms are better, also. My AIC is 5.9 and my cholesteral is 123. I am all around a much healthier person.

  84. I became a vegan almost 2 years ago. I was very overweight, a lot of pain and could hardly walk a block without hurting. My son passed away from diabetic ketoacidosis at the early age of 20 years old. I know now it was from an unhealthy diet that I provided for him. I decided to change my eating habits since I was heading down the same path. I have lost over 100 pounds. I went from a size 24 to a size 10. I hike, walk and even sleep now in a bed again. I tell my story to others so they can see that being a vegan isn’t going to kill them, it can save them.

  85. almost 3 yrs. ago I was obese and was told by a health care profession that I was pre hypertensive, prediabetic and if I did not change , loose weight and start exercising I could developed high blood pressuer and diabetes. I knew I did not want to stick myself with a needle every day or take pills for the rest of my life. So I was already determined to make the necessary changes.
    in 16 months. I lost 94lbs. Started exercising and am strong as a horse, fit and fabulous at the age of 48. I went from a size 18+ to a size 2. One of the changes I made in my diet was to cut the cholesterol by not eating cheese or drinking milk anymore.
    I have made a 360 degree change. I am not the same person I was almost 3yrs. ago both mentally and physically! I am, not longer prediabetic, or prehypertensive and I weight a healthy weight for a woman of my age and height of 5ft. 2in.
    Pumpkin coconut would be such a lovely treat for a health food nutty like myself.

  86. Two years ago right before my birthday I was diagnosed with celiac disease as well as allergies to dairy and eggs. My attempt at making delicious cupcakes o celebrate mu birthday that year that accommodated my new diet did not turn out very well. But what a difference a year makes! This year for my birthday my mom and I spent an afternoon making a gorgeous 4 layer coconut cake. It is possible to live a decadent life without dairy!

  87. I’ve been completely dairy-free since March, due largely to a huge list of food allergies including wheat, corn, eggs, butter, soy, all dairy, potato and tapioca! I have incorporated coconut and almond milk into my daily regime, beginning with a yummy shake for breakfast, coconut creamer in my tea, and coconut yogurt for a snack. I’m looking forward to sampling some pumpkin soon!!

  88. i just drink it chilled, soo good! …pour it over oatmeal. =) mix it with chia seeds for pumpkin spice chia pudding… lots of stuff!

  89. I make a hot chai coconut milk drink with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and honey. I can’t wait to try the pumpkin spice coconut milk.

  90. Dairy free, means activity! Dairy been making me sick since Jr. HIGH. Finding dairy free products is not easy to do. I found some that allows me to make pudding and ice cream dairy free.

  91. I grew up on a farm and had milk cows. The day my grandfather shot one of my favorites and we had it for dinner was the day that I realized that one day I hoped that I would have a choice, and when I had the chance to make a dairy-free life, I took it. Thank you, Bessie.

  92. It has been a tough change for me going dairy free due to food allergies but I was so thankful when I found So Delicious! Your products are so good I don’t feel like I am missing anything. The coconut creamers for my coffee and the ice creams are so awesome! I can’t wait to try Pumpkin Spice! I have a hard time finding your products in my area and sure hope I am able to find this one!

  93. I am lactose intolerant, so being careful about using anything with dairy in it is a struggle daily. I love pumpkin spices and am always happy to see them arrive to my favorite grocery stores each Fall. I make a lot of pumpkin pies, cakes, cookies, and use it in my coffee in the mornings.

  94. I decided to go dairy free about three years ago! My mom (who isn’t in the best of health) is a huge dairy lover, had a stroke, followed by a heart attack! Growing up watching her enjoy huge amounts of dairy growing up made me do my own research. Although I switched to to none dairy milk several years ago, I decided after the research to give it up dairy completely. I lost 40 pounds, cholesterol went down 50 points. So I decided to live my life plant base. I did very well however about six months ago (as I’m a carb lover) I went back to my old ways! I started eating horrible but I still remained faithful to not having dairy! Because of your products I can truly enjoy ice cream, creamer, still. Two weeks ago I decided to give plant base another shot! So my journey is headed it the right direction once again!

  95. I love pumpkin & Coconut, so I’m sure this Pumpkin spice Coconut milk beverage that sounds so delicious, should be very enjoyable specially for the fall & holiday season, also to share with our loved ones.

    Cheers to our health.

  96. This entry is for my sister Ryanne Kavanagh. Ryanne hasn’t always been dairy free and over the last few years she has made several life changing transitions to better health. She was a normal teenager, eating all the junk they love to consume when one day something struck her and she told herself she needed to be healthier. Not only did she want to be a healthier person, but her love for animals inspired her to become vegetarian. The next year she didn’t think it was enough, while she had lost some weight and her skin became clearer, she realized not eating meat wasn’t going to help the animals. She had decided from then to alter her lifesyle to veganism. I was supportive but I just didnt see how she was going to give up dairy. She tried a few alternatives and some where okay, some where not. However, So-Delicious has been her favorite! I even got the courage to try a bite of her So-Delicious icecream and I was surprised that it tastes awesome! Since Ryanne has become vegan she has accomplished not only better health but better health for everyone. She always has to search the ingredients before she consumes something and one day she found out that Gatorade has Brominated Vegatable Oil (BVO) as one of its ingredients. This chemical has been banned in many countries and can cause various problems such as thyroid problems. Ryanne made a petition on and recieve an overwhelming amount of feedback resulting in Gatorade removing the BVO from its products! Being vegan is not something that would be considered easy, in fact its very hard, especially for someone who loves dairy like my sister did. I’m so proud of her accomplishments and i honestly believe that she wouldn’t of gotten as far as she has without So-Delicious coconut milk! It makes her life a little easier! THANK YOU SoDelicous for providing a wonderful alternative to dairy products!

