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Join Us for the 140 Difference 2016 – The World’s Shortest Grant Application!

April 11, 2016

How will you change the world this year? That’s right: YOU. Think about it.

Got an idea? Great! Keep reading. We want to help to turn your idea into reality!

Need more time? Feeling unsure? Overwhelmed? Skeptical? That’s okay. Keep reading. We want to help you dream big!

#140 Difference Grant Contest - Overview

For the third year in a row, we’re holding the 140 Difference Grant Contest. We’re looking for passionate individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits to help us make a difference in the world. As a bonus, the application process is quite literally as simple as sending a Tweet!

Between April 21 – May 31, we’ll award $100,000 in micro-grants ranging in value from $140-$10,000 to people with brilliant ideas in the areas of environmental sustainability, animal welfare, plant-based foods and food allergies.

Keep in mind: No idea is too big or too small. We started this contest with the simple belief that small actions can make a big impact. A 140 Difference grant might fund your entire project, kick-start a great idea, or help you take an initiative you’re already working on to a new level of awesomeness!

How to Apply

Not a professional grant writer? No problem. To apply for a 140 Difference micro-grant, simply:

  1. Come up with a project idea in one of the following areas: a) Environmental Sustainability; b) Animal Welfare; c) Plant-based Foods; d) Food Allergies
  2. Submit your creative idea in 140 characters or less via Twitter or through our web page between April 21 – May 31,
  3. Include #WorldsShortestGrant and tag so_delicious in your entry.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 daily. Limit 1 unique entry per person per day.


Post Your 140 Character Idea!

Use Twitter or the comments section below to enter.


In 2016, we’ll award $100,000 in micro-grants ranging in value from $140-$10,000. Entries must demonstrate an innovative and entrepreneurial idea around environmental sustainability, animal welfare, plant-based food, or food allergies. Funds must help move project idea along. Grant amounts will be determined by completeness of thought, originality, impact and scope of project. Contestants must submit performance details within 3 months of having received funds.

We will select and notify winners individually at the end of each week. We’ll introduce all of our winners in weekly blog posts throughout the contest.

Play the Game & Get Inspired!

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We've created a fun, helpful app to inspire you & others to think up 'real-world' proposals for the #140Difference Awards. Sometimes a crazy idea is just what we need to inspire greatness!

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  1. Provide supplies and resources to busy wildlife rehabilitators-we’ll keep the lights on for them with @so_delicious #worldsshortestgrant

    1. We love your idea! Just a reminder, for grant eligibility, be sure to post your submission on Twitter, tag us with @So_Delicious and include #WorldsShortestGrant!

  2. My little princess with dairy allergy wants a gogurt tube like her friends for a snack. My solution? Coconut, almond, and soy yogurt tubes.why is there no dairy-free portable yogurt tubes? #worldsshortestgrant @So_Delicious

  3. Provide a mobile produce market,and education,workshops to the low income in my area.. There is a lot of people who don’t have access to a grocery store in my area.. I would like to educate people in the area,about the benefits of eating healthy.. I would show how it affects your mind,your health,your outlook on life. @so_delicious #worldsshortestgrant

  4. Turn family land in rural Florida into org veg farm. Farm to table meals at schools, juice truck and veg snacks for reduced pr. in poor areas, veg cooking classes and work exp for students. #worldsshortestgrant @so_delicious

  5. I run a Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Bakery from my home, and it is my dream to have a store front and add a luncheonette. Strictly Allergy Friendly. @so_delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  6. I am already in the process of working on a project that is near and dear to my heart. I am making hanging fountains that you hang on a fence or wall. They are mosaic in nature and I am using recycled ceramic and porcelain plates I find at thrift stores and garage sales. I would like for them to provide water to hungry tired bees and also for birds during the summer months. Some of the money that I make from selling these fountains would go towards a group that takes kids with autism out and teaches them how to skate board.

  7. Scholarships for kids to attend wilderness immersion camps to unplug, experience and be inspired by their own local environment through kayaking, tree climbing and camping.

  8. Create a teahouse/library on Kauai for permaculture non-profit discussion venue, salon discussions, slideshows and educational classes. The tea house/library would house community book collection and be surrounded by organic medicinal tea plants for using to serve tea. #worldsshortestgrant @So_Delicious

  9. Transform abandoned lots in the city into vegetable gardens. Donate produce to people experiencing food insecurity. #140difference

    1. We love your idea! Just a reminder, for grant eligibility, be sure to post your submission on Twitter, tag us with @So_Delicious and include #WorldsShortestGrant!

