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140 Difference – Week 4 Grant Recipients

June 4, 2016
By: So Delicious

If pressed to choose one adjective to describe our fans, we’d have to go with “awesome.”

Why, you ask? Among other factors (including their impeccable taste in dairy-free frozen desserts), our fans tweeted us almost 1,800 world-changing ideas in the first four weeks of our 140 Difference #WorldsShortestGrant contest. Like we said: awesome.

As in previous weeks, the high volume of inspirational project proposals has made it challenging to pick just a few winners. After much deliberation, we were thrilled to award $23,900 to 18 amazing individuals, nonprofits and small businesses.

This week’s projects include delivering fresh produce to the homeless and hungry in Washington, D.C., cleaning up the Oregon Coast, and providing dog beds to help homeless pups sleep soundly in Seattle.

You can learn about ALL of our week 4 winners below. Check out our blog for information on our week 1, week 2, and week 3 winners, and check in next week to learn about our week 5 winners. We still have $18,920 available, so if you submitted your tweet-length, world-changing idea before May 31 it’s not too late to win!

Our week 4 winners are…


Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawaii

$3,000 toward lease of facility for sorting/researching plastic waste.




Burrito Project

$1,000 for vegan burritos to feed the homeless and hungry in Los Angeles.

Tweet: We make 1,000 Vegan burritos to share with the homeless & hungry in Los Angeles. Yum! @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant #TheBurritoProject



Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue (via Celeste Miller)

$1,500 to microchip 100 rescued Great Pyrenees dogs.




American Wild Horse Preservation

$1,500 for certification to help with a project to keep local horses wild in Nevada.

Tweet: @So_Delicious $1500 would allow NV community to be certified to help with project to keep their local wild horses wild #WorldsShortestGrant



Cooperstown Elementary School (via KRF Enviro)

$2,400 to write and share K-5 curriculum for school garden.



Living with Harmony

$500 to care for Cosette the bunny for a year.




Modified Dolls – Oregon Chapter

$1,500 for Oregon coast cleanup efforts on International Coastal Cleanup Day.




Patti Venneman

$2,000 for tree planting efforts along the Colorado Greenbelt.

Tweet: Revive the Wheat Ridge, Colorado Greenbelt through strategic tree planting & community involvement #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious


Philadelphia Green Living Examiner (via Christina Eckhart)

$500 to make upcycled glass bottle hummingbird feeders.

Tweet: #Ecofriendly #Hummingbird feeder ant moats from #upcycled glass bottles. @so_delicious #WorldsShortestGrant




$500 for community orchard and vegetable garden in an underprivileged neighborhood.




Rooterville Sanctuary

$1,700 to cover two months of senior supplements for sows and to provide clay for pigs.




Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation

$1,000 to purchase 20 beds for homeless dogs.



Seed Plant Based Food and Wine Festival

$500 toward vegan blogger summit.

Tweet: #WorldsShortestGrant would help us do big things for Seed Summit a Vegan Blogger conference  @So_Delicious please help us out!



Sweet Fields

$500 for an edible garden scavenger hunt for kids.




Thrive DC

$1,800 to deliver produce from farms/markets to homeless and low-income people in DC.




Urban Tilth

$1,000 to build a farm stand with youth to increase access to fruits and veggies.

Tweet: @UrbanTilth wants to build a farm stand w 40 youth to create daily access to fresh fruit & veggies @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant



Vegan Action

$2,000 to support educational efforts at the Richmond Veg Fest.

Tweet: Help support the @RVAVegFest to get earth-friendly, animal-friendly info out to 3000 people @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant



Strongest Hearts (via @VegHearts)

$1,000 to film sea turtle conservation efforts in Costa Rica.

Tweet: Film animal conservation w/ #ProyectoHuella in Costa Rica. Save endangered sea turtles, promote veganism!@So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant


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  1. Congratulations to the Week 4 winners! These look like awesome projects! So Delicious, I noticed that the official rules of the contest say “Potential Recipients will be notified by telephone, mail and/or email. I entered a number of submissions through Twitter. Is there a form for providing you with contact information?

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