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Top Ten Ways to Make Your Celebration an Eco-Friendly Party

eco-friendly celebration

This week is for embracing celebrations, and with Independence Day right around the corner, So Delicious Dairy Free thought it would be fun to share our idea for making your celebration more sustainable.  We know that being “green” isn’t easy, but there are a lot of fun things you can do to reduce, recycle and reuse during your celebrations with family and friends.  Here our top ten picks for making your celebration an eco-friendly party.

  1. Buy flatware at a thrift shop.  Buying plates, platters, bowls and silverware at a thrift store won’t cost much more than paper plates, and they can be donated to a good cause once again after the party to avoid unwanted clutter.
  2. Hire a local band.  Being green means building strong community, which includes artists and musicians from your neighborhood.
  3. Buy organic.  Organic food is free of harmful fertilizers and pesticides.  It’s also good to try and buy food that is grown from your area.
  4. Serve more vegetarian or vegan dishes.  Meat and dairy industries have a much larger environmental impact than fruits and vegetables.
  5. Get outside.  Having a party in the sunshine will give everyone a mood-boosting dose of Vitamin D and help your guests connect with the environment.  It will also use less electricity.
  6. Decorate with flowers.  Flowers are pleasant, beautiful and biodegradable.  Choose fresh, local flowers in reusable containers for your centerpieces over plastic ornaments.
  7. Grill with natural charcoal. While gas emits less than propane, natural wood charcoal is made from a renewable resource instead of fossil fuels.
  8. Buy from local wineries, breweries or even distilleries to support local businesses.
  9. Hit classified ads for seating.  Save chairs from the dumpster by reusing them at least one more time.
  10. Set up recycling and compost bins in the yard for easy disposal.

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