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Dairy-Free Matcha Smoothie

June 21, 2017
By: of So Delicious Dairy Free
Prep 10 min
Cook 5 min
Yield 2

Kick-start your morning with this tangy Dairy-Free Matcha Smoothie!  This nutrient dense smoothie is a great way to relish matcha if you’re new to the taste or if you love the flavor. It’s instantly a tropical smoothie to enjoy in your car on the way to work!


Grab your Earthbound Farms Organic Smoothie Kick-Start fruit and pour into your blender. Add in matcha powder + your favorite So Delicious Dairy Free Beverage (we used the Unsweetened Coconutmilk Beverage). If your smoothie is too thick add in as much water as you need to blend until smooth.

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