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Keep Warm Tonight – Vegan Tagine with Winter Vegetables and Creamy Harissa Sauce

This recipe evokes a feeling of comfort, thanks to a warm blend of ginger, cinnamon, red pepper and thyme. Named after the ceramic vessel in which it has traditionally been cooked and served, a tagine can provide complex flavor with a very simple list of ingredients. It’s easy to impress with this hearty dinner of slow cooked winter vegetables served over your favorite grains.

Recipe here: Vegan Tagine with Winter Vegetables and Creamy Harissa Sauce


While any combination of root vegetables will do nicely, we chose butternut squash and nutty, satisfying chickpeas. Using a traditional tagine vessel or a sturdy stockpot, cooking starts with a simple sauté of onion and garlic. All of those spices opening up over heat with dried apricots and chopped almonds – you’ll swear you’ve traveled to the heart of Marrakesh!


Just a little bit of caramelizing under the vegetables will let you know it’s time to stir. After a few minutes, just add a bit of water and bring the fragrant mixture to a boil.Once the vegetables are tender, season the mixture to taste and gently fold in the vibrant green parsley. Gorgeous!


To top this masterpiece, we created a creamy, vegan sauce with our Plain, Greek Style Cultured Coconut Milk and spicy harissa, a North African red chile paste. You can find this exotic ingredient in a jar or a tube at specialty foods stores and Middle Eastern markets.


Traditionally, a tagine is served with couscous, but we happen to love the buttery goodness of brown basmati rice and had some on hand. Nestled together in a shallow bowl, it’s pretty enough to eat!


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