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Chai Tea Affogato

February 19, 2016
By: of Thrive
Prep 15 min
Cook 0 min
Yield 1

This traditional and fragrant chai tea recipe pours decadently over our own Vanilla Bean frozen dessert. We’ve included a caffeine free version too!


For Chai Tea Affogato:

  1. Bring water to boil and add the tea.  Reduce the heat.
  2. Add the cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves.
  3. Add cashewmilk beverage.
  4. Sweeten the chai as you like it.
  5. Pour the heated mixture through a strainer and serve over a scoop of coconutmilk Vanilla Bean.
  6. Sprinkle with ground cinnamon if desired.

For Spiced Milk Affogato Alternative:

  1. Bring cashewmilk beverage to a low simmer.
  2. Stir in spices and sugar (or stevia).
  3. Allow the milk to cool a bit and serve over a scoop of coconutmilk Vanilla Bean.
  4. Sprinkle ground cinnamon over the top.

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