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Six Awesome Build It Projects for Summer

So Delicious Dairy Free wants to “Save Summer” this year, so each week we’ve chosen a theme to help you reclaim that childhood feeling of summer fun.  This week, the theme is “Build It”, which includes cakes, forts, play houses, backyard projects and more.

Another highlight for “Build It” is to show the spotlight on some of our favorite eco-friendly projects and people making efforts to make the world a better place.  Our team put together a round up of our favorite eco-friendly building projects around the world to inspire you to build a better world.  You can learn more about our commitment to sustainability on the So Delicious Dairy Free website.  Let us know what you would love to build after checking out these great ideas.

1 Alex’s Lemonade Stand

At only four years old, Alexandra Scott started a movement to raise money to help kids with cancer.  Now, 14 years later, the organization she founded lives on.  They’ve now funded over 450 grants for cancer research, along with supporting families all over the country.

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Photo courtesy of Alex’s Lemonade Stand


2 Water Collecting Towers

These woven structures were built to model Ethiopian fig trees and collect moisture from the air to reduce the grueling walk to collect fresh water for families in Africa.

water towers

Photo: Domenico via Flickr CC


3 Plastic Bottle Lamps

You can save waste and be stylish. Make these eco-chic lights for your home or backyard!

plastic bottle lights

Photo by David Hayward via Flickr CC


4 Water Purifying Bicycles

These bike-powered water filters, invented by a company in Japan, can solve water purification and transportation challenges in impoverished areas around the world.

bicycle wheel

Photo by Enesse Bhe via Flickr CC


5 Dream Vacation Home

Steve Areen built this dream house in Thailand for under $6,000.  We are ready to move in!

Photo by Steve Areen

Photo by Steve Areen


6 Rain Powered Electricity

French researchers are developing a material that generates electricity from the vibrations rain drops create upon impact.  Electrodes in the material store the energy and produce power.


Photo by Kevin Dooley via Flickr CC

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  1. I’m building some pallet furniture for our back patio! It’ll help us enjoy that summer space after such a long, hard Minnesota winter! After 10 years of living in our house & not getting our deck done & feeling a bit caged from our sliding kitchen door only opening 4″ (code), I’m hoping using the space more will really help get our much needed vitamin D which we Minnesotans are so low in. (Chronic Lyme disease bills isn’t easy, but God is always good, loving, & present in our time of need.)

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