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How to Start a Green Movement at Work


Getting the sustainability ball rolling can be tricky if your office doesn’t already have programs in place.  Going green starts in the workplace, as carbon emissions are largely created by industry.  So Delicious Dairy Free has several initiatives, and a team of dedicated people to improve our ecological impact and corporate citizenship.

This year, we published our first sustainability report for 2013.  This measured our carbon emissions and illustrated internal programs for employees to create a culture of conscious living in our facilities.  This program includes incentives for alternative transportation, an employee garden and paid volunteer hours.  In order to create similar programs in your work place, there are steps you can take to kick start a movement.

Start by brainstorming ideas about what opportunities make the most sense to your organization.  What are the challenges? Do you need recycling? Are there enough transportation options? Identify the opportunities and then write the ideas down in a positive way.

The next step is gathering like-minded office mates.  Hold a meeting to discuss ideas and work on the ones that receive the most enthusiasm.  Appoint volunteers to flesh out the idea more fully and present a plan to relevant departments.

Utilize your newly formed “Green Team” to spread the word and recruit participants.  Keep the movement alive with regular, but focused and productive meetings on how to create more excitement and engagement.

Creating a green movement at work starts with passion, which leads into buy in from key people, and then action, and then it permeates into company culture.  You can help make that happen at you work place, and you can start today with just one idea.

Good luck!

How would you help your office be greener? Let us know in the comments!

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