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Pintapalooza! Choose Your Own Dessert Flavor

July 28, 2014
By: So Delicious

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This week, we are ramping up our Save Summer Campaign with Pintapalooza! Fan can create a frozen dessert custom flavor and win a pack of pints.  One lucky winner will receive six pints of a custom flavor of their choice!

What’s your flavor? Vegan Bacon Maple? Strawberry Jalapeno? Mango Sherbet with White Chocolate Chips and Macadamia Nuts? So Delicious Dairy Free wants to make it happen for you and your family!

Here’s How it Works:

  1.  Choose your base.  You can choose to have coconut, almond or soy milk based frozen dessert.  You can also choose our No Sugar Added coconut milk line.
  2. Create your dream pint.  Choose how you would like the base to be flavored and what ingredients you would like.
  3. Name your flavor, something that reflects the spirit of your creation.
  4. Tell us your flavor by commenting on our Pintapalooza themed photos, your tagging #pintapalooza on your favorite social media account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). THIS WEEK ONLY!
  5. Wait to see who wins on Monday.
  6. Our research and development team will create custom pints and ship them to you.
  7. Eat your Pintapalooza!

All week long we will be posting inspiration.  Follow us on social media to see our own fun flavor creations.

Keep in mind, we are a vegan, non-GMO company. Only flavors that meet our criteria will make the final cut.

Good luck and have fun!

Reviews & Comments

  1. Vanilla coconut ice cream (with chocolate chips if you’ve got them! 🙂 ) would be fantastic for my daughter, who was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy at 6 weeks old. She’s 4 now, and still intolerant of dairy–but she loves So Delicious dairy-free ice cream!!

  2. Almond milk base flavored with mint. Add in chocolate fudge swirls, chocolate brownie chunks and chocolate chips. Call it “Minty Choco-Bomb”.

  3. I would love a coconut milk vanilla or chocolate based, with mini chocolate chips, banana chunks, golden raisins and walnuts. I would call this “Jungle Hike,” because it’s kind of like a trail mix + bananas!

  4. Marshmallow flavored Coconut base with graham cracker chunks and dark chocolate chunks. Call it “gimmie s’more”

  5. Totally a coconut base! Add in dark chocolate pieces, bananas, almonds and caramel. I’d call it “One Crazy Mama”!!

  6. Base-Coconut
    Toppings- Hawaiian suprise
    Cherries and cherry sauce, coconut shavings, dairy free cream cheese, walnuts,

  7. Oh Joy!
    Coconut base with chocolate shavings, sweetened toasted coconut, and toasted almonds

  8. so delicious almond salted caramel delilght
    2 portion so delicious almond milk dessert
    1 portion salted caramel
    served @ room temperature

  9. Almond base flavored with rose petals with walnuts,raspberry & white chocolate chip. I’d call it Royally Rose #pintapalooza

  10. First, I would start with the almond base. Then add generous amounts of chopped up rhubarb and then finish with a healthy dose of grated ginger root. Not only is this healthy, but it is delicious!!! I would call it, Rhubarb Ginger mania, because everyone would be crowding the store to buy it.

  11. I would love to win this contest .. Lactose intolerant with two peptic ulcers.. Haven’t had ice cream in years!!

  12. Chocolate almond base with bananas, dairy free peanut butter cups and chocolate swirl. Called crazy monkey. My daughter’s favorite combination

  13. Coconut base, cake batter flavored with coconut flakes, pecans, brownie pieces, chocolate syrup and caramel. “German Chocolate Cake”

  14. NSA Coconut Vanilla base: cocoa nibs, heavy on the orange zest, cinnamon. Name: Bittersweet Tears

  15. Coconut vanilla base with peach bits, light Carmel ribbons, toffee peices, and gram cracker crumbles. I’d call it de”light”fully peach cobbler.

  16. Coconut base with graham cracker, vegan chocolate, and vegan marshmallow! Called More Smore! Mmm mmm mmm!

  17. I am imaging a collab of my two favorite things: So Delicious and Justin’s.
    1. NSA Coconut Milk
    2. Swirls of Justin’s Classic Peanut Butter with chunks of Justin’s Dark and Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.
    3. Justindulgence

  18. Wayne N Leslie Stockdale How about a coconut based frozen dessert.. ( No Sugar Added, if possible)
    that is a chocolate-mint flavor with chunks of almond, cashew and pecans. Maybe call it “Mint Mocha Maniac”

  19. Almond milk vanilla with almonds and chocolate chip. Coconut milk with blueberries and coconut.

  20. Coconut base, toasted coconut and toasted almonds with a touch of carmel or chocalate – Coconut Almond Swirl.

  21. Soy based pumpkin flavor ice cream with clusters of graham cracker crust and cinnamin. It would be like pumpkin pie ice cream!

  22. Soy base with Coffee flavoring and chocolate chunks and chocolate fudge. Call it “Coffee n Chunks”.

  23. Lime in the Coconut:
    Coconut base, Toasted Coconut shavings, lime juice, pineapple juice, and a little bit of marshmallow.

  24. Almond/coconut milk base made into chocolate flavor, with caramel swirl, caramel chunks, praline almonds, and a fudge ribbon. Named:Love in a Pint

  25. Coconut base,

    Vanilla flavored ice cream

    Add coconut, chocolate chunks, caramel, cherries and almonds.

    Coconut cherry surprise. 🙂

  26. My base would be Chocolate Soy and add in chocolate fudge syrup swirls with a few brownie chunks. I would call it “Triple Chocolate Fudge Ripple”.

  27. Love, love, love, So delicious products!!! We eat them every single week….sometime more. We are a gluten free family…so having a delicious treat to eat is just like heaven.

  28. Creamy coconut milk ice cream with bits of coconut, chocolate shavings and almond slivers stirred in. Top the whole thing with a chocolate ganache. I call it Chocolate Joy since it would be reminiscent of a popular candy bar we loved as kids.

  29. Coconut base with dark chocolate chips and cherries! Call it Ladybug Food! For my little bugs!

  30. First I would start with a coconut base….chocolate graham crackers, a chocolate mousse center mixed with a whipped cream…and I would even throw in some mini chocolate chips. I would call it coco choco cream pie.

  31. Sticky bun with crushed pralines. Carmel and cinnamon swirled in a pint of almond-based icecream. Oh yes, and chunks

  32. I would start with a vanilla almond base then add chopped dates, cardamom, ginger, and chopped macadamia nuts. I would call it “Spiced Heaven”.