  10. Want to add a greenhouse to my pole barn on my mostly wooded seven plus acres.that I have been using as a bird haven and for organic gardening and selling my arts and crafts.I have many different birds I raise including chickens.ducks.geese.and parrots.I have all sorts of wildlife that stops here and nest here.I want to have a small farm market here to SELL eggs.vegetable s,country crafts,and plants.All good,all fresh and healthy while helping the wildlife too.

  11. so_delicious! Help me to bring non dairy treats to children with dairy allergies and sensitivities to small festivals in my small city! I would like to get a bike with a cooler to hold So_Delicious frozen treats!!!!! It would be a small step for the kids that can’t have ice cream cones on a hot day during a farmers market or street festivals.

  12. Vegan “Saausage” Our Sustainable/Allergy-Free Vegan Product

    My sister, Trish and I have been working on a vegan sausage that is cruelty-free, soy-free, gluten-free and sustainable. It is made from crops that are grown here in Colorado including carrots, beets (for a meat color), onions, oats, okra, flax and sunflower seeds. Our sausage is different than many other vegan/vegetarian versions in that it we have been able to create a “skin” for the sausage which makes it unique in the industry. We do not rely on plastic packaging to hold its shape.

    We will be introducing the sausage at this year’s VegFest at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Colorado. Our packaging is made from 100% recycled material.

    We have gotten a great response from even meat-eaters. We need approximately $5000 for a sausage extruder to make the process feasible.


  13. Start a TNR service, food and vet care for the many feral and abandoned cats at my apartment complex. No more dumpster diving, unwanted kittens, and territorial fights with some care. @So_ Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  14. I want to open a fun vegan diner in my area. I love to cook for people with dietary restrictions. # helpmefeedyou #worldsShortestGrant@So_Delicious

  15. I am working on testing mycofiltration (using mushroom mycelium growing on wood chips) for the streams in Kauai to help protect the reefs from stream pollution. I would love to have help funding supplies and testing kit for E. coli and nitrates. We need to test the filters and show some results to the County to convince them to try it! #worldsshortestgrant @so_delicious

  16. Offer allergy friendly lunches at school. Such as no dairy, peanuts, etc… My daughter has a milk allergy. She always packs her lunch because the school lunches have dairy in them. I know she’s not the only student with food allergies in her school.

  17. Teach weaving & provide looms to underserved in my community using reused fabric for creative therapy & income, traditional sustainable craft items are in demand .

  18. Help me bring my gluten free dairy free bakery to the food court at Dartmouth mall. People with allergies deserve more than brown bagging their own food all the time. @so_delicious #worldsshortestgrant

  19. I suggest a environmental sustainability class to be added to elementary school curriculum, at least once per week. Teach children to return plant peels/remnants and egg shells back to the earth to create gardens. Also teach them how to grow their own food and maintain healthy green grounds.

  20. As one who has to live gluten free, I strive to help educate others on what gluten is and how they can still enjoy their favorite foods. Help me help others with education and recipes! #WorldsShortestGrant @So_Delicious

  21. I would like to provide, allergy awareness/cooking classes for parents, friends and families. As being an adult who has recently developed a severe milk allergy I can appreciate the need for this education in our community. @so_delicious #worldsshortestgrant

    1. We love your idea! Just a reminder, for grant eligibility, be sure to post your submission on Twitter, tag us with @So_Delicious and include #WorldsShortestGrant!

  22. Animal Rescue/Sanctuary that doubles as an animal-assisted therapy for those in need of mental health services. My wife and I have been working towards this for years.We finish graduate school August 2017! #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  23. To open a healthy and vibrant vegan comfort food cafe in our small town which currently has no options. We look forward to sharing with our friends, neighbors and community . #WorldsShortestGrant

  24. Irradiacating non-indigenous flora with the use of goats and sheep in Washington state! @ so_delicious making a “green” impact with the #WorldsShortestGrant

  25. Fence and fruit trees for slow food garden at our remote Army community! We’re way out in the country, 90 minutes from Salt Lake City. Let’s build a volunteer-led community garden complete with individual garden plots for families to learn to grow plant based meals and also include community crops, small fruit tree orchard, and an herb garden. We’ll have summer harvest days followed by a community picnic full of fresh, self-grown produce! #WorldsShortestGrant and So_Delicious makes it a slow food reality!

