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Oregon GMO Labeling Likely to Make the Ballot

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Congratulations, Oregon! Our home state is showing leadership in consumer rights by getting enough signatures to put a GMO labeling initiative on the ballot this November.  So Delicious Dairy Free strongly supports GMO labeling regulations because we believe that consumers have a right to know what is in their food.

In only six short weeks, the grassroots movement known as Oregon Right to Know gathered over 155 thousand signatures.  The group turned in their petition a day ahead of the July 3rd deadline.  The minimum number of signatures needed was 87,213.  The campaign far exceeded the minimum, so it is widely expected the initiative will be up for a vote state wide this fall.

A gathering of GMO labeling supporters stood outside of the capital building in Salem, Oregon this week to oversee the submission of signatures.  Supporters say that the success of the petition was due to the dedication of the volunteers.  The plan is to keep a huge field effort in order to convince voters to say yes this fall.

Similar laws have made the ballot and failed in Washington and California in the last several years.  In both states, the lobby against GMO labeling spent millions of dollars on ads encouraging voters to say no.

We believe you have a right to know.  The Oregon Right to Know website has a list of frequently asked questions about this issue and explanations as to why GMO labeling is a positive step toward more transparency in our food system.  Giving consumers as much information as possible is why all of our products have been certified by the Non-GMO project.

To promote and support this movement, So Delicious Dairy Free is partnering with other GMO-free companies to give away free product to one winner every week this summer.  Watch for our Facebook post on Thursdays and comment for your chance to win!

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