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Stress Free and Dairy Free Thanksgiving Menu

November 20, 2015
By: So Delicious

Holidays can be a very stressful time of year. But there’s no need to fret if you’re pressed for time this Thanksgiving, because you can still host a balanced and delicious dairy free feast on short notice. We’ve constructed a five course vegan menu centered around a creamy veggie pot-pie that’s quick to whip up, and is sure to please all palates. We’ve kept prep time in mind and even have options for a crock pot soup course, and a no-bake pie for dessert.

Appetizer: As your guests start to trickle in, try serving this herbed nut spread with your favorite bread or cracker to help keep everyone content.


Soup: How about a hearty, savory soup that’s vegan and gluten free, not to mention chock-full of flavor! Best part is this Tuscan White Bean And Kale Soup recipe is an easy one for either your crock-pot or stove-top.


Salad: Try this bright, dairy-free avocado ranch dressing on your favorite green or garden salad.


The Main Course: Topped with vegan puff pastry, this charming Vegan Pot Pie combines hearty vegetables and a warm and comforting cream sauce made with our cashew milk beverage


Side dish: Who needs stuffing when you can make this Coconut Gnocchi with Creamed Kale in less time?


Still hungry: If you’ve got hungry ones, you might want to try serving one of these 6 side dishes as well.

Dessert: It’s the classic Thanksgiving dilemma: which pie do you make? While there are solid arguments for
either Pumpkin, Pecan or Apple, we prefer not to argue. This recipe is for 6 muffin-tin sized pies making it both easy and adorable to make all three.


Dessert: Or for something even quicker, try this no bake frozen dessert pie with your favorite store bought crust and our dairy free desserts.


No matter what you make this Thanksgiving, try not to let the prep work stress you out.
We hope you and your family have a wonderful day!



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