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4 Ways to Help Protect Animals

May 12, 2016
By: So Delicious

If you’re like most people, you care about animals and want them to be safe from cruelty. Perhaps you’ve even wanted to do more to help animals, but you’re unsure of where to start. Thankfully, making a difference for animals is easier than you may think! Here are four ways you can help animals, from our friends at Farm Sanctuary.

  1. Choose plant-based foods instead of animals. Helping animals can begin on your plate! That’s because when you choose plant-based foods, the demand for animal foods decreases. When demand decreases, fewer animals suffer on factory farms. Eating plant-based foods can provide health benefits and reduce your environmental footprint. Luckily, plant-based foods (like So Delicious Dairy-Free milks and ice creams) taste absolutely delicious. Find more info, and recipes, at
  2. Seek out cruelty-free alternatives. There are so many opportunities to make simple swaps that help animals while you shop. Many fibers used in the fashion industry, like leather, down, and wool, come from animals who suffer. You can help animals by choosing some of the gorgeous, cruelty-free alternatives that are widely available. For tips from vegan fashion designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, and ideas for where to shop, visit Or, check out the video below!

  3. Visit one of our sanctuaries! Have you ever had the chance to pet a pig, or cuddle a cow, or talk to a turkey? If you have, you know that they have unique personalities much like dogs and cats. At Farm Sanctuary’s shelters, you can meet rescued animals like Ted and Pamela and learn their stories. Many people call it a truly transformative experience. Plan your visit at
  4. Read about our individual residents and tell their stories to others. Tune in daily to our Animals of Farm Sanctuary blog to learn about a different rescued animal each day. Learn where they come from and also what their life is like on the sanctuary. Understanding animals as individuals is a great step towards creating a more compassionate world.

Have more great ideas for helping animals? Submit them to 140 Difference Campaign!


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  1. Questions:
    What will replace the BUTTER on my toast?
    What will replace the KEFIR that I drink for its probiotics?
    What will replace the GHEE that I use to pan roast my potatoes?

    1. We often use Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Spreads in recipes, and it’s excellent on toast! We haven’t tried it to make clarified butter (ghee), but let us know what ou think! As for probiotics, our Coconutmilk yogurt alternatives are a great source. More here:

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