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#140Difference – Week 2 Winners!

May 5, 2014
By: So Delicious

Congratulations to our Week 2 #140Difference contest winners! To qualify, our winners’ entries were required to be  140 characters or less and had to include the phrase “#140Difference.” In our second week, we received over 100 incredible entries! Our second round of winners are listed below.

Feeling inspired? Submit your own 140 character project idea via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram between now and May 9, 2014 for your chance to receive funding to help your idea grow. Learn more on the 140 Difference website.

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide ($2,500 grant for legal/science support for reduced emissions)

Entry: #140Difference ELAW is reducing emissions by using law & science to challenge Ultra Mega coal-fired power plants
Photo by:


Sustainable Gardening Virtual Library – Lois J. de Vries ($250 grant for virtual library)

Entry: #140Difference Sustainable Gardening Virtual Library start saving Earth’s resources right in your own back yard.
Photo by: ©Lois J. de Vries


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