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140 Difference – Week 5 Grant Recipients

June 8, 2016
By: So Delicious

Thank you to everyone who participated in our third annual 140 Difference World’s Shortest Grant Contest. We received a total of 2,665 tweet-length grant applications or about three times as many as last year!

We couldn’t be more impressed by the initiatives that fans like you are making in the areas of environmental sustainability, plant-based foods, food allergies, and animal welfare. With so many worthy entries, it was hard to pick just a few winners!

Over five weeks, we awarded $100,000 in micro-grants ranging in value from $140-10,000 to 98 individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses.  Our winners will go on to start community gardens, make vegan burritos for those in need, rescue animals of all kinds, and so much more!

Once again, congratulations to all of this year’s winners! You can learn more about our week 1, week 2, week 3, and week 4 winners on our blog.

Read about our week 5 winners below…


Amy McCoy

$280 to buy plant-based bars to share with concert-goers for a four-year-old’s birthday!

Tweet: $140 to buy 140 Kind bars for our almost 4yr old to hand out at an outdoor concert on his bday? #WorldsShortestGrant


Colonial Heights
$2,000 to install a Wooly Pocket for a neighborhood garden in California.



Bistro OneSix

$500 for a community vertical garden in Idaho.

Tweet: @So_Delicious $500 would SO help shed lite (literally) on our community vertical alley garden. #WorldsShortestGrant


Mardi Crane

$2,520 to develop ethical best practices for treating cancer in dogs.

Tweet: @So_Delicious Need $10K from #WorldsShortestGrant to develop ethical “best practices” education plan 4 those who care for dogs with cancer.


Rosette Nguyen
$500 for pollinating bees for community garden.

Tommy Roberson

$920 to cover the cost of tools and shed for a community garden.
Tweet: What makes us hoppy? Frog habitat restoration in Frogtown, STP, MN! @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant


Frogtown Green

$1,000 for frog habitat restoration in St. Paul, Minnesota.




TJ Danielle Grabia

$1,000 to expand a garden and share more produce with neighbors in a food desert.

Tweet: @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant Help us expand our garden so we can share more food with our neighbors living in a food desert. $140-$1K!
Hooved Sanctuary

$2,000 to help abused and neglected hooved animals in Vermont.

Tweet: Pleas help us build a new barn to house the abused and neglected Hooved Animals of Central Vermont! #WorldsShortestGrant @So_Delicious




$700 for t-shirts for a walk to fund a food allergy cure.
Tweet: Walk to fund food allergy cure Sun Oct 2/16 Need $700 for cool teal t-shirts to give to participants @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant


Cookie Conscious
$1,000 to help open Eugene’s first all-vegan bakery.



Mike McGinnis

$2,000 for an indoor garden to teach special needs students how to grow food.
Tweet: @so_delicious-High school 4 special needs students 2 learn life skills.$2000 for indoor garden 2 learn how 2 grow food. #WorldsShortestGrant


Adam Schroeder

$2,500 to send children and mentors to environmental sustainability workshops.

Tweet: $5400=send 480 children+mentors to workshops on carbon footprint, tree-care, CO2, recycling+art 4 planet #WorldsShortestGrant @So_delicious



$1,000 for shark conservation art made from recycled beach trash.




The City Shelter

$1,000 to buy playground equipment for shelter dogs.


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