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Pintapalooza Fan Round Up!

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We have received over a thousand entries for #Pintapalooza! We are so thrilled our fans are creative and excited to receive some custom pints!

While this list is not final or definitive, we wanted to keep the inspiration churning by sharing some of our favorite entries so far.

“You should make a coconut base flavored vanilla. Add in GF graham cracker chunks and an apple cinnamon swirl. Call it S.crumptious A.pple D.anish because when it’s gone you’ll be S.A.D.” –Kari S.

“I am imagining a collab of my two favorite things: So Delicious and Justin’s. 1.  NSA Coconut Milk 2. Swirls of Justin’s Classic Peanut Butter with chunks of Justin’s Dark and Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. 3. Justindulgence” –Kim O.

“NSA coconut base with peaches, chopped pecans, and honey swirl. Perfectly Peachy” –Jessica R.

“The Great American #Vegan: Vanilla Soy Ice Cream with flaky pie crust bites and cinnamon apple chunks” – @ThankTankCr8

“Coconut with sunflower seed butter, dairy free choc chips and gluten free pretzels! My little loves would go crazy for it and I would be at ease feeding them a ‘safe’ ice cream!” – Lindsey K.

“Almond base flavored with brown sugar, chunks of bananas, and a caramel swirl. Foster the Bananas.” –Jason H.

“NSA Coconut Vanilla base: cocoa nibs, heavy on the orange zest, cinnamon. Name: Bittersweet Tears” –Andrea F.

Vegan maple bacon, seriously?!? OMG I would roll around in it! You could call it ‘pigs in a Blanket’.” – Dana  S.

“Coconut base with gluten free cake batter flavor, chunks of gluten free vanilla pound cake, and a frosting swirl. And I’ll call it Birthday Bash” –Desiree S.

“You could turn my cookie recipe into an ice-cream flavor! Chocolate chip cranberry walnut cardamom oatmeal cookie ice-cream with a coconut or almond base.” –Jess A.

“Strawberry coconut basil ice cream with macadamia nuts-Strawberry Nut Blast” –Cheryl

“Vanilla Coconut Base, chocolate chips, strawberry, raspberries. Called fruityCHOC” –Aidan A.

“Almond base, chai flavor, crushed nuts, superfood booster and call it Mighty Chai” –Yogacrusher

“Green Tea flavor with jasmine flowers, matcha powder and pistachios” –Stacey F.

“Peach Melba Mambo- peach flavor almond base w/raspberry swirl & candied ginger and gfree shortbread cookie bits” –Tamara Lee

Burnt Fig with Vegan Caramel on an Almond Milk base” -@halfway2healthy

“My ‘Squirrel Special’: almond base, dark chocolate fudge swirl, hazelnut butter swirl and caramelized hazelnut” –Carole B.

“’Date Night’ ….No sugar added chocolate coconut milk frozen dessert as base. Mixed with banana chips, almond butter swirl, unsweetened coconut flakes, dark chocolate chunks, and sprinkled with cinnamon.” –Sarah B.

“Coconut, dark chocolate, goji berries, pecan pieces!! Goji berry chocolate crunch!” –Chelsie M.

Avocado Almond Strawberry with Extra virgin refined Coconut Oil. Tropical Thunder” –Jessica W.


What’s the flavor of your wildest dreams? You can enter all week for a chance to win a pack of custom pints made just for you!  Tag your social media post (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with #pintapalooza to play!

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  1. Innocent Raspberry – no sugar coconut base white chocolate icecream with raspberry swirl and white chocolate chunks! #Pintapalooza

  2. Almond base cheesecake flavor with blueberries or strawberries w/ gf graham crackers chunks would be heavenly!!!!

  3. The Chocolate Cherry Jive : Vanilla coconut milk with jucy bing cherries, gluten free chewy brownie chunks and a thick fudge swirl. Yummmmmy #pintapalooza

  4. Vegan maple bacon?? Sounds delish…but let’s mix it with cinnamon, pecans, and ginger in an almond base flavored with coffee & call it “breakfast”…if rest it any time of day!!

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