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Get Friends and Family in the Kitchen

vegan cauliflower pizza

How to Get Everyone in the Kitchen:

We don’t believe in to many cooks in the kitchen.  Food brings people together, and our final challenge this week, we want to challenge your family and friends to get in the kitchen with you.

It’s friends and family challenge week.  We want you to celebrate time together this fall. Slow down, turn off the TV and spend some time together.  For dinner tonight, find ways to include the whole group in on the meal.  Create different dishes, set the table and make beverages so that your meal is memorable.

Things your kids can do:

  1. Mash potatoes
  2. Mix the salad ingredients, including dressing
  3. Snap beans or peas, shuck corn, or other veggie prep
  4. Chop, under supervision
  5. Knead dough
  6. Top a pizza
  7. Set the table

Things your significant other can do:

  1. Chop veggies
  2. Season veggies
  3. Boil pasta
  4. Peel potatoes
  5. Bake cookies (wishful thinking?)
  6. Wash the dishes (right?)

Things your friends can do:

  1. Bring a side dish
  2. Pour the wine
  3. Mix cocktails
  4. Watch the stove while you clean up

What other things can you delegate in the kitchen? Do you enjoy big group meals? We want to see how you get all the cooks in the kitchen and get cooking!  Finish up this family challenge week with a dairy-free feast of celebration.

Show us your family and friends meal cooked as a group on social media for a chance to win some great So Delicious Dairy Free products!

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