  26. make plant based freeze dried juice powder mixes for great tasting water packed with nutrients @so_delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  27. 8 years bike free in Atlanta.Want funds to install bike rack at my condo to encourage my neighbors to ride more often #WorldsShortestGrant

    1. 8 years CAR free in Atlanta. Want funds to install bike rack at my condo to encourage my neighbors to ride more often #WorldsShortestGrant

  28. Create art from trash as a way to influence positive change in the world. Help take creative reuse on the road to schools and communities with a CRAFT (Creative Reuse: Art From Trash) Art Mobile! Save our earth and educate our children. @CRAFT_Bend #World’sShortestGrant

  29. I am enrolled in a Master of Law and my research paper is about the influence of ads on consumer food choices and the environment. This grant would be of big help! #WorldsShortestGrant Thank you so much @so_delicious

  30. I’m already raising rare chickens for genetic diversity and environmental sustainability but could make it so much more interactive with the public with a grant! #worldsshortestgrant @So_Delicious

  31. Free range chickens and coop on our acreage to cut down on bugs, ticks & eliminate pesticide use in the garden. @so_delicious

  32. Humane Youth Science Research Program – will pair high school students with non-animal research labs for HUMANE hands-on science learning
    #WorldsShortestGrant So_delicious

  33. Automate energy savings with motion sensor switches that turn off lights after a set period with no activity in a room & turn them on when activity resumes.Include #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious.

  34. I work for non profit that provides services to adults with intellectual disabilities. I want to transform an unused church parking lot into a garden of delights that our clients will help maintain, cultivate, and harvest when its time. I want our clients to feel as one with nature and at the same time educating them with the green thumb skills. I want to create a culinary workshop to show them how to use their gifts from nature as a source of nutrition and substance for their daily living. Please consider @So_Delicious#WorldsShortestGrant

  35. @So_Delicious Need grant $ for 3 businesses: 1.LV food repurposing ctr 2.smoothie truck 3.counseling ctr #WorldsShortestGrant

  36. Sell healthy, affordable, vegan smoothies on my college campus, while donating half of my proceeds to food banks in third world countries. @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  37. Revolutionize ice cream stores by opening a nice-cream store! Serving blended frozen bananas, strawberries, and other fruits with an array of toppings, this business will be the next fro-yo craze, without the dairy! @so_delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  38. Invest into sustainable companies like White Wave & use profits to buy sustainable foods for the homeless & hungry #WorldsShortestGrant

  39. Start an elderly animal sanctuary. So many homeless pets the elderly are often the first to be put to sleep. They deserve to live out their lives in comfort and quality. Many have been thrown away to make room for younger versions or because of the time and cost to care for them. All life is sacred.

  40. Sell healthy, affordable, vegan smoothies on my college campus and donate a portion of the proceeds to food banks in developing countries @So_Delicious #WorldshortestGrant

  41. Build a Monarch superhighway by offering seed packets to the citizens of Denton in addition to our free pollinator garden and beekeeping classes @So_Delicious #oneyardatatime #worldsshortestgrant

  42. Sell healthy, affordable, vegan smoothies on my college campus and donate half of the proceeds to food banks in developing countries. @So_Delicious #WorldshortestGrant

  43. Scientists predict our planet is heading towards a sixth mass extinction of plants and animals. Finding Species is here to help educate the general public by bringing a face to endangered and threatened species throughout the United States. We integrate science, photography, technology, and design to create standardized methods of photo documenting plants and animals, using these photos to engage critical audiences into action. @so_delicious #worldsshortestgrant

  44. Vegan/dairy free weekend retreats for individuals with chronic health conditions. Lodging, healthy meals, cooking classes, beautiful location included. @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  45. I would love to open up a collective where people craft, operate, teach, and sell various art forms within one very large warehouse to specifically target people who are reentering from prison and other vulnerable people. To include wrap around support services and mental health.

  46. Build a Monarch superhighway by offering seed packets to the citizens of Denton in addition to our free pollinator garden and beekeeping classes @So_Delicious #oneyardatatime #worldsshortestgrant

  47. Our Florida sandhill cranes, sea turtles and bears would like to live in a litter free Seminole State Forest. Provide a moving auto billboard to raise awareness and use for litter pickup @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  48. I want to start a business making my organic, vegan, gluten and preservative free curry for backpacking. Need a freeze dryer and packaging.