  33. Vanilla almond base with chopped dates, chopped macadamia nuts, cardamom, and ginger. “Spiced Heaven”

  34. Almond base with blueberries and blueberry swirl and chunks of waffle cone and chunks of cheesecake…. called Blueberry Dream….or something like that…

  35. I would start with a coconut base…then I would add lots of chocolate graham cracker crumbs….then chocolate mousse blended with whipped cream. I would call it the coco choco loco.

  36. Soy vanilla base, with chocolate fudge swirls and vegan mini peanut butter cups. Vegan moose tracks!

  37. Coconut base with toasted coconut, walnuts, caramel, and chocolate!

    I would call it “Sweet Bailey’s coconut dream”. Mmmm yum!

  38. Monday morning- coconut base (coffee flavored) with dark chocolate covered espresso beans swirled in!!!

  39. My base would be coconut ice cream with Sea Salted Carmel chocolate pieces! It’s name coconut by the sea #pintapalooza

  40. My flavour would be a base of vanilla cream, with peanut butter swirls and chocolate chips. Named “You can thank me later”

  41. Coconut base sugar free with. extra coconut flakes and pineapple bits or pureed. P pineapple. Pi na. Colada

  42. Coconut base with black licorice flavoring, black licorice bits and marshmallows. Licorice Dreams.

  43. Campfire Delight or S’more Lovin’ – almond milk icecream (plain or chocolate flavored) with chocolate chips, graham pieces, and a (vegan) marshmallow swirl… YUM!

  44. Almond Milk Dark Chocolate covered strawberries, with chocolate chips that are gluten free.

  45. I would choose vanilla almond milk based ice cream. I would add in chocolate shavings and chopped pecans for extra deliciousness. The name would be Nuts For You, due to the almond base and the pecans.

  46. My base would be almond, and would be vanilla flavored. I would then put peanut better cups, blueberries and a caramel swirl. I would call it nutty blue dulce!

  47. Almond milk base with Andes candy pieces ,chocolate cookie crumbles in chocolate ice cream and caramel swirl.

  48. I would love the No Sugar Added butter pecan coconut with Vegan chocolate chips, dried sour cherries (no oil or sugar added), and a sprinkle of toasted coconut! Another amazing mix would be as simple as using a No Sugar Added Vanilla Coconut base with dried Granny Smith apple bits, toasted almonds and a sprinkle of cinnamon! Thanks!

    1. I just thought of another amazing flavor: Green Tea flavor with jasmine flowers, matcha powder and pistachios……..huh!?

  49. Woweeeeeeeeeeee!!! 🙂 This is so awesome!!! Thank u sooo much,love your SO Delicious products,and this is an amazing opportunity to create our very own flavor,woooohooooo!!! 🙂 I will be posting my flavor creation on Twitter,my Twitter handle is:LAWomAN613 Thank u again SO Delicious! 🙂 ♥

  50. Almond milk base that is vanilla flavored. Throw in some vegan brownie chunks, with fudge and caramel swirled in. Mmmm… we’ll call it “Sweet Dream Brownie” cause this is the stuff dreams are made of.

  51. Almond base with chunks of almonds, toasted coconut and chocolate chunks!
    It could be like a Frozen Almond Joy

  52. Base -no sugar coconut (because a lot of us cant do cane sugar!)
    Flavor – mocha flavored icecream with chocolate chips mixed in!
    Name: Mochajoke or JavaNut
    This is exactly what Ive been craving this pregnancy! #Pintapalooza please!

  53. Coffee flavored coconut base with dark chocolate chunks and walnuts!!!
    I’ll call it “Wake Me Up”!!!

  54. Coconut base with maple syrup, bacon (vegan or not) and chocolate chips. Maple Bacon Chocolate Delight

  55. Coconut base with white chocolate flavor and non-dairy white chocolate chips. White Chocolate Dream

  56. Vanilla Coconut milk base, butterscotch swirl, peanut butter cup chunks, chocolate covered salted peanuts. I call it Peanut Butter Perfection

  57. Almond Berrylish
    Almond milk base with a mixture of blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries swirled together for that gluten free creamy So Delicious flavor

  58. Vanilla coconut ice cream with strawberries, pineapple, banana chocolate and peanuts! The best banana split ever!

  59. Chocolate almond base with Dandies mini marshmallows and graham cracker bits with a fudge swirl. I would call it “S’mores to love”

  60. My fave would be a sugar free coconut soy milk sorbet with pineapple, ginger, almonds and honey swirled….my creation would ve named Caribean Queen

  61. We would love some new ice creams! Absolutely the no sugar added coconut milk with mocha base. Add in chocolate chunks and a caramel swirl! And of course call it Crazy coffee choco caramel!

  62. Soy milk base flavored with lemongrass and Tahitian vanilla, with caramelized pineapple and a ginger/wasabi swirl. Call it Sunshine Sensei.

  63. Here are my 2 picks: a coconut base like your SO Delicious minis (which are great!), but in a pint, and the sandwich pieces are gluten free, and maybe some chocolate swirls added in. The name could be something like And Mini More. 2) either a coconut or almond base, with chocolate flavor for the ice cream, butterscotch chips, and a gluten free graham cracker crumbles, with a name like Butter Finger Delight.

  64. It would have to be soy based vanilla with chunks of dark chocolate and raspberry, or maybe even brownies, definitely has to have chocolate and vanilla in it, no nuts.

  65. Almond milk ice cream, sweetened with agave syrup. Black Cherries covered in dark chocolate. Called dark chocolate supreme.

  66. Mocha coconut ice cream with brownie pieces, and chocolate syrup swirls. Call it chocolate extreme.

  67. Chunka Chocka Coconacka!
    Chocolate coconut-base with hot fudge and peanut butter swirls, and chunks of dairy-free peanut butter cups and gluten/dairy free cookie dough!

    This would be my dream! I SOOOOO miss my favorite ice cream sundaes since I found out that I’m casein intolerant a year ago. I’ve been through many a pint of your Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl! Seriously considering bringing a pint to the local ice cream shop the next time I bring the kids out so I can have them make me a sundae with your delicious ice cream that I can actually eat! 🙂

  68. I would LOVE to create a sort of Vegan Rocky Road with vegan marshmallow, almonds, fudge and brownie chunks in a chocolate/ vanilla coconut swirl base!

  69. Banana Coconut Milk ice cream with dark chocolate chips and I’d call it “Gone Bananas” #pintapalooza

  70. Coconut cream vanilla flavored so delicious scooped in an apple cup (yes a real raw apple core cut out looks like a bowel) topped with careamel and apple butter. I would call it apples 2 apples spelled like that with the number two!

  71. Start with a Coconut base. Add a little dried coconut, mango pieces, and a hint of honey. Great healthy stuff for a lactose free diet. I’d call it Tropical Breeze.