  97. I’ve been dairy free for the last 8 weeks. Our daughter and first child was born nine weeks ago and we discovered that she had a milk allergy. Since I was nursing her, I decided to cut all cow dairy out of my diet, thus removing it from her diet. We’ve seen a dramatic improvement in our little Sophie. These dairy free products have been a lifesaver. I’m so excited to try the pumpkin spice coconut milk! Thank you so much for making such wonderful dairy free products that have benefited whole family, especially our little girl.
    The McAuley’s

  98. I live in Alaska. the only option for creamer is the processed poison French vanilla. I would love very much to tray a sample of the French vanilla. Would this be an option

    1. Hi Victoria! Unfortunately, we don’t have samples of our coffee creamers. We do have a shelf-stable French Vanilla creamer in our Barista Style line of products: These have a very long shelf life and come in cases of 6, so you could always ask stores to order a case for you. Many stores will even give you a discounted price for ordering an entire case. We even have a product request form at that makes the process really simple and straight-forward. Just got to that link, select the Barista Style French Vanilla creamer, print off the form, and bring it with you to your favorite store! If this still doesn’t work for you, there are some third-party sellers on Amazon that sell these, but they aren’t cheap. Good luck! We hope this helps you get your hands on some of our delicious creamers!

  99. I have been dairy fee for last three years and the things I miss the most is pumkin spice milk and this hits the spot so excited! Made my holidays! 🙂

  100. I love coconut creamer……and I love love Pumpkin Spice coconut creamer! I have never tried it but I love it already’!

  101. It all began 11 years ago when our daughter became allergic to all dairy products. What no ice cream, no cheese, no yogurt, no ppizza? The list just grew and grew. Our house became dairy free. The family had to support our daughter.
    Now with SO DELICOUS products she stopped feeling like she was different from her friends.
    Interesting enough we started feeling better ourselves by giving up all the FAT found in dairy products. She now is at college and we are still a dairy free household.
    Why give up a good thing.

  102. I became lactose-intolerant in my teens, and bemoaned the loss of creamy macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese with my tomato soup and ice cream galore. I wound up with stomach aches that would leave me curled in a fetal position, wishing I had options that could satisfy my tastebuds. In the beginning, my options were limited. I grew up in a small town that prided itself on milk from nearby dairy farms, and a teenager with milk allergies was just out of luck. I ate calcium chews and gave up dairy, and thought, pitifully, of my narrowed options…

    Fast forward nearly two decades. I’m lucky that there are a plethora of options – including So Delicious – that can satiate me and my partner, who also has lactose intolerance! Not only are there soy, almond, and coconut milk; but we have incredible inventive tastes like chocolate, strawberry, and the seasonal delights like eggnog. Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk sounds blissful for this household. Winning a case would make up for years of our lactose-less lives!

  103. Going dairy free had been so amaZing for me!! I wanted to lose weight and so I switched my lifestyle to a eating clean. I didn’t want to give up my latte or iceed coffee and bc of you all I didn’t have to!! Not only did I continue to enjoy my drinks but also lost weight and my skin even started to glow. My skin would always break out and I had bought several expensive products to help but still nothing changed!! But when I went dairy free it changed!! I’m so much more happy now then iv ever been and I can’t thank you all enough for ur amazing products!! I love pumpkin spice and can’t wait to find this in a store near me!! I printed out the sheet to take to my local store to make them order it!! Ur would be awesome to win ur case of pumpkin spice!! But I will make sure I share ur page and tell everyone about ur products!! Thanks Again One Happy Customer <3

  104. I’ve been on a vegearian tangent since about 13, I’m 28 now, and lean strongly into the vegan/even a bit of the raw paradigm these days. Factories and such bother the hell out of me, and life’s complicated enough, so the veg vibe helps keep things more so at bay, and ups the peace vibes simultaneously. Also, coconuts raw’k the world, so props to u guys for crationg such wonderful coco brew-craft, keep it rolling. Peace,

  105. a couple of years ago there was a recipe on the carton of the Pumpkin Pie Spice for a pumpkin pie. I did not save the recipe and the pie was so good. I don’t think the recipe called for actual pumpkin, instead it used the Pumpkin Pie Spice coconut milk. is this recipe still available somewhere?

    1. Hi Sue. We’re sorry you haven’t been able to get your hands on our creamers lately. We’re working very hard to keep up with high demand right now and hope that you’ll be able to find them soon. Please contact us at if you need any assistance in tracking some down near you!

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