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Dairy-Free Treats – 7 Valentine’s Day Recipes to Fall In Love With

February 10, 2016
By: So Delicious

This Valentine’s Day, we hope you’ll fall in love with one or more of these amazing treats dreamed up by our twitterpated blogger friends. We’ll walk you down the path to romance and help you discover the decadent confection that will make your heart sing.

1) Chocolate Cherry Nut Clusters – Running On Veggies

When it comes to chocolate, we’re easily smitten. But sometimes, you just need a really good crunch, you know? This dreamy combination of chocolate, dried fruit, nuts and puffed cereal is so satisfying. The super creamy and ganache-like chocolate is made with our Unsweetened Cashewmilk beverage.


2) Pink Crepes – Wild Plate

It’s fresh beet juice that gives this decadent fuschia dessert it’s rich, natural color. Gently folded in each tender crepe is our creamy, Coconutmilk yogurt alternative, CocoWhip-ed with fresh, tart berries. As if that weren’t enough to stop your heart, this sweet treat is honest and true with no refined sugars or oils. Flutter-flutter…sigh.


3) Tartufo For Two – A Whisk and Two Wands

Tartufo is an Italian ice cream dessert made of two or more flavors of ice cream with something magical in the center and it’s all covered in a chocolate shell. Interested? There’s more. One of three vegan and gluten-free versions is made with our Cashewmilk frozen desserts. We could even stop there and you’d probably start to fall, but why not say a little more? In the center is a tender marshmallow coated in vegan, salted caramel. Hush, you say. But here’s the thing – the whole delicious mound of vegan heaven is coated in rich, luscious chocolate. See you at the wedding.


4) Vegan Red Velvet Cake with Coconut Cream Frosting – Hartmann Health

Admittedly, we were sold on this one by looks alone. What a stunner! But this cake really has the goods. It’s so full of decadence. Plus, it’s raw, vegan and gluten free. More than just pretty, this cake is a brick house.


5) Gluten Free Vegan No-Bake Raspberry Cheesecakes – Sarah Bakes Gluten Free

So you like to keep things sweet and simple – light and fruity in the love department. Meet your new special friend. These no-nonsense, no-bake raspberry cheesecakes starts out with dairy-free cream cheese, creamed together with cane sugar and lemon zest. A bowl of whipped fluff made with our Culinary Coconumilk is sweetly tucked in, along with a handful of fresh, smashed raspberries. All piled high onto a gluten free graham cracker crust. Who said love doesn’t come easy?


6) Raspberry Dusted Chocolate Fudge Brownie Truffles – Spabettie

These rich and chewy chocolate brownie filled truffles are so good. The filling is divine – chocolaty rich, like a chewy brownie. Dipped into melty chocolate and sprinkled with a vibrant, tart raspberry dust, this recipe is tempting enough to run away with.


7) Vegan Brownies with Chocolate Almond Frosting – The Frosted Vegan

You could always go traditional. Texas Sheet Cake inspires this recipe, topped with a perfect chocolate and almond frosting. It’s nice and sweet, with a little crunch. Sprinkled with almonds and sliced into thick, fudgy squares, a love like this will never let you down.



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