  72. Coconut vanilla base, nondairy caramel swirl, cocoa ribbon and praline pecans. Sweet-n-nutty. Like my brain! 🙂

  73. I would love the soy-based chocolate with peanut butter chunks, chocolate sauce (vegan of course), caramel (vegan), pecans, with chocolate ribbons (vegan)! Maybe some sprinkles thrown in for some color! Gotta have me some now, please !

  74. Coconut milk base with no sugar added-vanilla bean with slivered almonds, dried coconut, chocolate chunks & a chocolate swirl = Almond Joy!

  75. I would make Chocolate Covered Candy Bacon. Coconut milk ice cream (my favorite!) with actual candied bacon bits covered in dark chocolate. No need to flavor the ice cream but a salted toffee ripple running through it would be amazing.

  76. Summer cream dream. Vanilla and peach almond ice creams swirled with blackberry and a vegan (no honey) graham cracker ribbon.

  77. I would begin with No sugar added coconut milk and add mango chunks and a banana. Maybe some shredded coconut. This reminds me of the smoothies we had in Jamaica. So yummy. It would be named “Jamaica for Me, Mon” !!! I can’t wait to try this now!! 🙂

  78. coconut base with Oreo cookie crumbles, brownie bites, and fudge swirl. I call it “coo coo for cocoa”

  79. Mint chip coconut ice cream with dairy free hot fudge sauce, chocolate chips, & marshmallow sauce. ( ice cream sundae 🙂 )

  80. I would want a coconut base with a caramel swirl and walnuts or pecans oh yum! Called maybe carmamel coconut-nut 🙂

  81. Completely NON soy Chocolate coconut ice cream with a fudge ripple and chocolate covered coffee beans throughout! Call this the chocolate coffee dream.

  82. In an almond base with vanilla, I would mix in sweet cherries and toasted almond flakes. I would call this creation Cherry Orchard

  83. Admittedly similar to something that exists, but one of the only vegan misses I have.. Amped up some
    Almond Milk base, organic coffee to make it a rich coffee flavor, rivers of a mix of chocolate and coffee syrup swirling through it. I am going to skip the chips, chunks and nuts, because I was to just slowly savor off the spoon…… Coffee ChocaLava.

  84. No Sugar Added Vanilla Bean base with dark chocolate chunks and graham cracker pieces if possible. It should be named “S’more Delight”. #pintapalooza

  85. Chocolate coconut ice cream with fudge and peanut butter swirl with chunks of gooey gluten free brownie and peanut butter cups mixed in. Call it “Electric Craze” cuz it’s just what you need to get through the day.

  86. I’d use the same based as the purely decadent line.. in a chocolate, with chocolate fudge, chocolate chunks, almonds, and coconut in it… maybe even some non dairy caramel sauce swirled through.. I am dairy allergic and you’re ice creams are my favorites and make me not feel deprived… I also work with Dialysis patients and many of your products are low in both potassium and phosphorous so I can encourage them as safe options for patients (who love that they can have ice cream without screwing up their health)

  87. cacao flavored Coconut milk base , with crushed almonds and toasted coconut, and a fudge swirls…Summer Haystack

  88. Coconut milk base
    Chocolate chips
    Raspberry swirl
    Call it “Sweet Revenge”

  89. Almond milk base of chocolate ice cream with cherries and fudge swirls. “Cherry Sundae”

  90. I SO love SO! Vanilla coconut base with chunks of pineapple and banana. With some slivers of walnut.

  91. Pineapple ginger in a coconut base. “Tropical Paradise “in a pint. What is not to love?

  92. Coconut base with white chocolate, add almonds, vegan brownies chunks and strawberry swirl. And call it “choco loco”

  93. Coconut Berry Bliss. SF Coconut milk base. Swirl in lots of fresh Raspberries. Scoop into old-fashioned martini glasses. BLISS OUT.

  94. Coconut base vanilla ice cream, blackberries, chocolate, with a separate attached section of delicious almonds and gluten, dairy, and soy free granola (pecan and walnut FREE) to sprinkle on top right before eating! 🙂

  95. This is a repeat because I forgot to name my flavor idea… My idea was a coconut based vanilla ice cream with chocolate either syrup or chunks, and blackberries. Then in a separate container attached to the top a gluten, dairy, soy, pecan, and walnut free toasted granola (almond base) that can be sprinkled on right before eating. Called Blackberry Crisp Cobbler or Summer Blackberry Crisp,

  96. Coconut base, dark chocolate fudge and caramel swirls, walnuts or almonds, and coconut flakes! I’d call it “CocoNut Madness Swirl”.

  97. No sugar added chocolate and vanilla ice cream, with mini stevia sweetened ginger pieces, pistachios and cherries. I was thinking along the lines of spumoni ice cream with a twist.

  98. Base: coconut
    Name: pistachio mustachio
    Ingredients: pistachio icream with chocolate covered pistachios mixed in.

  99. Coconut ice cream base w/ dark chocolate chips, chopped cherries, and amaretto flavoring. Chocolate Cherry Dream

  100. Pistachio mustachio: coconut base pistachio flavored ice cream with chocolate covered pistachios

  101. Almond base chocolate flavor with almond pieces and maybe caramel…or chocolate with raspberry swirl…

  102. Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream with GF DF Brownie Chunks, peanut butter swirl and marshmallow swirl . S’More Please !

  103. Coconut base with vanilla, cacao, chia seeds, almonds, banana, and a little coffee extract. I would call it “Paradise Cappuccino Swirl.”

  104. With a coconut base, a strong toasted coconut flavor, with thin swirls of various berry purees (I’d suggest strawberry, loganberry and elderberry). Careful not to overpower the toasted coconut!

  105. Sugar free coconut base and car on and lime and really bits of coconut.
    Call it Frog pond.

  106. No sugar added coconut milk ice cream with a chocolate base. Add chocolate chips, dried cherries, and pieces of crumbled chocolate cookies (like Oreos). Choco-Cherry-Champion! #Pintapalooza

  107. Coconut ice cream with pineapple and banana and coconut chunks! My daughter and I are both lactose intolerant, discovering “so delicious” has been an excellent treat, and what better than a Piña Colada on a sunny summer day?

  108. No sugar added Coconut milk base, chocolate with peanut butter, chocolate chunks and macadamia nuts. Choconutter.

  109. Coconut base. Gummy bears/fruit, with root beer and topped with sprinkles. Named Root BEAR Float

  110. Coconut base, Banana chunks, Cherries, chopped Almonds, chunks of Dark soy free Chocolate, Pineapple chunks, and Strawberries. “Banana Split” I am allergic to Soy Peanuts an Dairy. Please make some with my allergies in mind I would love to be able to go to the store like every one else an come out with some thing other then flavored ice or basic vanilla. Thank you for what you have made basic vanilla is better then nothing at all.

