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#DairyFree4Good for Farm Sanctuary!


For the third year of the 21 Day Dairy Free Challenge, we wanted to do something special. We wanted to show that going dairy free not only tastes good and makes many people feel good, it’s also a lifestyle choice that allows you to do good!  That’s why we’re so excited to announce the #DairyFree4Good Instagram Donation Program benefitting Farm Sanctuary!

How It Works
During the 21 Day Dairy Free Challenge, which runs from January 21 – Feb. 10, 2016, we’ll donate $1.00 to Farm Sanctuary for the first 10,000 photos of dairy-free meals or snacks uploaded to Instagram with #DairyFree4Good!

You can upload up to 3 photos per day, so your dairy-free noshing could add up to a $63 donation by the end of three weeks! Official terms and conditions here: #DairyFree4Good Donation Program!


About Farm Sanctuary
Farm Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates, and provides lifelong care to animals who have been saved from factory farms, stockyards, and slaughterhouses. They operate three shelters – one in New York, one in Northern California, and one in Southern California – where they provide clean barns, nourishing food, and plenty of green pastures for their hundreds of animals.

In 2015, Farm Sanctuary cared for 971 animals. They rescued 309 animals and placed 125 in loving homes from their shelters, and placed 350 more in loving homes through their Farm Animal Adoption Network program. They also hosted 11,000 individuals at their sanctuaries where they work to educate the public about the practices of factory farming and how they can make a difference for animals.

This year, Farm Sanctuary is celebrating their 30th anniversary of rescue, education, and advocacy for farm animals! They have exciting new plans to help even more animals, including a new humane education program for school-age children. They are launching a fourth sanctuary in New Jersey and will be announcing plans for major renovations to their flagship sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY.


How can photos of my dairy-free meals help?

We know $1 might not seem like much. That’s why we asked our friends at Farm Sanctuary to tell us how much good your photos can do over the course of 3 weeks!

$25 could provide annual vaccines for one of their rescued cattle to stay healthy and enjoy his or her life at Farm Sanctuary.

$50 could provide one month of clean, cozy bedding for two of Farm Sanctuary’s goat residents.

$100 could help us feed one of Farm Sanctuary’s rescued pigs for three months.

Feeling inspired? Start uploading those #DairyFree4Good photos to Instagram today!

Want to do more? Make a donation to Farm Sanctuary to support all of their rescue, education, and advocacy work! Or find other ways to get involved here.


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