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Our Newest Coconut Supplier

Introducing Our Newest Organic Coconut Supplier:

By Hansel New, Sustainability Manager at So Delicious Dairy Free

We get excited when a new supplier joins the SDDF family, so we were overjoyed when we recently had the opportunity to sit down with our newest organic coconut supplier amid the dense tropics and fertile countryside of rural Sri Lanka. We traveled from the capital city of Colombo for several hours into what’s known as the Coconut Triangle – the primary coconut growing region of this island nation – to visit with the farmers who grow the delicious organic coconuts that go into so many of our products.

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Our supplier helped organize the farmers into integrated producer societies that are designed to uplift and empower all its members. Today, these groups are caring for the wellbeing of thousands of individual family farms and their social and societal impact is beginning to be recognized internationally. For example, the group we visited recently won an award for Best Small Producer Association from Fairtrade International for their work on improving productivity, product quality, and sustainable production methods.

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These farms are not huge mono-crop plantations but are instead very diverse in plant life and variety of crops. The practice of intercropping, which involves growing multiple crops on the same land, is a common organic farming practice that both brings in additional income for the farmer and optimizes the soil’s nutrient balance. Black peppercorn vines, banana trees, spiky pineapple plants, and lush green cover crops all have a place under the tall canopy of swaying coconut palms on these organic farms.

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Farmers are thoroughly trained in organic farming practices and have a genuine respect for the soil and local ecology. Grazing bovines provide manure to the soil – a valuable source of nitrogen and compost starter. Biodiversity is valued and the biodynamic and sustainable farming methods used on the land help increase the crop yield per acre. The people and land behind our products is an ongoing focus we’re passionate about sharing. Stay tuned for more faces and scenes from this amazing part of the world with our soon coming Know Your Farmer series.

coconut farmer so delicious dairy free

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