  49. Start-up capital for turning my organic, vegan, gluten free curry and super-oatmeal into dehydrated backpackpacking meals in bio-safe boil bags.

  50. Start a custom flour grinding service to help make going gluten free more affordable to others. #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  51. Help us help animals! With a $10,000 @So_Delicious grant we’ll provide comprehensive grant search service to ALL 140 animal nonprofits in MN! #worldsshortestgrant

    1. As a diabetic you should know that it IS NOT carbs or sugar that causes diabetes or spikes blood sugar level. It is ONLY fat and saturated fats and/or being fat that causes diabetes or spikes blood sugar levels. Please Google “Meat & Diabetes” you will find tons of research from the most credible and highly regarded scientific journals (e.g. Oxford and Harvard) that prove this. Whoever thinks that carbs and sugars causes diabetes are being misinformed and do not know what they are talking about. Low-carb diets are dangerous. You can also look up tons of information on Dr. McDougall’s website and Walter Kempner, MD – Founder of the Rice Diet, where he did a study done on a sugar and white rice diet given to obese diabetics. These diabetics’ high blood sugar levels went down on this diet and shows that carbs and sugars do not spike blood sugar levels.

    2. That’s interesting Sleake because doctors and nutritionists have told me the opposite of what you just said. There are plenty of independent studies ALSO from Harvard specifically as well as many scientists, researchers, and biochemists that have seen dramatic positive results from ketogenic (low carb/high fat) diets. Including improvement of seizure disorders, improvement of blood pressure, bettered cholesterol, improvements in individuals with parkinsons, fertility issues, pcos, cancer, and yes, diabetes. It’s a diet being widely used to treat these conditions and has shown to be an excellent method of weight loss. Insulin is directly related to glucose storage. We can only store 2 tsp of sugar. Any more than that and those insulin spikes from our over consumption of sugar and carbohydrates pushes all that glucose into fat cells to attempt to clear it from your blood stream. Keto adapted individuals burn fat for energy instead of glucose and it’s shown better cognitive functions and great energy that doesn’t dip throughout the day like it does in a typical American “diet”. This isn’t to say no carbs, just low.

  52. A cookbook/children’s book featuring Cleo the Cow that eats allergy free herself. She teaches kids to cook simple and delicious allergy free meals with their loved ones. Cleo shows kids that allergy free eating can be healthy and fun! #140Difference #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  53. I already created a vegetarian gluten-free cookbook, story book and coloring book all in one featuring a gf dog. I want to give away the books at the kids celiac camp. @So_Delicious #worldsshortestgrant

  54. I’ve created delicious vegan candies. I want to get them into major grocery and cafe locations. Part of the proceeds will help animals rescue groups and all our employees will be ex-offenders. We will help the animals, and the community.

  55. A micro-grant could enable kids to start composting at my daughter’s public school in Boston. #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  56. Open a no kill animal shelter providing medical attention, shelter, food, and loving homes. #WorldsShortestGrant and tag so_delicious in your entry.

  57. Bike powered, veganic urban farm here. We would provide free vegetables, classes, and meals to communities with food insecurity. #worldsshortestgrant @so_delicious

  58. Second Chance Vegan Candies – Second chance to farm animals = 5% to Farm Animal Sanctuary; Second chance to people = employ ex-offenders at a living wage

  59. Second Chance Vegan Candies – Give a second chance to farm animals = 5% to farm animal sanctuary; second chance to people = employ ex-offenders @ a living wage

  60. Change begins in one’s own backyard, which is why we focus on promoting locally-available, plant-based options by hosting myriad veg events in our community.

  61. Hi my name is Chera, I have an idea for an children’s book that has to deal celiac disease and becoming aware of not only the intolerance to gluten but, the impact it has on a child , when it comes to food ,and the isolation they go through when it comes to their social life, at school, and with their friends and family. Please choose me! #worldsshortestgrant @So_Delicious

  62. Green microwaveable washable cheap sexy Takeout Container. All the cool kids will want it, rendering plastic takeout garbage obsolete!
    @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  63. Would love to plant a Pollinator Garden at Mary Munford Elementary School with kids, for kids @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  64. Community composting @so_delicous at local elementary school in #newurbanism community #kentlands to support existing garden #worldsshortestgrant

  65. Fed By Threads only sells sustainable organic clothing made in America to reduce our impact on the environment and increase living wage jobs! We’ve also fed over half a million emergency meals to Americans in need! We’d put any grant money towards our mission to change the world! -Alok Appadurai (co-founder)