  111. “Cherry Chocolate Chunk Crunch” Delicious Coconut Ice Cream blended with luscious Dark Sweet Cherries, Decadent Dark Vegan Chocolate Chunks and Crunchy Cacao Nibs., YUM! I would meet UPS at the road to pick up my shipment! If I could be a bit more creative, I would choose to dip the Cacao Nibs in Chocolate and then put them in the mix.

  112. Coconut based with coconut flakes, cocoa chips and walnuts!
    Yum! I would call it SO CocoNutty!

  113. I think a coconut base with a creamy orange flavor might be a good mix! Call it “Summer Break”. Mmmmm! =]

  114. I would LOVE a vegan treat of maple walnut with an almond base! I love those flavors, so I’d call it Celestial Delight!

  115. I pick a almond-coconut base with dark chocolate, mint,chopped nuts and a hit of pumpkin pie spice. Titled “Frozen Hot Choco Mint Treat”!

  116. I would choose almond milk based, flavored w/Mexican chocolate (ground cacao nibs, sugar and cinnamon) and add either mini dark choc. chips, chunks, or dk choc, dipped almond pieces, and maybe a little chili heat to it and voila, “Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate”

  117. I would use a chocolate almond base. Add chocolate chips, bits of brownie, almonds and banana pieces. I would call it “Chocolate Deliciousness”

  118. Avocado Almond Strawberry with Extra virgin refined Coconut Oil.
    real Almond Base with real strawberries, packing natural antioxidants and full of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, sugar-free or low in sugar
    All the benefits of avocado, subtle in flavor, & bursting with fresh strawberries and almonds. Tropical Thunder

  119. Strawberry baklava ice cream…
    I love to eat strawberries stuffed with baklava filling. I think it would taste great in an ice cream! Use a coconut vanilla ice cream base, mix in chopped strawberries and baklava inspired filling made with finely chopped pecans, brown sugar, cinnamon, and honey. Serve on toasted phyllo dough with more honey drizzled on top.

  120. Coconut base with chunky peanut butter, dark chocolate and banana.
    Call it the Jungle Cruise. Or Chunky Monkey.

  121. Almond milk base, vegan chocolate Shakeology, cocoa nibs, almond butter, dark chocolate chips, and bananas! 😀

  122. Bananas for Berry CocoNutty Ice Cream!
    Coconut milk base flavored with Strawberry
    Add in bananas, walnuts, strawberries, and some chocolate chunks.
    It’s a good blend of sweet, salty, and fruity! Healthy with just a little taste of cheating sweetness!

  123. Dark chocolate carob chunks, raspberries, and fudge swirl in a coconut base. I would call it razzle dazzle.
    Another one: bananas, chocolate chunks and peanutbutter swirl in coconut based. I would call this one monkey’s delight

  124. Almond base cheesecake flavored ice cream with bits of strawberries, blueberries, and graham crackers! My mouth is watering!

  125. Vanilla Bean almond base, with lavender & lemon flavoring, including the zest of the lemon. Call it Summertime. I spend a lot of time looking in the frozen section for anything lemon, all year round. Gotta make my own, I think!

  126. Oh my! This combo would be lovely! Vanilla coconut ice cream with caramel swirls and chocolate covered almonds and some toffee bits sprinkled through. Named “Sooo Heavenly!”

  127. coconut base – banana flavored gluten free – chunks of chocolate, walnuts and cherries

  128. Would love an almond milk base with salted caramel, pretzel bits, chocolate chunks with caramel and chocolate swirls. “Salted Caramel Heaven”

  129. Vegan maple bacon, seriously?!? OMG I would roll around in it! You could call it ‘pigs in a Blanket’. #pintapalooza

  130. I am dairy intolerant and your frozen treats are my go-to’s when everyone else is enjoying ice cream… But, here is the kicker- mine is so much better than theirs!
    My pint would be coconut based and contain almonds, pistatios, chocolate, and peanut butter. I am a bodybuilder and these are all things I can have while training for shows… I would call it “Beast Mode”.

  131. Oh, what a delight for the winner! If I won, I would prefer the coconut base, thanks. I truly like your cherry amaretto, but would greatly enjoy it if there were carob chips or chunks added to it. And strawberry added to another would be delightful. Just a plain vanilla with the flecks of vanilla bean would be grand. I had an ice cream years ago, it had peanuts, coated pieces of popcorn, and some kind of candy that reminded me of Cracker Jacks in it…that would be fun sometimes. And with a coconut base, some added pieces of coconut, some pieces of almond (and for us who can’t use chocolate, though I’m sure chocolate lovers might want it instead) some carob swirls, that remind one of the popular candies, Almond Joy…that would be delightful. Of course, since it isn’t likely that I would win, I suppose I could get the add-ins, and make up some batches of these myself at home…hmmm, great idea! I think I am going to have to do just that! Blessings and thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  132. I would love coconut base, flakes of coconut, chunks of chocolate covered almonds or just almond and then a fudgy swirl. I would call that COCONUT ALMOND FOLLY. Mmm~

  133. I’d love “Almond Macchiato” – almond base with espresso flavoring and a chocolate swirl.

  134. Almond Butter Brownie Fudge – Almond Butter base with brownie bits and peanut butter and fudge swirls!

  135. Coconut milk rum raisin!!!!! Rum flavored coconut milk ice cream with big fat raisin chunks and maybe some graham cracker pieces. I would call it Pirate delight!

  136. Chocolate coconut ice cream (with peanut butter cups) and a swirl of vanilla coconut ice cream. #pintapalooza. I call it Deer Tracks.

  137. I would love coconut with no sugar added. Adding in some mini chocolate chips and cashews

  138. I would name it Texas Sheet Cake: The base is peanut butter flavored almond milk ice cream. The peanut butter ice cream has chunks of vegan Texas Sheet Cake (Chocolate) swirled throughout the pint. It’s peanut butter and chocolate heavn, Texas style!

