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Strawberry Chia Smoothie Bowl

February 6, 2017
By: of Thrive
Prep 10 min
Cook 0 min
Yield 2-4 servings

Fresh, strawberry smoothie snuggles up next to chia pudding for this beautiful breakfast in a bowl.


532_Rose and Strawberry Smoothie Bowl_Facebook 01

For the Chia Pudding:

  1. Add chia seeds to 1 cup Coconutmilk beverage. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

532_Rose and Strawberry Smoothie Bowl_Facebook 02

For the Strawberry Smoothie:

  1. Add remaining Coconutmilk and agave nectar to a blender, along with strawberries and yogurt alternative. Blend until smooth, adding more agave nectar to taste.
  2. Assemble the chia pudding and strawberry smoothie by spooning them side by side into a bowl. Top with coconut shavings and hemp hearts before serving.

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