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Top Five Ways to Take Your Coffee

International Coffee Day is a great time to appreciate fair-trade, sustainable coffee.  So Delicious Dairy Free loves those robust flavored little beans.  We work hard to bring you light, all natural creamers for your morning cup.  In our Cococcino Latte and Mocha beverages, we source organic, fair-trade coffee certified by Fair for Life.  As coffee lovers, we know sustainability and corporate social responsibility are crucial to keeping our beloved hot beverage around for a long time.  So cheers to International Coffee Day for keeping us aware of fair-trade goodness.


Vegan Tiramisu from May I Have That Recipe?

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Now, our round up of Top Five Ways to Take Your Coffee on International Coffee Day:

  1. Pumpkin Spice “Natte”. Our Pumpkin Spice coconut beverage goes perfectly hot and frothy in a cup of dark roast java.
  2. With a side of biscotti. Check out this recipe for Vegan Hazelnut Coffee Biscotti from May I Have That Recipe.
  3. Blended with vegan caramel. The Minimalist Baker inspired us with the vegan caramel frappe: frozen almond or coconut milk in ice cube form, coffee, and vegan caramel sauce.
  4. Go dairy-free at your local coffee shop. Support small roasters! Order an Americano or Non-dairy latte of your choice. Let your small businesses know it’s important to provide dairy-free options.
  5. In a frozen dessert! Aside from our own Just Java mini bars, Mocha Almond Fudge bars, or our Mocha Fudge pints, you can make all sorts of coffee flavored treats. Use your imagination and let us know how it turns out.

How will you celebrate this holiday? How do you take your favorite morning beverage? Tell us in the comments!

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