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Family and Friends Challenge Day Two: Games!

October 7, 2014
By: So Delicious

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This week is Family and Friends Challenge Week.  Each day of the week has a theme, and you have 24 hours to complete the challenge.  The theme for Tuesday, October 7th, is Game Night.  Evenings can be consumed with our favorite TV shows and sports nights, but we want to see families and friends playing games together.

Play games as a family or with your friends and enter your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the tag #familychallenge for a chance to win great prizes.  Here are our ten favorite family game nights for inspiration:

  1. Do-it-Yourself Apples to Apples. A card game made for comparisons, Apples to Apples is a great family game.  You can make your own set to encourage family creativity as well as keep the game fresh.  You just need two sets of index cards in two different colors.  One color will contain a sentence or a prompt, and the other color contains a subject.  For example card A can say: “In the fall, I like to drink ________” and card B can read “Dairy-free Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk”
  2. Epic dominos toppling. Create two teams to build a dominos set up to knock down.  See if you both can knock down all the dominos with one flick.
  3. Teams or individuals take turns drawing a picture while the players try to guess the phrase the drawer is thinking of.
  4. Board game roulette. Each person picks a board game, arranges them in a circle, and then a spinner is used to pick which game to play.
  5. Twister! We love games that get you moving, and Twister is the classic game that when bring families closer together (literally).
  6. Iron Chef Night. While not widely considered a game, a friendly food competition is a great way to get kids more involved in the kitchen.  One team picks a secret ingredient for the other, and both teams get creative, both with the dishes and the shared kitchen! Tastiest plate wins the title, but everyone wins for tasting.
  7. Progressive Rummy. Dozens of variations on Rummy can keep the game going for hours.  Different rounds produces a score for anyone with cards left, and the winner gets the least amount of points.
  8. Improv Night. Improvisation games in the style of the show “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” is a great way to get kids and adults alike to break out of their shell.  An easy improve game is Questions, where two members speak to each other only by asking questions.  No repeats allowed. It’s harder than you think!
  9. Jigsaw puzzles. Large puzzles can turn into focus and problem solving. Create a picture from hundreds of tiny pieces! This amusement is great for everyone to play and everyone wins!
  10. Trivia Night. Write your own or purchase some classic trivia games to get down on the knowledge

Is our challenge accepted? Show us your family game night on social and tag it #familychallenge for a chance to win awesome prizes!

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