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Our team recently asked the local chef at Falling Sky Brewery to help us celebrate the harvest season.  We wanted a day where we can appreciate a farm to table meal together that represents our brand. Falling Sky Brewery is an artisan brewery that also utilizes ingredients from Oregon’s bounty in their cuisine.  The Delicatessen location features Mediterranean influences as well as classic New York deli style menu items.

so delicious dairy free farm to table


so delicious dairy free farm to table lunch

About twenty of us gathered for a plant strong meal that reminded all of us to think about where our food comes from, and to celebrate a sense of community and consciousness in all we do.  The first course featured a smokey baba ganoush (roasted eggplant spread) and hummus, with toasted naan chips.  It was served with a spicy red sauce.

so delicious dairy free farm lunch spinach salad

The second course was a vibrant platter of fresh local spinach, summer  strawberries preserved in balsamic vinegar, and cured lemon with a vinaigrette.  The spinach had a light texture and mild taste.  The strawberries were sweet and tart.  There were homemade rye bread croutons served on the side for those avoiding gluten.

so delicious dairy free chef brandon farm to table

Chef Brandon from Falling Sky came to visit us several times to present the food and discuss the menu.  We love local chefs that take pride in their work, the same way we do at So Delicious Dairy Free.  We was very knowledgeable of where his ingredients came from.  He was excited by the challenge of providing a dairy-free, meat-free lunch for a large group, and was happy to have the chance to show us his skills with preparing food.

harvest polenta with smoked mushroom ragu

The main course was a ragout that included smoked portobello mushrooms, zucchini, onions and tomato.  It was served over polenta and garnished with fresh basil.

so delicious dairy free cookies farm to table

The sweet treat at the end included peanut butter and ginger spice cookies, which were soft, moist and chewy.  There were also grilled apples and pears seasoned with a touch of cinnamon.

so delicious dairy free falling sky brewery

Of course, we couldn’t leave without sampling some of the wide variety of craft brews Falling Sky has to offer.  The talk of the table was their Belgian style sour, which was delicious to some, and a little too adventurous for others.  Overall it was a great day to celebrate the great work our team has accomplished this year, and to get in touch with out local community. A big thank you to Falling Sky Brewing for creating this wonderful farm to table experience!

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