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Make Homemade Vegan Bath and Body Products, Naturally!

April 7, 2016
By: So Delicious

Besides the fun involved, using wholesome ingredients to make homemade vegan body products is a great way to discover the true beauty of naturally clean skin and hair. Not to mention the money you’ll save! Here, we’ve gathered a few tried and true concoctions that each begin with our rich, creamy Culinary Coconutmilk.


Coconutmilk Face and Body Wash

Need to wash and go? This clean rinsing wash works great with 3 easy-to-pronounce ingredients. Just whisk together our Culinary Coconutmilk with liquid castile soap and funnel into a jar with a screw top or a pastic squeeze bottle. Simple as that! Dr. Bronner’s comes in multiple scents, or you can begin with an unscented soap and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or a combination. This super simple mixture can be used on your face and hair as well. For shiny locks, rinse with a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

• ¼ C. So Delicious Dairy Free Culinary Coconutmilk
• 1/3 C. liquid castile soap (We used Dr. Bronner’s)
• 3-5 drops of essential oil for fragrance (if desired)


Oatmeal & Coconutmilk Bath Soak

A “milk” bath may sound like indulgence to those who make a habit of showering to go in the morning. But tried once, this soothing soak could become a nightly routine. This mixture is simple to make with what you have on hand and it relieves physical and environmental stress. Oatmeal has a natural soothing effect on irritated skin and Coconutmilk is a pure and nurturing moisturizer. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil and dissolve the whole mixture (and your stress) in warm, silky water.

• 1/2 C. Old fashioned oatmeal, ground
• 1-2 C. So Delicious Dairy Free Culinary Coconutmilk
• 1 Tbsp. of honey (optional)
• 3 drops of essential oil for fragrance (optional)


Coconutmilk Sugar Scrub

A good natural scrub can make you feel like a brand new baby! Well, in your skin, anyway. The turbinado sugar in this mixture will whisk away roughness as the Coconutmilk softens. To make it, combine our Culinary Coconutmilk with turbinado sugar. Spoon in warmed coconut oil and leave your smartphone in the other room. You’ll be busy treating yourself to a new birthday suit!

• 1/2 C. So Delicious Dairy Free Culinary Coconutmilk
• 1/2 C. turbinado sugar.
• 1 heaping Tbsp of coconut oil (we used Nutiva)


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