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Recipe for a Dairy Free Picnic At the Park

July 21, 2015
By: So Delicious

The elements of a summer picnic in the park are simple and few: good food and good company in an awesome outdoor setting. Here, we’ve assembled some ideas for making your simple picnic super, including recipes for wholesome, delicious dairy-free nosh that travel well and aren’t a mess to carry or eat.



Second to a great menu is the right setting. Drive, hike, boat or float to a park where you can linger and take in the view, with few distractions beyond the curiosity piqued by nature.  Relax!  And, try to evoke a sense of timelessness.

Tired of staring at the view? Well, not everyone has the patience to ponder.  But don’t pick up that cell phone!  The idea is to spend quality time together.  Be prepared for a couple of fun activities like kite flying, card games or badminton.  If you find yourself near a body of water, by all means, jump in!

“Anything Goes” Collard Wraps

Wrap your favorite grains, beans, veggies and dairy-free sauces in raw collard greens!



 Spicy Vegetable Ranch Salad in a jar

Spice up your salad with frozen veggies baked with hot sauce. We paired ours with a ranch-style dressing made with our culinary coconut milk!


Chocolate Single-Serve Chocolate Coconut Milk and Cultured Coconut Milk

Easy to grab and go!



Our Minis Organic Simply Strawberry bars make a great outdoor treat.  They come equipped with a fully compostable stick to hang on to!  Add cold packs to your basket to keep them frozen until you’re ready to enjoy.


There’s no such thing as the perfect picnic.  Remember, it’s the unexpected elements that make it memorable!  What are some of your super summer picnic ideas?  Enter to win our Share a Moment, Raise a Pint contest by uploading photo to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  We’re giving away 26 Sundae Prize Packs featuring a $100 Visa Gift Card and delicious dairy-free products!  Rules here:


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