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More than a Snack – Cooking with Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative

We could always rely on good ‘ol yogurt alternative as a breakfast staple, a naturally sweet snack and just a handy cup o’ creamy goodness. But having created a lot of dairy-free recipes over the years, our team has learned to appreciate Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative as much more than a tasty way to get probiotics on the go. Especially when it comes to vegan cooking and baking!

As it turns out, Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative has been the special sauce in a lot of our special sauces. And soups. And dressings. And spreads. And so on! We’ve used it to add flavor and creaminess to both sweet and savory dishes, as well as a binder in our baked goods. We’ve listed 6 delicious ideas to incorporate this amazing kitchen companion below.

1) All About That Tang

Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative has a light tang that lends itself perfectly to cream cheese-like situations. Plain yogurt alternative is definitely the smooth operator in our Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting. Once we made the discovery, we couldn’t wait to try it with this summery Raspberry Lemon Cake.

For a straightforward, flavored spread that’s perfect for bagels and more, go bold with our vegan version of Blueberry Cream Cheese.


2) Create Depth and Complexity of Flavor

To bring delicious body to soups and sauces, add a dollop of Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative. Just be sure to temper it a bit for hot recipes so that it keeps a smooth, creamy consistency as it incorporates. This addition works particularly well to add more complexity to our comforting Indian soup recipe: Creamy Vegan Yogurt Soup with Garam Masala

Creamy Vegan Yogurt Soup_blog

3) Balance Spicy Dishes with Cool, Creamy Sauces

The creamy acidity of Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative is the great equalizer in a spicy dish. We combined it with harissa (a North African red chile paste found on the international aisle in your grocery store, or in Middle Eastern markets) to create an exotic and creamy sauce for our Vegan Tagine.


4) Replace Eggs and Use as a Binder in Baked Goods

Baking without eggs is easier and yummier than you might think! Where eggs are used to add moisture and binding to cookies, cakes and muffins, Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative can be substituted with fluffy, great tasting results. Since Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative doesn’t have the same leavening ability as eggs, the trick to substituting eggs fully is combining an extra teaspoon of baking powder with the yogurt alternative before adding to the wet ingredients. Try it out with our recipe for Vegan and Gluten-free Blueberry Muffins.


5) Replace Sour Cream in Dips and Dressings

Add a creamy zip to chips, dips and salads by substituting Coconutmilk yogurt alternative in recipes like ranch, tsatziki, green goddess and spicy dressings like our Creamy Cilantro with lime (try our crunchy, cool Taco Salad, below). You can get as creative as you like, starting with a creamy base dressing of Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative, oil and vinegar and adding herbs, citrus, spices and seasonings to taste.


6) Move in on the Mayo

Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative can replace the texture of mayo nicely, and a 50/50 mix can really lighten the recipe and cut the fat. We made this work to our advantage in a vegan version of the famous Waldorf Salad.

Waldorf Salad_blog

No matter the recipe, Coconutmilk yogurt alternatives are an amazing agent to achieve lightness, creaminess and awesome flavor. We hope you’ll share more ideas for using them in your favorite recipes!

♥ The So Delicious Dairy Free Team

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