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The Importance of Knowing Your Farmer

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Farmers have an important job—an essential one. Without farmers, how would we get our food? Granted, some of us are fortunate enough to have the space in our backyard to grow crops that could sustain our families for the year (we love backyard and office farming, by the way). Most of us, though, don’t have the space. And even if we did, we would be limited to a very small selection of crops. Food diversity is made possible because of our famers. It’s easy to forget that the food we put in our mouth has a source– a story. We forget that there’s a person on the other end of every delicious fruit, nut, seed and vegetable that we enjoy. Who is that person? What’s their life like? Are they using farming practices that will ensure future soil fertility? Do they have kids? Are they making a fair wage? We wanted to know more.

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So, we packed our bags and headed to SE Asia to visit our farmers who grow a crop near and dear to our hearts: The Coconut.  It is important to So Delicious Dairy Free to source coconuts fairly and ethically.  We went to visit farms to see how we’re doing.

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This wasn’t our first time visiting farmers. Over the last three years, So Delicious Dairy Free has been visiting farms in places such as Brazil, Sri Lanka, and India to learn about the farming practices used to grow and nourish the ingredients that we purchase. What made this particular trip unique was we went with an additional intention: to bring the story home.  We came back with hours of video footage and hundreds of pictures.  Now we are sorting through these images to bring the story to you, our fans.  Because we know you care about your brands sourcing responsibly.

We are excited to announce a new project that will tell the story about the ones on the other end of our food—our farmers.

Coming Soon: Know Your Farmer: A Video Series by So Delicious Dairy Free

KNOW YOUR FARMER series so delicious dairy free

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  1. I love your products. They really are delicious. I use yogurt, fruit and crumbled granola bar for dessert. Thank you coconut farmers.

  2. I have read some articles recently and became very concerned when I saw that the coconuts used in your products come from Sri Lanka and India. This is something that is very important to me and I just had to ask. Are monkeys used to pick the coconuts from the trees?

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