  66. Vegan herbal sleep aid supplement based on Chinese herbal theory that promotes restful sleep without next-day grogginess. No Melatonin! @so_delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  67. Series of Tshirts promoting veganism, featuring specific animals from a local rescued farm animal sanctuary with slogans like: Got Tofu?, Sanctuaries Ain’t for Sissies, Makin’ Hay, Ram Strong, Manure Happens. Norman the Cow says Got Tofu? Pinky the Ram says Ram Strong. Norman the donkey says Manure Happens. Rambo the Goat says Makin’ Hay, John the Volunteer riding the tractor says Sanctuaries Aren’t for Sissies. Sasha Farm is a non profit farm animal rescue in Manchester, Michigan. They have 300+ animals that need care.

  68. Publish an online, downloadable SCHOOL LEARNING GARDEN how-to manual, complete with site assessment tools, garden club meeting and in-class curriculum, fund-raising ideas, tips on community involvement, and allergy-friendly vegetable and companion native flower plant lists for a range of site conditions. Thanks @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  69. Obtain plant based nutrition cert to share knowledge w/ patients at Veterans Hospital @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant #dietitian

  70. Texas ranks among the highest states in the number of dogs that are heart worm positive or carry a tick borne disease. This grant request is to provide monthly heart worm and flea/tick preventatives for GALT greyhounds waiting to find their forever families. @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  71. Create a travel smoothie bowl so people can eat Acai bowls at the beach or take it to work and it will help inspire healthy eating 🙂 *You can also use the bowl for ice cream ;p) @so_delicious #worldsshortestgrant

  72. Local vegan baking company COOKIE CONSCIOUS hoping to open Eugene’s first and only ALL VEGAN bakery with help from @So_Delicious. Let’s spread the vegan love and ‘cookie consciousness’ by showing the world that going vegan is delicious, nutritious & compassionate to animals and planet. #WorldsShortestGrant

  73. Raise awareness and educate kids and adults about the different kinds of milk out there, there is “Milk For Everyone”…and my daughter has written the book! Would love to share it with more people, it’s magic in the classroom! Self published and would love to get her book out to more kids!

  74. Kids, kindness, and cookbooks. We’d love to gift our favorite natural foods co-op with a children’s Little Free Library stocked with books about kindness, animals, and even some plant-based cookbooks and recipe cards. With this grant, our almost four year old vegkin could give something back to his community, while spreading his love of animals. We could even host a ribbon-cutting ceremony complete with SoDelicious treats for all of the kids. Yay!

    1. Valley Natural Foods has become our second home. The people there supported me through my pregnancy with knowledge and kindness. They’ve befriended our son and care about him like their own. I would so love to give them something back in return. (I actually first fell in love with your icecream when they were sampling it out). 🙂

  75. Birthday Kindnesses <3
    $140 to buy 140 Kind bars for our almost 4yr old to hand out at an outdoor concert on his bday? #WorldsShortestGrant

    1. We don’t have a lot of money to perform grand acts of kindness, but one thing he loves to do is to buy a Kind bar or a bottle of Honest Tea (when they’re on sale for $1 at our co-op) and find someone in the store who looks like they could use a smile. His little face just lights right up. I can only imagine how excited he’s be running around at the MN History Center concert, spreading kindnesses all over the place saying, “It’s my birthday, and I have a present for you!”

  76. Help the Central MA Kibble Kitchen (501c3) get cooking! We provide pet food to financially struggling families. Our mission is to keep people with their pets and to prevent them from having to to consider surrendering their companion animals because they can’t afford to feed them.

  77. Big dreams on a small budget…with the help of @So_Delicious we hope to finish build-out & renovations of a brick-and-mortar shop in Eugene. This will be the site of the first Cookie Conscious bake shop as well as the space for us to offer vegan baking, cooking & nutrition classes to the Eugene community and beyond!!! #WorldsShortestGrant

  78. Cat Rescue from Death Row. Care and Love is what they need. Vet Care, Bills and Food to be Healthy and Safe with Foster Carers Saving Precious Lives. #WorldsShortestGrant #so_delicious #GOVEGAN

  79. At Cookie Conscious baking co. we believe every cookie counts…toward saving the life of an animal, saving the life of a human, and saving the life of our mother earth. Help us build the dream of a better world through plant-based living. @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  80. Provide “allergy safe” foods to local & greater Tolrdo food banks, so those who need ‘safe’ food can obtain it free each week.

