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“Say Yes to What You Love” Furry Friends Contest!

We love our husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and significant others. Really, we do. But this Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the other loves in our lives: our pets! To help show our appreciation of our furry friends and the organizations that have brought us together, we’re launching our “Say Yes to What You Love” campaign!

Between now and March 7, simply share your favorite photo of your adopted pet with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #SayYesToWhatYouLove; (2) Tell us your pet love story; and (3) Nominate your favorite animal shelter or charity!

FB Contest

Each week from now until March 7th, 2014, we’ll pick one lucky winner to receive: 1.) A So Delicious Dairy Free care package filled with freebies and swag; 2.) A 3-month subscription to Bark Box or Meow Box so your furry lil’ loves get their own care packages; and 3.) The organization nominated as the winners’ favorite animal shelter, adoption center, or rescue will receive a $2,000 donation! See the complete official contest rules.


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  1. ‪#‎SayYesToWhatYouLove‬ – This Stormie aka Stormageddon: The Oncoming Fury. I found her in my backyard. She was 4 weeks old, barely weighed a pound and had one eye crusted shut. There was no litter or mam cat anywhere to be found. She just appeared on my backyard steps on day. My senior cat was starting to get ill. Initially I wasn’t going to take her in, but a rain storm 3 days after she appeared made me worried she wouldn’t survive life on her own and I took her in. A month after Stormie came to live with me, my senior guy passed away. Having Storime helped ease the pain. If chosen I’d like the donation to go to PSPCA (Pennsylvania SPCA) for all the good they do for pets in the Philadelphia area. Thanks to them Stormie was spayed & micro-chipped for free and I’ve gotten all her vaccinations at low cost.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Be sure to post a description and a photo of Stormie using the hashtag #SayYesToWhatYouLove on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to enter the contest! All the rules and instructions are outlined in the blog post above 🙂

  2. Here is my love story”As you can see from his picture my Ranger is an old dog. He is twelve and suffers from Addison’s Disease, hypothyroidism, and a heart murmur. And although his vision has dimmed his spirit and abundance of love are still burning bright.
    He rescued me on August 20th 2002.
    It was right as the sun was rising over the Mule Mts. I was running in the bike lane of Hwy. 92 at the foot of Ash Canyon in the Huachuca Mts. of southeast Arizona.
    I heard the sound of an animal running right behind me. After about 100 yards I screwed up my courage and looked behind me.
    And there was a young ruby brindle dog who was just on the cusp between being a puppy and a dog.
    My heart was beating wildly. I was afraid of dogs. As a little girl my sister had been savaged and I had been mauled by a rabid dog.
    I kept running and he kept right behind me making no move to come closer or pass me. We ran in tandem for another couple of miles. By then my heart beat was back to normal. As I got to my car I opened the back door and finally turned to face him. I said “If you are my dog then get in the car.” He did.
    Over the past twelve years we run, hiked, and walked hundreds of miles together. He has lived in harmony with six cats and his Greyhound sister Katie. Katie is gone as are five of his cats.
    And he and his 15 year old cat buddy LT spend most f their time napping.
    But every morning he still takes me out for a short walk.

    Our shelter nominee is Border Animal Rescue in Bisbee Arizona.

    1. Hi Cara! Thanks for sharing your story with us. Be sure to upload your photo to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #SayYesToWhatYouLove in order to officially enter the contest.

    2. Oh Cara, you are such a dear loving mommy. I hope your fur babies are all okay, and know how loved they are. Your story made me cry, but it is so sweet, thank you for sharing.

  3. I wish there was enough to make our little town’s shelter a ‘no-kill’ shelter. But maybe if they get enough to help out they will kill fewer innocent animals – I hope. Thank you for this opportunity.

  4. My wonderful dog Ginny helped me in my recovery from an eating disorder she I finally got out of the hospital after a four month stay. The day I came home from the hospital we rescued our Ginny from Beagles, Hounds, and more. She was half starved and terrified of everything, much like What I was still in the process of overcoming. Ginny and I helped nourish each other back to health. We helped each other learn how to trust the scary things around us and how to enjoy life again. Without my beautiful full of life beagle hound I do not believe I would still be here today. I would of given up on recovery from my anorexia and would have given up and died. Ginny my puppy saved my life as I saved hers.n

  5. I LOVE my Kids, all ar Pup/Dogs, they are all the best. I haved saved/adopted all of my Kids thru the County Pound. I walked in one day not looking for a Family Member but to help make some of the Kids there waiting for their Family to be HAPPY…munchies & some scratches. I walked in & seen this little one, laying ther in the sun, BEAUTIFUL, had to meet her…she did not even care that I was there…to this DAY this little Girl, this little brown pittie/mix, who I named Bear, I only hope that I make her & my other Kids as Happy as they make me. She & all of my Kids are SPOILED, I always say YES to them as I LOVE them. I & my Kids know help Kids who are helped & saved from the county pound by Medical Animals in Need, they help so many medically & then find them Great Homes.

  6. I think it’s completely unfair to leave out those of us who adopted birds. I have adopted cats but my adopted cockatoos are the ones who truly changed my life and opened my eyes to becoming vegan.

    1. Regina,

      We didn’t exclude feathered friends… Any kind of pet that you adopted was eligible to be entered in our contest.

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