  139. Neapolitan-like flavored with the No Sugar Added Coconut Milk line (OR Regular Coconut Milk line if fruit cannot added to “No Sugar” line). 1/3 vanilla based with banana, 1/3 chocolate, 1/3 vanilla based with cherries and/or strawberries. “Banana Split Delight”

  140. Purely Decadent Mackinaw Island Fudge Espresso Swirl
    Vanilla Soy or Almond base
    Chunks of Chocolate Fudge
    Swirls of “Hot Fudge” Sauce
    Chocolate Shavings
    Ribbons of Espresso Flavor base

  141. I would like a soy base with pumpkin pie flavors. Bits of pie crust in there as well (all has to be gluten-free).

  142. soy milk with vegan reese’s mini cups….or cherries with chocolate chucks in vanilla

  143. I would like a soy milk vanilla base with fudge and caramel swirls with itty bitty vegan marshmallows and peanut butter cups and almonds

  144. Coconut base, with vegan caramel, prailines, more coconut, ans strawberries to make what shall be known as “Coconut caramel strawberry dream” and the sub-label abe states “with prailines” This HAS to happen! please? NOM nom nom! 🙂

  145. Coconut base with vegan “cheesecake” pieces, raspberries, and white chocolate. I’d call it Framboise Delight. Everything sounds tastier in French!

  146. Coconut vanilla ice cream base, with a lemonaid swirl, mini chocolate chunks, and gluten free graham cracker bits.

  147. Triple Berry Heaven-Coconut no sugar added base, huckleberries, strawberries, blueberries, raw almond slivers and mini dark Choc chips (soy and dairy free). #pintapalooza

  148. NSA coconut base of dark coffee with rich dark chocolate chunks – could call it Mama’s Morning Mocha 🙂

  149. Almond base with creamy peanutbutter. dark chocolate chunks, salted peanuts and jalapeños.
    Salted jalapeño peanutbutter cup #pintapalooza

  150. I would choose a coconut base, flavored with coffee, and add Chocolate chips, Coconut flakes, and Almonds. I would call it, Mocha Coco Nut! Yummm!

  151. Peanut Butter Passion
    I would like to see vanilla coconut ice cream swirled with chocolate sauce and peanut butter with non milk peanut butter cups in it.

  152. I just thought of another one!
    Vanilla coconut ice cream with white chocolate macadamia nut cookies gluten and dairy free with marshmallow sauce swirled in.

  153. Almond milk, vanilla, honey, toasted almond pieces, and bits of very dark chocolate. Coconut milk, dark chocolate, cinnamon, toasted pumpkin seeds

  154. Vanilla coconut ice cream, with pineapple chuncks and a bit of banana for piña colada treats- YUM!

  155. Soy milk based, Vanilla Cake flavored ice cream with chocolate chips, cocoa nibs, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, carmel syrup. This creation would be called ” Birthday Cake Surprise Extravaganza !!”

  156. Soy milk base with coconut, Fig and blackberry ice cream with fresh blackberry and mint.. I call it my coconut fig and blackberry dream

  157. Sugar Free coconut ice cream- vanilla bean; maple syrup swirled with almond butter! Add in some banana and your set!!! I make this every night before the next mornings long run

  158. Vanilla Coconut base with salted pistachios, dark chocolate shavings and white chocolate chips.
    Name: I go pistachios for chocolate!

  159. my version of new york super fudge chunk! Almond base dark and white chocolates chunks and dark chocolate covered nuts!
    I call it -I’m not sharing!

  160. I would like to Have Coconut based ice cream with raisins, almonds, marshmallows, cranberries, and chocolate chips. I call this the Big Shabang!

  161. 1. Soy Base
    2. Base flavor = Raspberry, Strawberry, or Cheesecake Added ingredients = vegan cheesecake chunks with a swirl of chocolate
    3. Chocoberry cheezcake

  162. Hawaiian Getaway….. almond milk base. Vanilla flavor ice cream with pineapple coconut mango and strawberry chunks with cashews yummy!

  163. Coconut base vanilla, with pineapple, mango, banana chunks. This is all inspired by my son, who has dairy and peanut allergies. I’d call it my tropical toddler twist. Lol he loves fruit and he loves his So delicious dairy free desserts!

  164. So Nuts for Chocolate: No sugar added vanilla coconut milk base with chunks of almond butter and dark chocolate

  165. Chocolate Coconut Base with marshmallow drizzles, chocolate chunks and gluten free graham cracker bits – Gluten Free Campfire S’mores

  166. #Pintapalooza Peach Melba Mambo- lightly vanilla roasted peach flavor almond base w/raspberry swirl & candied ginger and gfree shortbread cookie bits

  167. no sugar added Tropical Island Paridise No sugar added coconut base with pineapple and coconut. I have to watch my sugar intake and can not have nuts, chocolate, dairy, bananas or gluten, so this would be perfect!!!!

  168. Dream vacation- coconut base ice cream with sweetened shredded coconut, chunks of pineapple and some chocolate chip.

  169. Almond chocolate base with peanut butter and jelly swirled through it… I would name it Something like midnight munchies!

  170. I would like a vanilla almond base flavor with blueberry (blended with just blueberries and sugar cane) swirl and gluten-free snickerdoodle cookie crust pieces, lots of them. The name Vanilla Blueberry Snickerdoodle Pie!

  171. Chocolate Almond milk base with brownie bits, marshmallows, and some chopped up chunks of almonds. I would name it the Almond Brownie Marshmallow Bliss.

  172. Have posted on fb: coconut base + German chocolate + pecans. Call it #GermanChocolateCake. #Pintapalooza. (Please, no wheat.)

  173. Or, almond base + chopped pistachios + white chocolate chunks + apricot bits, Swirled through with cinnamon + honey. Call it #Grand PoobahPaklavah! #Pintapalooza

    1. I forgot to mention, also add a hint of clove! (And please be heavy-handed with that Cinnamon.). Mmmmmmm.

  174. Base: Coconut
    Ingredients: Chocolate chunks, grated ginger, shaved coconut, with a raspberry swirl.
    Name: Euphoria

  175. I would love the almond base and have cookie dough, chocolate ice cream with fudge and caramel ribbons…oh…that would be so awesome! #pintapalooza. I would call it Decadent Dream….

  176. Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream base with Organic chocolate shavings, pomegranate, coconut flakes, organic raspberries.

  177. Almond milk… Pistachio, with macadamia nuts and chilly mango chunks! I mixed this up once… Oooomg! Everyone loved it!

  178. Almond base with peanut butter swirl, with chocolate pralines, sub chocolate covered walnuts if pralines aren’t an option! Call it Gone Nutty.

  179. Vanilla flavored Almond Milk Base
    Cooked apple bits, cinnamon, gluten free granola and caramel swirl… call it: Apple Crisp Delight!

