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Back to School with Food Allergies – Yummy Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Love

For parents of kids with food allergies, back to school means packing thoughtful lunches that are allergy friendly, filling and fun to eat. We came up with three ideas that are total crowd pleasers. Your kids might be asked to trade, but they won’t even be tempted.

Taco Bento!


Kids love to eat from cute, colorful bento boxes. They love to help assemble them too. This plant-based, gluten free bento box is lets kids enjoy a fun and familiar favorite, carefree. The only question their friends will ask is where their parents can get one of those awesome lunch boxes!

For our taco bento, we browned Beyond Meat Feisty Crumble with diced yellow onion and red pepper. For a fresh crunch, we included a pretty green salad and a side of Coconut Ranch Dressing from Go Dairy Free. Recipe here: Coconut Ranch Dressing.

Carrot Dogs


We’re not trying to fool anyone. We know a carrot can’t hide its true color! But trust us, your kid is gonna love this dog. For that matter, you will too! The surprisingly delicious flavor comes from a savory marinade made with coconut aminos and a touch of liquid smoke. Recipe here: Carrot Dogs



Any combination of grains, beans, seeds, veggies and greens can come together for an allergy-friendly Lunch-in-a-jar. Piled on top of Coconut Ranch Dressing, it’s all good! Not to mention, a huge time-saver. Just layer your favorite ingredients using the method below and you can make several at a time and days in advance.

  1. Dressing
  2. Beans or heavier ingredients that hold up well
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Leafy greens and lighter ingredients
  5. Dry toppings
  6. Herbs

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