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See You at the Cascade Lakes Relay

August 1, 2014
By: So Delicious

cascade lakes relay

So Delicious Dairy Free is Celebrating Summer at the Cascade Lakes Relay! Twelve of our team members are banding together to create the team  “kNOw Sweat”.  The race will be near Diamond Lake in the Cascade mountain range in Southern Central Oregon. This is the fifth year So Delicious Dairy Free has participated in the run.

The Cascade Lakes Relay Relay is a 216.6 mile overnight relay in the style of other similar runs in the Pacific Northwest. Teams of 12, or even fewer in some cases, runners take turns running in shorter segments of 3 to 9 miles that link together at exchange points. A total of thirty seven legs comprise the Cascade Lakes Relay, so for a team of 12, like ours, that means each runner will run three times. Total mileage for each runner averages around 18 miles. Ultra teams, or those with less than 12 members, will run anywhere from 4 to 6 legs. Most teams take about 32 hours to complete the course, which means that teams run through the night. Running in the dark often proves to be a new relay runner’s favorite experience.

Participants in the race raise money for local Oregon community organizations.  Some of the beneficiaries include Deschutes County Action Group, Silver Lake Youth Center, La Pine Community Kitchen and Vincent St. Paul.

We love that our company boasts some awesome athletes. We wish them luck in the race this weekend!

cascade lakes relay

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