  81. Provide “allergy safe” foodstuffs to local & Toledo food banks, so families with allergies can obtain ‘safe’ foods when they have a need. NW Ohio has one of the highest poverty rates. @so.delicious. #’WorldsShortestGrant. Thank you!

    1. My dear friend works there and has also adopted rescued hens of her own. These hens, particularly Fifi and Almond, are our son’s friends, (just as much as his grandparents’ dog), and they are the reason he is already, at under 4yrs old, firm in his decision to never eat animals. Once you meet them, you can’t eat them, right? May his heart always stay so tender.

  82. #WorldsShortestGrant I would use the grant to build an environmentaly sustainable park. I would also ensure it was all access ( handicap accessible).This Nature themed park would be located at the Native American Cultural Center for my tribe. We only have 1 park in my town and it is not accessible for all children. Incorporating sustainability would benefit the land and people. Play is the most important work !

  83. Oahu’s 1st farmed animal sanctuary! Rescued animals need homes, & humans can visit, bond, & go plantbased @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  84. Today, one third of our greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture. The current environmental impact of food production must be improved as we seek to support the growing world’s population—a population expected to reach 9.6 billion people by 2050. My team’s research is focused on comparing the environmental impacts of alternative pasteurizing processes that are becoming available to the market- while some may still only be available on the pilot scale; we need to know which technologies should be further developed. Our study will use computer modeling software to simulate data for a gate-to-gate life cycle assessment (LCA) of pasteurizing foods with alternative technology like high pressure processing. Our goal is to give an important decision support tool for authorities and food industry leaders to compare alternative processes to decrease their environmental impact. We ask for your support today.

  85. To buy lots of vegan cookbooks & ingredients to host a Reading & Eating club, sharing vegan eats & stories of kindness w our 4yr old’s pals. #WorldsShortestGrant @So_Delicious

    1. This would be a really fun way to introduce his omnivore friends (and their families) to delicious plant-based foods, while also giving us more recipes to experiment with together. Hooray for getting kids in the kitchen! 🙂

  86. Movable enclosures that hold small quantities of pigs on old hayfields, followed by laying hens to prep soil for fertilizing/planting of veggies and fruit trees. #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  87. Providing for families all over Northwest Indianapolis,Indiana with our 3rd annual SERVE Community Garden. We currently have a lot used for growing vegetables by volunteers every summer. We host a free farmers market at harvest time.
    Funds would help us build a purchase supplies and a greenhouse for the community to use year round, to obtain fresh free produce, a place to garden, and learn about why agriculture and serving others is important.
    Thanks to the #WorldsShortestGrant

  88. To Provide Foster Care, Food and Vet Care for more Cats in Need 🙂 <3 #GOVEGAN #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  89. Veteran’s education program seeks $1000.00 for wholesome vegan snacks and dinner for approx. 15 students, twice a week to support attention on higher learning.

  90. The Making a Difference Foundation’s Eloise Cooking Pot Food Bank seeks $5000.00 for delivery and sustainment of Tacoma’s Eastside; ethnic foods and special dietary needs program.

  91. Provide recycling center at local schools to help people recycle old electronics, preventing pollution and unnecessary destruction of pristine habitats. #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  92. Vegan granola bars and other supplies to assemble Blessing Bags with our son’s 4th bday party guests to have ready when we’re in the city?

  93. Surplus Produce Recovery Program. No food in Colorado will go to waste. No person will go to bed hungry. Every box purchased = box donated. @So_Delicious Surplus Produce Recovery with the #WorldsShortestGrant

  94. I would love the chance to get an adult tricycle & build a freezer on it to sell so_delicious dairy free frozen treats at music in the park & festivals. My daughter is dairy sensitive and could never have ice cream from an ice cream truck.

