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Introducing NEW Almond Milk Creamer!

July 25, 2014
By: So Delicious

This Summer, we’re Going Nuts!


Last week, So Delicious Dairy Free announced a new cultured almond milk creamy cup, a delicious and healthy snack for the whole family.  Today we are proud to announce our Almond Milk Creamer, available in original and French vanilla flavors.

Coffee lovers will love the natural nutty flavor of these sweet almond milk creamers.  As always, our new products are certified non-GMO, vegan and tested for allergens under the strictest criteria in the industry.  These creamers free of dairy, soy, gluten, and oil free.

Due to a large consumer response, all of our new products will not contain carrageenan, including the new almond yogurt and almond milk creamers.

Don’t put creamer in your coffee? Here are some other ideas:

  1. Use it to replace heavy cream and some of the sugar in dessert recipes.
  2. Use almond milk creamer as a way to sweeten up a green smoothie.
  3. Float a bit on top of a dairy-free White Russian cocktail.
  4. Pour it into afternoon tea or other hot beverages.
  5. Make your own Italian soda with a homemade syrup and club soda and a drizzle of almond milk creamer on top.
  6. Pour a couple of tablespoons into your tomato sauce to neutralize the acid in the tomatoes.
  7. Add a little almond milk creamer to sweeten your oatmeal in the morning.
  8. What are some creative ways you like to use our creamers or other So Delicious Dairy Free products? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. Hi Michelle! It is currently making its way through our distribution channels. Be sure to check in with your favorite store to see if it is on the shelf already!

  1. This is fantastic news!!!! I will have to look for this in my grocery store. I REALLY hope they carry it! It is so difficult to find dairy-free products that actually taste good, for us lactose intolerant people. More choices = more happy people!

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