  180. Awesome! Coconut base with vanilla flavor (keep it simple to allow other ingredients to stand out; thick ribbon fudge, thick ribbon peanut butter, banana pieces, and chocolate shaving. Name: Sweet ‘n Salty Monkey

  181. Oregonberry Pie -no sugar vanilla bean coconut base (or an agave monk fruit cane sugar free coconut base) with oregon marionberry/huckleberry swirl (cane sugar free) and bits of gluten free pie crust! #Pinapalooza

  182. First off, thank you so delicious for your SF ice creams- I literally eat it every night! Having any sugar free ice cream is already so amazing! This contest is such an incredible opportunity!

    Here’s my dream flavor (for all the other gluten/dairy/sugar/corn/soy free people like me!)- It can be called “Almond Obsession”

    Sugar Free toasted almond coconut ice cream, banana, and almond butter

  183. Regular vanilla coconut base with lemon pound cake, lemon zest, strawberry pieces & coconut bits. Lemonberry COCOMOTION! Keep it gluten and soy fee for giggles 🙂 !!!

  184. “Jail House Rocky Road”- vanilla almond base, peanut butter, marshmallow, almonds, fudge. Does it get any better?!

  185. Coconut base ice cream+coconut bits+white chocolate chunks+key lime curd+gf graham cracker chunks= Keyed Up

  186. lavender blueberry lemon flavored coconut milk ice cream with white chocolate chunks. A light a refreshing nondairy treat that would be perfect for a summer evening or out by the pool. I would call it lemonberry lavender swirl.

  187. “Chocolate Overload” Coconut base. Chocolate ice cream with gluten-free/soy-free brownie chunks, swirls of fudge & caramel, and chocolate chunks.

  188. “Caramel Latte” Coconut base with coffee flavored ice cream and swirls of thick caramel running through it.

  189. When I was a kid I used to love the combination of peanut butter and banana and chocolate. My dream pint would be coconut based. The flavor would be banana with real vanilla flecks in it. There would be swirls of sunbutter and fudge. It’d call it “Sunny Monkey” or “Choco-Sunny Monkey”.

  190. Coconut base with chocolate chunks,almonds, and coconut pieces as well. It would be named “Perfection” because it contains all of the delicious flavors and textures in one non dairy frozen confection, nothing is missing!

  191. I would have an almond base then have chocolate and yogurt covered GF pretzel chunk with peanut butter and call them GF twixed.

  192. Vanilla base, organic pumpkin, and carob chips. MMMmmmmmm! Let’s call this one, ” Pumkin-Get-It! or Pumpking Carob

  193. Sugar free coconut base with roasted strawberries lime juice and toasted coconut. With swirls of sugar free starberry jam. Strawberry limelicious

  194. Almond milk base + cake batter flavouring + sprinkles + vanilla cake chunks= funfetti cake batter

  195. Vanilla coconut ice cream with roasted almonds sliced bananas and strawberries . With chocolate swirl. I would call it nostalgic banana split !

  196. My daughter is allergic to dairy and nuts. She loves your coconut ice creams. She would absolutely flip over a bubble gum ice cream ~ either coconut or bubble gum flavored ice cream with little bubble gum candy bits. 🙂

  197. PBP – Peanut Butter Pistachio
    Coconut and pistachio nut base with sweet peanut butter flakes!
    “tree-hugger” would be the flavor name, to tie in to the natural flavors and colors!

  198. Blowing Razberries: Soy base, raspberry swirl, dark chocolate chunks, and graham cracker pieces.

  199. Coconut milk as a base, and then add cocoa powder, coconut sugar, vanilla bean, roasted almonds and pecans in coconut oil sprinkled with sea salt. The flavor would be Cocoa-nut. 🙂

  200. Been DYING TO TRY SO DELICIOUS ICE CREAM! I would love the almond milk base preferably butter pecan flavored with toasted pecans and with either brownie pieces, chopped peanut butter cups, or a chocolate fudge swirl would be SUCH A BONUS! I would call this Cocoa Butter Pecan Almond Milk Ice Cream or Butter Pecan Paradise Almond Milk Ice Cream. Gonna hashtag #pintapalooza on all my ice cream pics on Instagram 😀 @pavstastic2111

  201. Vanilla soy base with simmered blueberries and a gluten free oatmeal crumble mix in… Call it sweet summer time so everyone can enjoy the flavor of a New England summer!!

  202. Almond milk base, sweet cream flavor, with chunks of cherries and almond pralines. Call it Nuts about Cherries!

  203. Coconut base (of course!), vegan snickers, vegan peanut butter cups, pretzels, vegan brownie pieces, and chocolate and caramel ribbons. I’d call it “Childhood Dreams.”

  204. Coconut base with dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and banana puree swirl. Call it “Chip, Chip Puree”

  205. “Soothing River” Almond base chai tea flavored ice cream; pieces of green tea flavored mochi: pieces of taro flavored mochi; vanilla bean flecks; chai tea flavored swirl; and vanilla ribbon.

  206. Being lactose intolerant, I rarely find alternatives to yummy ice cream.,,so happy you are creating this priceless treat!

    I would make a delicious treat called “blueberry cream explosion”:

    Mix coconut flavored frozen dessert with plump fresh blueberries and white chocolate chips. Add diced or slivered almonds and shaved coconut. Once mixed and plated, drizzle scoops,with a sweetened blueberry sauce.

  207. Coconut based chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate chunks. Peanut butter chocolate!

  208. Monkey Business- vanilla coconut base with Banana, Honey, Peanut Butter swirls, and chocolate chips!

  209. Soy milk (vanilla) and kale blended base – with cashew and choc chip cookie dough chunks! Call it “kale yea it’s cookie dough” (;

  210. My two favorite flavors are chocolate with mint and chocolate with orange. I would love the almond base the most.

  211. Almond base, vegan sweetener, raspberries, black cherries, blueberries called it sweet berry burst!

  212. I’d love an icream with strawberrycoconut base, strawberry & banana chunks and shredded coconut. Call it “Tropical Dreams”!

  213. My dream pint would probably be Vanilla Bean Mango Tango. Coconut milk based dreamy, Creamy Vanilla Bean ice cream, seductively mingled with ribbons of luscious, perfumey mango sorbet.

  214. Chocolate almond base swirled with crunchy sunflower butter and vegan caramel sauce. We shall call it “sunny side up”

  215. Almond ice cream with raspberries and dark chocolate crunch and pistachio. I call it fairy dreams.

  216. Coffee coconut base with chocolate chips, caramel swirls, and Himalayan pink salt (or sea salt. (All soy free.) Call it Bright Eyed & Sassy.

  217. No Sugar Added coconut milk + LEMON, LEMON, LEMON (+ maybe a little vanilla action?) = basically some kind of coconutty vegan lemon curd. LET’S CALL IT “TUGGING MY TARTSTRINGS.” I am bad at naming things. But good at eating lemony icecream!

