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Top Ten Crafts for Family Time

August 12, 2014
By: So Delicious

This week we are working on chilling out.  After weeks without school, chilling at home can result in hearing the classic phrase “I’m bored.”  While you are saving the last few weeks of summer, here is a list of go-to crafts you can have ready to go to keep your family engaged while enjoying those lazy days of summer.

top ten crafts dairy free

Top ten Crafts for Family Time in the Summer:

  1. Mason Jar Lanterns.  Kids can decorate old glass jars with tissue paper, wire and beads to make a fun night light for the yard or their rooms.
  2. Creative Kites.  These simple kites can be played with or used as room or party decorations.  They are made with wax paper and basket reeds.
  3. DIY Sidewalk chalk.  Make unique color combinations of sidewalk chalk with plaster of paris and craft paint.
  4. Animal Sock Puppets.  Diana Shoenbrun has tutorials for turning old socks into new friends.  Try this one to make a kitty cat.
  5. Homemade paper.  Turn scrap paper into new, homemade paper.  This is a great way to teach kids about the recycling process as well, and it can turn into new art the next day.
  6. Frog and Lady Bug Hats.  AN easy way to play dress up is to turn baseball caps into new creations. Paint baseball caps to look like critter faces.
  7. Natural Tie-Dye Shirts.  You can make dyes with foods like blackberries, turmeric, coffee, dandelion flowers or grass.  Use rubber bands to make fun t-shirt patterns.
  8. Textured Nature Collage.  Collect shells, pine cones, pebbles, twigs and more from nature walks or beach visits and create framed artwork.
  9. Magazine Flower Bouquets.  Make a bouquet last for months by creating fun flowers out of used magazines and catalogs.
  10. Nontoxic play slime.  This ooey gooey mystery blob is made with food coloring, seeds, cornstarch and xanthum gum. Fun for all ages and safe for little ones who might want to see what it tastes like.

What are your favorite crafty kids’ activities? Let us know in the comments!

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