  95. Need $2500 to complete a 3d printed prototype of a self sustaining plug and plant system that local communities and individuals can use to grow their own food. @so_delicious #knowyourfood #worldsshortestgrant

  96. Need start-up expenses to get hay field up & running to allow DreamCatcher Wild Horse Sanctuary to become more self-sustaining-repair well head, buy seed/baler. Thx @so_delicious #worldsshortestgrant

  97. Plant based “cook with me” classes to increase skills and knowledge that also includes long term nutrition coaching – face to face or online site including video/chat and recipe postings. @So_Delicious Free cooking/nutrition coaching classes with the #WorldsShortestGrant

  98. plant-based community kitchen – help start business and provide better food choice to the community. #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  99. Create plant based programs through working with meals on wheels for home bound seniors to help increase overall health. @So_Delicious Plant Based Meals on Wheels with the #WorldsShortestGrant

  100. Start a plant based food bank in Colorado that feeds low income. Start a model to take nationwide. Include a food kitchen to teach skills and nutrition classes on how to use the food and prepare healthy meals. @So_Delicious Plant Based Food Bank with the #WorldsShortestGrant

  101. Teaching sustainable cooking and nutrition classes to all incomes to reduce food wastes in Colorado. Build a model to use in other areas. We have enough food wastes to feed all families in Colorado. @So_Delicious reduce food waste cooking and nutrition classes with the #WorldsShortestGrant

  102. Bananas peels and pineapples transforming lives? By using a combination of pineapple juice and pineapples subsidy farmers in Ethiopia can have a secondary stream of income and have greater financial security with #WorldsShortestGrant

  103. Education! Continued environmental education in impoverished communities in India, Africa, and Central America will transform our world. #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  104. Fund special milk, vet care, transport for rescue of tiny wild horse foals cruelly separated from their mares that were sent to barbaric slaughter in Canada. Thank you #worldsshortestgrant @so_delicious

  105. plant-based community kitchen and store front – help start business and provide better food choice to the community. #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  106. People are already saving the planet! Let’s make it easier to support them: create a logo for green + socially responsible co-op businesses in NYC. #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  107. Complete starter/tester and informational cloth diaper kits so folks can experience how not scary they are without having to spend an arm and a leg!

  108. What I would like from”The World’s Shortest Grant” is a way to bring dairy free frozen treats to the kids at our farmers market or street frativals! My daughter could not have dairy and always felt left out when we would go to a street festival or the local farmers market. I would love to have a food cart stocked with so_delicious frozen treats to give all the other kids that have dairy allergies that are denied a yummy frozen treat in the summer!

  109. Long term nutrition counseling and cooking skills for becoming PB by 3 RN’s, 1 MD, 1 Nutritionist and 3 Chefs. 501C3. Bringing in the medical industry to help all those interested in health and wellness. @So_Delicious Free cooking and long term nutrition classes with the #WorldsShortestGrant

  110. Kids cooking and nutrition classes taught by a Junior Chopped Chef (TV) to help kids of all ages understand health, nutrition and develop cooking skills. 501C3. @So_Delicious Free kids cooking classes by Junior Chopped Chef with the #WorldsShortestGrant

  111. $1,000 to help The League of Protectors continue their mission of keeping coastal areas and waterways litter free through clean-ups and education on trash and recycling with #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  112. $3000 – Vegan snacks and plants for EC students to teach them “healthy foods lead to wealthy moods” @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  113. There’s a lot of misrepresentation in the government when it comes to environmental decisions. Many governmental meetings occur during the work day or behind closed doors. An app that would allow citizens to be more engaged in what they’re government is planning or doing and add their inputs in to the app for that particular government to notice would definitely create a change in local communities.

  114. Grow mint garden at preschool, harvest regularly, and have kids use mint to make tea bags, then host a seasonal tea party at a senior home. #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  115. plant-based bento shop focused on wild greens and herbs for sustainable living and conscious eating #WorldsShortestGrant

  116. ​Grow lettuce/greens from seed in school garden, save seeds. Have kids sort seeds into bags and host a community seed swap with local gardeners. ​#WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  117. Affordable organic juices, education for school lunch programs & events, freeze ahead plant based meals. @so_delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  118. A social media app to create awareness around the planet that allows you to donate one penny for every item you decide to “like” to a charity of choice. @so_delicious #worldsshortestgrant

  119. I would love to change the world by starting a cruelty free shop selling only cruelty free products! @so_delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  120. Fund mass promotion to find safe long-term homes for displaced wild horse families + transport. Prevent them being shipped to inhumane slaughter in Canada/Mexico. @so_delicious #worldsshortestgrant

  121. Buy fertility control vaccine (PZP) & training to apply it for on-range mgmt of Devil’s Garden wild horses via public-private collaboration. Keep them wild & free. @so_delicious #worldsshortestgrant

  122. What the cluck!? Sarted rescue hens no longer lay eggs from abandonment in Springfield Or. I need $1,500 to provide food and build coop for these chicks per yr. Support henapause!

