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10 Ways to Get Involved with Your Food

This summer, So Delicious Dairy Free is supporting the Right to Know campaign in Oregon and Colorado.  We believe consumers should be able to know if the food they eat contains genetically modified ingredients.  For our “get involved” week during Save Summer,

Our food system is currently under many challenges, and So Delicious Dairy Free wants to help be part of the solution.  In addition to our support of GMO labeling, our company also has an employee garden, and we report on our carbon emissions every year.  Here are some other things you can do to restore the balance in our food system. Get involved with food!

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  1. Grow a garden.  Fresh food in your back yard doesn’t get any more local.  Growing your own food can help you feel more connected, increase your sunshine intake, and keep you healthy.
  2. Teach kids to cook.  Getting kids in the kitchen will get them more excited about eating healthy food.
  3. Shop at farmer’s markets.  Support local farmers who work hard to bring you fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables.
  4. Buy organic foods whenever possible.  We offer over 90 products that are made with organic ingredients.
  5. Learn about GMO labeling on Oregon’s Right to Know website.  It is important to get the facts and be educated on food issues.
  6. Join a CSA.  Let the farmer’s market come to you.  Buy weekly food boxes from a local farm.
  7. Volunteer or donate to your local food bank
  8. Lobby to improve your local school food programs.  Evaluate and suggest improvements for school lunches.  Maybe they need a new salad bar, a school garden, or just more healthy choices for kids.
  9. Can the summer harvest.  Canning fresh food now will help you avoid less healthy options in the winter.
  10. Eat clean.  Start a Tuesday tradition of going without any artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors and preservatives.

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  1. We grow some of are veggies. I’ve also get my kids involved in cooking. My oldest daughter has done cooking camps for the last 4 years and she is 12. We find its important to spend family time.

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