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Brittany Brees On Managing Her Food-Sensitive Household

September 23, 2013
By: So Delicious

Famed professional quarterback Drew Brees, and his philanthropist wife, Brittany, joined the So Delicious Dairy Free team in 2012 to help spread the word about delicious foods for households managing food allergies and food sensitivities.

Drew and Brittany have a very active household with three young sons and spent time chatting with us about their food allergies and how they impact their daily life at home. Here, Brittany shares her thoughts on finding out about their food allergies and what they do to successfully manage their food allergies at home.


Learning About Our Food Allergies

Growing up in the Midwest, dairy was a major staple in my life. While Drew and I were in college, a typical Friday night included pizza and ice cream. The more dairy I ate, the worse I felt.

After Drew was drafted, we moved to San Diego and had our blood tested for food allergies. We were off the charts with several things, with dairy being the highest and most glaring issue. Once we eliminated these foods it changed our lives. Eliminating dairy has been a very challenging task, it seems like it’s in everything. The first few years were tricky until we stumbled upon the So Delicious products. From that point on, I was able to modify many of my recipes by incorporating coconut or almond milk.

Mornings at the Brees House

Raising three young boys keeps us on the move – from the moment they wake up to the moment they hit the pillow at night. Drew and I try to get up before the boys do to get some work done. For me, I can’t start my morning without my cup of coffee with my favorite French vanilla coconut milk creamer. Drew is known to make a protein smoothie with fresh berries and almond milk. The almond milk protein is off the charts! When the boys wake up, it can be chaotic. Depending on what our plans are for the day, I’ll make pancakes or even French Toast where I either use coconut milk or the coconut milk creamer with some cinnamon and vanilla. Or, I’ll simply serve up cereal with coconut milk.

Advice for Parents

To see Drew and I eating well, taking care of ourselves and exercising, I think that’s probably our best method for our boys – to lead by example. You give them healthy choices. I think instilling that in our children at an early age is so important. Our boys have been on coconut milk products since they were babies. They love the taste. Now if I could just get our oldest son, Baylen, out of the freezer! Every time I bring home a new coconut milk ice cream, he wants to know “what is that Mommy…can I have some before breakfast?”

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