  123. Facility based character painted recycle bins! Renfaire, Pirate Fest, Berry picking, all at a family run farm! @So_delicious #worldsshortestgrant

  124. Creating sketch-book-daily planners for students (using recycled paper) with sample vegan menus (that are easy, healthy, inexpensive & promoting local goods) – all that with #WorldsShortestGrant

  125. Film a documentary about non-life threatening food allergies and sensitivities to see their impact, discover treatment options, learn coping and management strategies, and uncover possible causes. #WorldsShortestGrant

  126. Create a place for Creative women to thrive, nourish themselves with healthy food, and inspire others. #WorldsShortestGrant @sodelicious

  127. For low income to low-middle income families with food allergies, particularly with several severe food allergies, provide supplemental food income that is not provided by government since the cost of food for those with allergies is high. @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  128. I would help 1 Horse Rescue with $ 10,000.00 to teach 300 inner city children about animal interactions with a hands on experience with Miniature Horses Goats and Pigs. #WorldsShortestGrant @So_Delicious

  129. I would like to teach kids how to grow vegetables.I have been doing this for about ten years at a horse rescue but with your consideration I can do it on a much bigger level. If kids learn to do this they can eat better, some might even want to farm. Do you know the average age of a U.S. farmer is 57? What will happen when they’re gone if no one teaches them? There isn’t a app for that and they say in 30 years the USA will need 3 times the amount of food, this is going to be a problem since NAFTA the amount of food coming in to the USA without regulated chemicals has sent the cancer % out of control. I’m asking for ten thousand to teach kids to take care of themselves.

  130. We need bio diesel making supplies to convert our dump truck/hauling business to be eco-friendly, and smell like frenchfries! Don’t make us gravel- we would love it so mulch! @So_Delicous#worldsshortestgrant

  131. Free Plant Based Immersion event featuring health and fitness, cooking classes and nutrition classes. This would be a start of a very robust plant based festival where you could come to learn and also meet others living a plant based lifestyle. @So_Delicious Free Immersion Event by 501C3 #WorldsShortestGrant

  132. Expanding my plant based, allergy friendly instagram account to a blog that also shares my transition to tiny house living along with plant based recipes for life on the go. @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  133. I’d love to give Chicken Run Rescue’s new home a small side building for an education center. Once you meet them, you can’t eat them.

  134. Grow sunflowers in school garden. Save seeds after bloom, discuss need for pollination. Have kids make sun butter, sub for peanut butter. #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  135. Blog/website that has chat and moderated videos that would bring all those interested in more information on becoming plant based or for those already PB. One stop site that brings all vendors/ingredients/recipes (best of the best out there),etc. Promoted as the Plant Based Website. @So_Delicious Inclusive Plant Based Website/Blog bringing all vendors/information together #WorldsShortestGrant

  136. “Magical Lunch Bags” and Recipe Cards that empowers you to live a healthier and happier life without food allergies! Changing the world one microchurch at a time! @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant

  137. Looking for $10,000 in funding for a small storefront providing natural alternatives for sustainable living. Herb, fruit & berry seedlings. Organic gardening classes and supplies. Gluten free, vegan classes and cooking supplies. I call it “from my Yaad” bits and pieces of how I’ve created a self sufficient garden and herbal medicine using plants. #worldsshortestgrant

  138. I want to purchase 7 acres in rural Vermont and open a farm animal sanctuary. We will raise funds to buy animals who would normally be raised for dairy or slaughter, and instead give them a home where they can live out their natural lives with love and abundance. We will increase awareness of animal welfare, inform the public of ways to adopt a vegan lifestyle, and provide environmental education resources. @So_Delicious #worldsshortestgrant

  139. Refined recipes for the ravenous! Raven’s Regale Vegan Bakery is officially open! Proudly celebrating animals, beauty, and the power of food. One day we may just open a storefront. We could use a boost @so_delicious Excited to celebrate 20 meatless years (and 14 vegan) this year! Just a lady with a raven familiar and a big idea. #World’sShortestGrant #140Difference

  140. Remote cameras + stinky scent = wolverine conservation. Help us perfect a scent lure for monitoring Gulos #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious

  141. We believe everyone should be able to partake in Communion. Our solution? We want to provide dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, paleo, Communion Wafers for the large allergic population of our church. “Let’s take this {allergy safe} bread together.” #WorldsShortestGrant @So_Delicious

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