  218. Brown Betty – Almond base with Ginger, Apples and Brown Sugar. I’m salivating just thinking about it!

  219. For the base I’d like coconut milk in vanilla bean from the no sugar added line blended with bananas. Here comes the fun part! Add a mix of chopped dates and dark chocolate and top it all off with a swirl of salted caramel. I call it “Fancy Nana Explosion”

  220. Coconut milk base. Vanilla bean flavoured with dark chocolate chunks, toasted coconut, and crunchy bits of salted caramel. I would name it The Sweet Life. 🙂

  221. Cocunut base with coconut flakes, cherries, chocolate, carmel, almond creme, and vanilla bean. The flavors would be layed together in such a way you will think you have gone to the around the universe. I would call it Around the Universe. My second thought would be to recreate the 7-up bar in an almond base. All yummy to me.

  222. Would love a coconut based (vanilla) Mixed with chunks of white chocolate,swirls of dark chocolate and luscious ripe blueberries. Simple and yummy! Blueberry delight

  223. Black cherry with chunks of roasted, salted almonds in a coconut milk base. Chunky cherry love.

  224. The thing I miss most since my daughter and I tested for a number of food sensitivities is peanut butter in my ice cream. Now that we can’t do dairy or peanuts, I would LOVE a pint of Chocolate Cashew Dream — vanilla coconut ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate and swirls of cashew butter. Oh my heart be still! This is my one dream that hasn’t been fulfilled in the world of dietary limitations — free and liberal use of cashew butter where peanuts are no longer allowed. 🙂

  225. “Triple-Berry Fudge Swirl” – no sugar added coconut Vanilla bean with bits of strawberry and blueberry and swirls of raspberry and dark chocolate fudge <3

  226. Base: almond
    Mix ins: key lime juice
    Bits of dairy free key lime cheesecake
    Pieces of graham cracker crust (vegan)
    Callie it: Key lime dream

  227. Coconut milk, chocolate mocha, add pecans, almonds, Caramel & sea salt. YumYum!! This is what I mix up most regularly. Occationally I go to Almaretto Cherry.

  228. Soy Peppermint Choco-latte – pink peppermint soy milk ice cream with peppermint swirl and chocolate chunks. So refreshing for summer!

  229. Coco Cherry Bomb – coconut milk ice cream with chunks of chocolate cherry cordials swirled through it.

  230. Vanilla coconut base, with dried cherries, chocolate chunks, shredded pineapple and hazelnuts! Similar to a spumoni!!

  231. How about coconut base with pineapple, crystalised ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon, lets call it Hawaiian paradise

  232. Almond base with peanut butter/chocolate/ and caramel. I have a milk protein allergy and I need Ice cream for comfort food. It would be So Delicious and you could name it peanut butter choco mel

  233. coconut base, van or chocolate. with Chia seeds, and chocolate fudge swirl!!! Call it “Chia-Nation”

  234. “Heaven”

    Coconut base
    Swirls of ooey gooey caramel and chocolate
    Delicious tiny morsels of melt in your mouth brownies

  235. “Chai Latte”

    Coconut base blended with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger, a dash of black pepper and tiny but orgasmic chocolate shavings.

  236. SDDF Almond Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Woodstock Sea Salt Cashews and SAHALE Pecan Cashew nut crisp

  237. Luxury Trail mix Ice cream – Vanilla Almond Milk, Chocolate chips, cashews, peanuts, raisins, coconut pieces, dried apricot pieces, banana chips.

  238. With Gluten, Dairy and Soy allergies, I would love a coconut vanilla base, loaded with chocolate chunks and Bing cherries.(that I could eat!)

  239. Coconut base. Cherry. With dark chocolate chips .
    Cherry chocolate delight. Could also do with Mango

  240. I would love an almond vanilla base with Lucy’s cinnamon thin cookies with cinnamon, and a little bit of caramel and I would call it Lucy’s”Sin”amon Crunch!!! Sounds soooo Awesome!!!! I love your products indeed So Delicious 😀

  241. I would love to see a combination of my favorite ingredients. I am so sad that I have developed an allergy to dairy. I would start with a vanilla almond base and add chocolate chip cookie dough balls, miniature peanut butter cups, and Macadamia nuts. It could be called Dough Nut Dreams.

  242. Base: almond
    Flavor: Vanilla (or light banana)
    Add in vanilla wafer crumbles and real pieces of banana for a “banana pudding” treat!

  243. Almond based- Gluten free, soy free, dairy free, vegan. Vanilla-hazelnut ice cream, with strawberries. Call it Marley’s Strawberry Dream.
    By Marley Malcolm, 7 years old

  244. Soy vanilla ice cream, Gluten free With peanut butter chunks and choc and caramel, would be sooooo good

  245. I would call it “Taste of Thai” – Coconut base vanilla bean with a jalapeno peanut butter satay swirl with honey roased peanuts, with banana chips and chunks of dried fruit like mango, apricot or papaya

  246. Chocolate covered strawberries ! Almond vanilla base with strawberry chunks and vegan chocolate swirl ( like what you use in the mocha almond fudge flavor) !! Love you guys

  247. Vanilla coconut base with salted caramel and pecans!
    I made a vegan dairy free version on my instagram @cynthiawillbefit !! You guys inspired it

  248. French toast! Vanilla coconut ice cream with bits of cinnamony french toast and maple syrup swirls. Yum!

  249. Soy base with a swirl of strawberry and banana. puree. With chocolate chips sprinkled throughout.
    Called Strawbana chocolate chip delight.

  250. Chocolate Soy Base, add chocolate fudge syrup, cherry pie filling, cherries and brownie chunks…..I call it Chocolate Cherry Obsession.

  251. Mine would have a vanilla coconut base, white chocolate chips with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries and graham cracker crumble. It would be called Vanilla Coco-berry Crunch.

  252. Coconut So Delicious Base – salted Carmel , shredded coconut, peanuts and cocoa nibs-

  253. A coconut milk base with plump blueberries and pie crust, call it blueberry pie, I would die and go to heaven yummm

  254. Coconut milk lemon meringue flavored frozen base with vanilla wafer pieces and walnut pieces!

  255. Pineapple upside down cake- vanilla coconut base with pineapple, maraschino cherry bits, and mini bites of cake mixed in!

  256. Coconut base, shredded coconut mixed in, candied chopped cherries and candied chopped pineapple , chopped pecan and chopped pistachio Called the Texas Grand Sundae

  257. Chocolate Almond base with chocolate flavoring, with chocolate nibs, with walnuts, and some coconut would be great!!!

