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Featured Animal Charity: Farm Sanctuary

Our Philosophy: So Passionate. So Pure. So Kind. So Delicious.

At So Delicious Dairy Free, our guiding mission is is to bring joy to dairy-free lives. Our philosophy of doing business is based on our firm commitment to treating everyone and everything—animals, the environment, each other, our partners, and our community—with unwavering respect.

This month, we’re celebrating our commitment to animal rights and welfare through our “Say Yes To What You Love: Furry Friends” photo contest. We’re asking fans like you to share your pet photos and stories for a chance to win a donation to the animal charity of your choice and a fun gift pack for you! Learn more here:

We’re also using this as an opportunity to donate to and share the stories of a few of our favorite animal charities. This week, we’re highlighting Farm Sanctuary, a wonderful organization that we’ve had a long-lasting relationship with. Thanks to Farm Sanctuary for providing the information below!

Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary’s mission is to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promote compassionate vegan living.


Rescue: Farm Sanctuary operates three physical Sanctuaries (two in California and one in Central NY) where we care for over 1,100 animal residents. Our residents become ambassadors for their species and allow us to tell their stories as a way to educate the public about food production. We never know when we will receive a rescue call, but we are always prepared thanks to our generous donors who make our work possible. This year we rescued over 1,600 farm animals in need. Farm Sanctuary works to help place animals in living adoptive homes and with other sanctuaries, this year we have placed 1,200.

Just a few of the rescues of 2013:

Ted and Leo: Starving Calves Rescued from Small Dairy

Ari: Calf Born at Auction, Now Safe

Patrick and Delilah: Crippled Goats Begin to Heal

Education: Farm Sanctuary’s aim is always to meet people where they are in their journey to more compassionate living. We provide information and educational tools for people through our videos, website, and special events such as our What Did You Do Campaign and Adopt A Turkey Project.

Advocacy: We also work to improve the lives of animals on factory farms right now by working on legislative measures. This year Farm Sanctuary helped to combat all 11 of the ag-gag laws introduced, helped to defend the ban on foi gras in California, and petitioned against the slaughter of downed animals. We will continue our momentum in 2014.


Visitors: This year Farm Sanctuary welcomed thousands of visitors to our Sanctuaries to meet our animal residents and learn more about compassionate living.

In 2013 Farm Sanctuary had over 6,000 visitors to our New York Sanctuary (including special events and tours)! Thousands of those visitors were able to enjoy coconut based ice cream treats from So Delicious. This is the third year we’ve given out So Delicious products and the response continues to be overwhelmingly positive!

At our other Sanctuary events such as the Hoe Down and Celebration For the Turkeys, attendees were able to enjoy other dairy free alternatives such as So Delicious creamers, allowing them to enjoy the perfect cup of cruelty free coffee or tea while visiting our residents and listening to inspiring speakers.

Your support: The support we receive from companies like So Delicious helps us to continue our lifesaving work while giving us the opportunity to show people how easy and delicious cruelty-free living can be! Farm Sanctuary’s membership is always growing and we know our members enjoying supporting companies who help us continue our work, so thank you! Click here to learn more about memberships and donations


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