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Our Right to Know: Reasons to Label GMOs in our Food

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So Delicious Dairy Free has been blessed with a passionate fan base, full of people who want the best possible choices for themselves and their families.  When it comes to food, many of our consumers believe they have a right to know if the food has been genetically engineered.  We agree.  Genetically modified organisms, (GMOs) are scientifically altered plants or animals that have genes from other species.  These genes help the plants not to freeze, ward off pests, or grow faster or bigger.

In support of the initiative movement in Oregon, we are celebrating natural and organic foods and the people that love them.  Every Thursday we are rewarding one of our Facebook fans with tasty GMO-free product! Just comment on our GMO related Facebook post on Thursdays this summer for your chance to win.

This week we are giving away So Delicious Dairy Free beverages with Genesis Organic Juice.

Why do you have a right to know whether or not your food has been made with GMO ingredients?  Here’s what some of our fans have to say:

“I care about my health! Also, I’m breastfeeding right now and want the best for my baby” –Kate

“Because it should be our choice what we feed our families and if GMOs are “perfectly safe”, then why are they trying so hard to hide them?” –Carrie

“We have a right to know because it is our bodies. There should be no other reason needed.” –Robin

“We have the right to know what is in our food because I don’t want corporations like Monsanto taking over our food supply” –Ana

“I have celiac and my son suffers from food allergies. He went on a field trip with his camp & they took kids to a fast food place. We don’t eat there as a family, but I did not want to make him feel excluded. He had a cheese burger. He had a severe allergic reaction and was rushed to hospital. Dr at hospital best guess if that the meat was full of antibiotics… He also discussed GMOs with us and sent us to specialist. We eat GMO, organic and gluten-free at home. I feel it is dangerous not to know what is in our food!  Please get this on the ballot!” –Laura

“I don’t want to find out in 20 years that GMO isn’t so safe and have it be too late. We will eat and feed my baby boy food in the way nature intended, not some mutant to resist insects or reap enormous size fruits that were created in labs.” –Juli

Why do you want to see labels on GMO food? Let us know on Facebook for your chance to win some free products.

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