  258. Coconut base, toasted coconut and toasted almonds with chocolate
    Almond base with chunks of almonds, toasted coconut and chocolate chunks!
    And with both of these chunky peanut butter. Oh my mouth is salivating. MMMM MMMmmm

  259. Almond milk base with cinnamon part of the base, caramel swirl, apple chunks and a crunchy crumb topping like a dutch apple pie. All healthy if that is possible since we love the healthy version of ice cream that you make! Name for it, I’m thinking, “Apple pie perfected!”

  260. Almond joy supreme: almond base, coconut flakes, carob or mini choc chunks, and the supreme part is caramel swirled in.

  261. coconut base with bits of red and green peppermint candies (the good stuff not the stuff that tastes like soap) and then swirl of chocolate would be great for the holiday season…I would call it iced peppermint swirl….

  262. Pumpkin almond ice cream with vegan marshmallow swirl and with non diary whole wheat piecrust pieces.

  263. Almond base, white chocolate, raspberry sauce, caramel, cheesecake chunks,cashews. Raspberry Sin.

  264. Coffee ice cream with chocolate chips, which would make Coffee Mocha. Since all the syrups they add to coffee for extra flavor, it would work well with a good porition of existing flavors.

  265. Coconut base that has a coconut flavor with banana, blueberry, and walnut add ins. and name it BB nut muffins.

  266. Brownie Rocks
    Vanilla soy milk base mixed with chocolate brownie pieces, marshmallows pieces, and almond slivers with a chocolate swirl.

  267. Almond base with coconut
    pieces, pineapple pieces, raspberry pieces, chocolate covered banana’s pieces “like the size of chocolate raisins shape” (no chunks) so every bite you will have a little of everything! Tropical Delight =)

  268. Almond based pistachio flavoured ice cream with lots of chopped pistachios inside. I would call it, “Oh, how I’ve missed you!” LOL

  269. Coconut base with coconut shavings, dark chocolate chunks, and sweet toasted almonds. Paradise Pint!

  270. Almond base, with natural vanilla, vegan chocolate covered waffle cone pieces, with a caramel swirl and pecans. Name – “Allmin’d”

  271. I’d start with a coconut base, add banana and pineapple with a light dark chocolate swirl, and call it Tropical Paradise.

  272. Bailey’s flavored coconut cream base loaded with dark chocolate chips, sweet cherries and gluten free puff pastry pieces mixed in. This would be an inside out cream puff with Bailey’s flavored ice cream and topped with cherries. The famous foods of my ancestors (cream puffs – French; custard – English; Bailey’s – Irish; Cherries for my Michigan roots).

  273. Raw pecans, raw sun flower seeds, figs and raw coconut flakes. Mixed into In your coconut ice cream. Also like ….

    Late at night I like to grab unsweetened berries , ground flax seeds and mix it into your coconut ice cream

  274. Coconut milk base half pinacolada flavor half strawberry flavor pineapple coconut banana and strawberry chunks called ‘the miami vice “

  275. Almond base with moccha flavor, chocolate chips, malt balls, and walnuts. Name: Nutty Café Cocoa Plus #pintapalooza

  276. TRULY UNRULY TUTTIE-FRUITIE: Coconut or almond milk base with.medium dice jalapeño pieces, med. dice pineapple mango and papaya pieces.

  277. TOUR OF DUTY: almond milk base w/blueberries and strawberry (with it’s “sauce) swirled throughout and add little vegan cheese cake stars.

  278. I would like a combination almond milk-coconut milk base with ginger, vanilla and almond slivers. Call it Blondie.

  279. 1. Coconut base
    2. Vanilla flavored coconut base. Add crushed pineapple and toasted coconut.
    3. Call it, “Island Paradise”.

    1. Forgot to put the name of my entry. Coconut milk, white chocolate chip, black raspberry swirl. “You make me dizzy”

  280. Hi I’m Vivian Overbey, mother of 4. Grandmother of 6 grandSONS. I’m
    known as Mammy. I will be 64 on Monday August 4,2014. First time ever to be on a hypoallergenic diet!! NO Birthday cake or ice cream as I’ve known such in the past!
    I would love to serve my “Happy Birthday Special”. Its made of Coconut base frozen dessert, toasted almond pieces(roughly chopped), Enjoy life chocolate chip cookies(roughly chopped). with a cherry on top! Yep that will have to do for a packaged treat for any aged person for a HAPPY,HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! TREAT (You can use gluten free graham crackers/ENJOY LIFE semi-sweet chocolate, dairy, nut & soy free mini chips in place of packaged cookies)

  281. Hi I’m Vivian Overbey, mother of 4. Grandmother of 6 grandSONS. I’m
    known as Mammy. I will be 64 on Monday August 4,2014. First time ever to be on a hypoallergenic diet!! NO Birthday cake or ice cream as I’ve known such in the past!
    I would love to serve my “Happy Birthday Special”. Its made of Coconut base frozen dessert, toasted almond pieces(roughly chopped), Enjoy life chocolate chip cookies(roughly chopped). with a cherry on top! Yep that will have to do for a packaged treat for any aged person for a HAPPY,HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! TREAT (You can use gluten free graham crackers/ENJOY LIFE semi-sweet chocolate, dairy, nut & soy free mini chips in place of packaged cookies)

  282. Chocolate Almond Ice cream with swirls of melted chocolate, chunks of creamy peanut butter, chocolate chips, and hints of marshmellow fluff. All Gluten, Casein, and Soy Free of course. And named Chocolate Swirls of Starry Skye in honor of my 18 month old kiddo who would inhale this along with Mommy! 🙂 oh yummy! Sooooo Delicious is right 😉

  283. My favorite flavor base would be Coconut Mint Chip with add-ons of dark chocolate chunks, Fair Trade organic chocolate-covered coffee beans, and dark sweet cherries. I would call it Derby City Mega Chocolate Mocha Bomb.

  284. Chocolate ćoconut base, with dark chocolate chips, toasted coconut, and macadamia nuts. Call it choco-tropical.

  285. Coconut ice cream base with pumpkin, caramel, and gram cracker crust chunks would be SO DELICIOUS 😉 “Pumpkin Pie”

  286. Coconut base, white chocolate, peppermint and organic candy cane crushed pieces. All the dairy ice creams have holiday flavors it’s time non-dairy had holiday flavors too. I’d call it Winter White Peppermint Delight 🙂

  287. I would love a cannoli inspired ice cream. Soy ricotta flavor with the add ins such as chocolate chips, sugar cone pieces . I also love mexican chocolate (abuelita) with cinnamon with an almond base

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