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Dairy-Free Food Pairings -Create Cool Cocktails and Desserts

Summer is bounty season in Oregon and a wonderful time to create new flavor pairings. In our hometown of Eugene, we didn’t have to look far to find fresh ingredients to work with. For that matter, it wasn’t a stretch to find passionate foodies with expert advice, either.

Bartender, Melanie Mikell and Pastry Chef, Shane Tracey are each known for creating seasonally and conceptually fresh flavors at some of Eugene’s best restaurants. We asked them to create a few simple summer cocktail and dessert pairings using our Cashew Milk Beverage and frozen pints. The results were beyond incredible and most importantly, not fussy.  You can easily re-create these dairy-free hits at home.

Shane brings boldness to his chocolate cake with the inclusion of beets and adds a quenelle of our Cashew Milk Frozen Dessert in Cappuccino. “The cake is so moist and rich and fruity and the recipe uses a dark cocoa powder, which really pairs well with the Cappuccino,” says Shane.

Recipe here: Vegan Chocolate Beet Cake With Cappuccino Frozen Dessert


Tip: As you plate the cake, create a gorgeous plate design with a simple smear of Jen’s Zen chocolate sauce.

Screenshot 2015-08-05 15.27.45

Shane’s Coconut Pound Cake is, in a word, delectable. “With Salted Carmel Cluster and fresh summer berries, a little slice will do.”

Recipe here: Vegan Coconut Pound Cake With Salted Caramel Cluster Frozen Dessert


Tip: Learn to form a quenelle with frozen dessert:

  1. Start with a slightly softened pint of frozen dessert
  2. Work toward you from the far side of the pint
  3. With the bottom of the spoon up, lay the outside edge down into the frozen dessert and pull toward you, allowing the frozen dessert to curl into the shape of the spoon
  4. As you’re pulling, twist the down edge of the spoon toward you as well, to create an egg shape.
  5. Clean your spoon in hot water between each quenelle



The moment Melanie tried our Cashew Milk Frozen Dessert in Snickerdoodle, she thought of a dark iced coffee beverage. “The cinnamon and a zip of orange bring tequila together with the earth tones of coffee and chocolate.”

Recipe here: Spiked Iced Borgia


Tip: coffee ice cubes are a smart looking option and save your drink from being watered down in the heat. As they melt, they deepen the flavor.

To pair with Cashew Milk Frozen Dessert in Dark Chocolate Truffle, Melanie puts a twist on the traditional Grasshopper cocktail. A Southern favorite in the 1950s and 1960’s, the Grasshopper fell out of vogue until a recent bar trend brought retro hits back to the stage. Here, the combination of strong mint and deep chocolate make for a wildly refreshing shooter.

Recipe here: Vegan Grasshopper Shooters




Melanie says, she often creates drinks to complement her chef and pastry chef’s dishes. “The experience of tasting a balanced, interesting, delicious drink becomes interactive and exciting when those flavors highlight the food you’re enjoying.”

What are some of your super summer pairing ideas? Enter to win our Share a Moment, Raise a Pint contest by uploading your photo to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’re giving away 26 Sundae Prize Packs featuring a $100 Visa Gift Card and delicious dairy-free products!  Rules here:

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  1. Oh my! Those are the best looking cocktails I’ve ever seen! Now I know what’s on the menu for my next garden party! Great info–where can I find out more?

  2. I love that grasshopper and chocolate combo! And, the bright color of that drink is something special; not the drink I remember of my parents’.

  3. holy moly!!!! that borgia drink is delish!! yet another way to enjoy my coffee..and a grasshopper shooter?! what a great idea..i’m definitely borrowing that one for my next cocktail party! i’m realizing cows milk is definitely not for me anymore and your line of coconut and cashew desserts is right up my alley. thanks again.

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