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So Delicious #Upcycling Ideas!

Upcycling is a sustainable and fun way to turn trash into treasure! Below are three of our favorite ways to transform So Delicious packages into cool crafts! Do you have an amazing project to make the world a little better? Read about our #140 Difference contest to find out how you could win money to make your ideas grow:

1. Cultured Coconut Milk Lighted Garland


To make your own garland, simply:

  1. Clean and dry 10 So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk cups
  2. Cut a small X on the top of each cup with a utility knife
  3. Push a light bulb through each X
  4. Wrap each cup with a fitted piece of burlap
  5. Tie the top of each burlap cover with ribbon
  6. Knot additional pieces of ribbon along the strand
  7. Hang your garland and enjoy!

2. Frozen Dessert Planters


To make your own planter:

  1. Clean and dry one frozen dessert pint for each plant
  2. Poke 5 small holes on the bottom of each container for drainage
  3. Fill the planter with potting soil
  4. Plant seeds
  5. Place a lid under each container to catch excess water
  6. Water regularly and watch your plants grow!

Note: Pints are perfect for seeds and starter plants! Use larger planters or garden plots for bigger plants.

3. Coconut Milk Carton Lanterns


To make your own lantern:

  1. Rinse and dry coconut milk beverage carton
  2. Place pattern of choice over carton (or follow design on carton like we did)
  3. Use a needle or small nail to poke holes around pattern
  4. Cut a  hole in the back of the carton to fit your light source
  5. Place an LED flashlight or other light source into the carton
  6. Bask in the glow of your creativity!

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  1. I like the one where you use the cartons as planters! If the plant got big enough could you plant the whole thing (carton and all)? I’m assuming the cartons are biodegradable – would it hurt the plants to do this?

    1. Hi, Teri! Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, while our packaging technology eliminates the need for additional packaging during shipment of our pints and quarts, saving 34 tons of cardboard annually, our cartons are not currently biodegradable. Our cups are made from polyethelene-coated paper. Unfortunately, we have yet to find a more sustainable option that is commercially viable and meets our standard. We will keep looking for other alternatives!

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