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Join Us for the 140 Difference 2016 – The World’s Shortest Grant Application!

April 11, 2016

How will you change the world this year? That’s right: YOU. Think about it.

Got an idea? Great! Keep reading. We want to help to turn your idea into reality!

Need more time? Feeling unsure? Overwhelmed? Skeptical? That’s okay. Keep reading. We want to help you dream big!

#140 Difference Grant Contest - Overview

For the third year in a row, we’re holding the 140 Difference Grant Contest. We’re looking for passionate individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits to help us make a difference in the world. As a bonus, the application process is quite literally as simple as sending a Tweet!

Between April 21 – May 31, we’ll award $100,000 in micro-grants ranging in value from $140-$10,000 to people with brilliant ideas in the areas of environmental sustainability, animal welfare, plant-based foods and food allergies.

Keep in mind: No idea is too big or too small. We started this contest with the simple belief that small actions can make a big impact. A 140 Difference grant might fund your entire project, kick-start a great idea, or help you take an initiative you’re already working on to a new level of awesomeness!

How to Apply

Not a professional grant writer? No problem. To apply for a 140 Difference micro-grant, simply:

  1. Come up with a project idea in one of the following areas: a) Environmental Sustainability; b) Animal Welfare; c) Plant-based Foods; d) Food Allergies
  2. Submit your creative idea in 140 characters or less via Twitter or through our web page between April 21 – May 31,
  3. Include #WorldsShortestGrant and tag so_delicious in your entry.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 daily. Limit 1 unique entry per person per day.


Post Your 140 Character Idea!

Use Twitter or the comments section below to enter.


In 2016, we’ll award $100,000 in micro-grants ranging in value from $140-$10,000. Entries must demonstrate an innovative and entrepreneurial idea around environmental sustainability, animal welfare, plant-based food, or food allergies. Funds must help move project idea along. Grant amounts will be determined by completeness of thought, originality, impact and scope of project. Contestants must submit performance details within 3 months of having received funds.

We will select and notify winners individually at the end of each week. We’ll introduce all of our winners in weekly blog posts throughout the contest.

Play the Game & Get Inspired!

A game to inspire ideas for the #140difference grant contest

We've created a fun, helpful app to inspire you & others to think up 'real-world' proposals for the #140Difference Awards. Sometimes a crazy idea is just what we need to inspire greatness!

Randomize the Cards for a new Idea!

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Grant Proposals Contributed So Far


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