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Rolling with Cinnamon

February 26, 2016
By: So Delicious
Have you ever been at the mall right when it opened? With the smell of rising dough and cinnamon pastries seemingly filling the air?

That’s what it smells like in our kitchen right now. We’ve been playing with spices fragrant like cinnamon and cardamom and trying to create the perfect dairy free glaze for these mall-worthy cinnamon rolls we’ve whipped up. The good news is whether you’re dairy-free, gluten free, or both, you’re going to love one of the two vegan versions we came up with.

The Orange Cardamom Cinnamon Roll:

To bring some spring-time flavor to the traditional cinnamon roll, we were inspired by the flavors of the classic orange cardamom cookie and wanted to just roll them right up into our oven. If you’ve baked with cardamom, you know it can be a very powerful spice. We had to tinker a bit, but landed on a ratio of 1/3 cardamom to 2/3 cinnamon for the filling and incorporated this lovely, floral spice in a few other subtle ways throughout the recipe.


Orange made it’s way into the bake in the form of both zest and juice and the flavor was definitely welcome. The glaze though: a mix of freshly squeezed orange juice and our plain cultured coconut milk yogurt alternative brought out that true cream cheese tang that we were searching for.

This Vegan orange cardamom cinnamon roll recipe is made with all purpose flour and calls for ingredients you’re likely to already have around the house. If you have a couple hours this recipe is sure to please!

Gluten-Free Mini Cinnamon Rolls:

Sometimes you want just a little something sweet with breakfast, and other times, something bite-sized makes the sharing a bit easier. Either way, you or you’re gluten-free brunch guests will love this mini, gluten-free take on the classic cinnamon roll.

To tackle this recipe we brought in a mix of some of our favorite gluten-free pastry flours. Primarily a blend of tapioca and sweet rice flours, the result is a lighter more delicate crumb then you’ll get with a typical gluten-free flour off the shelf.

The only places you’ll miss the gluten in this bake are during the roll and the second rise. The toughest part being the roll. One trick worth trying when attempting these guys is to roll the dough out along a long piece of plastic wrap. Once you have the plastic wrap on your counter, sprinkle a bit of cane sugar along the surface (just like you would flour) and roll out as normal. When it comes time shape into a log, you’ll have a much easier time getting the ends to stick together and some additional leverage with the plastic wrap when rolling.

Try slicing these guys moderately thin and serve them as an appetizer during your next brunch party! How cute would they look in a bread basket in the middle of the table?



– The So Delicious Dairy Free Team

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