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The Perfect Pancake Breakfast Bar

September 11, 2015
By: So Delicious

After a busy week of work and school, is there anything better than a late weekend breakfast with your family? No emails, no homework. Just your core peops and all the homemade vegan pancakes you can eat! Now, before you envision yourself as a short order cook, we came up with a fun idea that you and your family can easily carry out together.


A pancake bar is great, because everyone can have just what they like! Start by making a stack of cakes ahead of time. Then, set up a station with all of the toppings. Whether it’s the classic vegan butter and pure maple syrup combo or some other theme, like pina colada or s’mores, every plate will be a true masterpiece. Ours started out traditionally, with mixed berries, bananas and maple syrup. But then, we added CocoWhip and everyone got extra happy!


Not only will your kids love combining yummy flavors, they’ll have a great time creating a work of art. You can kick start their creativity with a happy face. Using a baster or a squeeze bottle, create eyes and a smile.  Let the joyful expression cook a little, until the batter is no longer shiny. Then, pour the rest of the batter on top.


You know what they say about the first pancake. Well, we tried a few tricks before we got it right! Our mistakes are your teacher. Follow these tips for the perfect pancake:

  1. Use a tried and true mix, like organic 7 grain from Bob’s Red Mill and our Cashew Milk Beverage. Follow the instructions carefully for good consistency. Recipe: The Perfect Vegan Pancakes
  2. Mix until the ingredients are fully incorporated, whisking in plenty of air so that the cakes will be light and fluffy.
  3. Be sure your griddle is hot from the start and not still heating as you pour the batter. Heat it up for a few minutes before adding the oil.
  4. Wait for the batter to bubble at the edges, then flip. Avoid over handling and you’re sure to have a tender cake.
  5. Practice, practice. The early bird may get the worm, but the last one up gets the perfect pancake!

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