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140 Difference – Announcing our Week 3 Grant Recipients

May 24, 2016
By: So Delicious

Supporting a schoolyard composting project? Yes!

Monitoring water flow as part of a water and sanitation program in East Africa? Definitely!

Rescuing cats in Kauai? Aww. How could we resist?

With so many creative and inspiring Tweets, choosing winners for our 140 Difference #WorldsShortestGrant contest has been fun… but also tough! Almost 400 creative ideas came our way in week 3, for a total of nearly 1,400 entries.

This week, we awarded $23,000 to 17 individuals, nonprofits and small businesses who shared their ideas for making the world a better place in the realms of environmental sustainability, animal welfare, plant-based food, and/or food allergies. Learn more about this week’s winners below, and check out our previous blog posts to learn more about our week 1 and week 2 winners.
Have a creative solution to make the world a better place? We still have $42,820 in funding available to support innovative projects. Simply tweet your plan to @so_delicious with #WorldsShortestGrant before May 31 for your chance to win.

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And our week 3 winners are…


The Water Trust (via Chris Prottas)

$10,000 to install a new well with a water flow sensor in East Africa.



Derek Markham

$500 to build composting bins for community food waste.

Tweet: Hey @So_Delicious I’d like to build a few large worm composting bins in my barn for community food waste. #WorldsShortestGrant



Kauai Community Cats

$500 to help a no-kill shelter in Kauai use TNR to rescue kittens and cats.

Tweet: @KauaiCats Rescues kittens and cats and uses TNR to stabilize Kauai’s cat population. We are no kill! #WorldsShortestGrant @So_Delicious



Philips Academy (via Kris Shields)

$1,000 for animal care scholarships for special needs youth.

Tweet: @so_delicious scholarships 4 special needs youth to learn animal care,impact employment 4 disabled adults & animal care #worldsshortestgrant


Kristin Leavy Miller
$1,000 for allergy-friendly party zone.

Tweet: Create an allergy-friendly kids party zone w/ SAFE eats & an eco-friendly play area. Will you help us @so_delicious?? #WorldsShortestGrant #140difference



Suzanne Weishaar

$500 to help a teacher start a project-based schoolyard composting program.




North Helpline

$1,000 to prepare 175 gluten-free and vegan no-cook bags for homeless clients



Patti Radakovich

$1,000 to help a chef start a grain-free vegan bakery for humans and dogs.

Tweet: Work with a chef/baker to create a grain-free vegan bakery – for humans and dogs #WorldsShortestGrant



People & Pets Together

$1,000 to support Minnesota’s first pet food shelf.




Sustainable Harvest International

$1,000  to plant sustainable chocolate forests.

Tweet: We plant chocolate forests to create #wildlifehabitat + help families generate income selling #cacao. #WorldsShortestGrant @so_delicious


The Bridge Avenue School

$1,000 to fund an annual school gardening and canning project.




Dustin (@the_dashnerd)

$500 to distribute plant-based food and produce to a local food bank.

Tweet: @So_Delicious My hometown is a food desert, I would love to distribute plant based food & produce to the food bank! #WorldsShortestGrant


Urban Green Lab

$1,500 to help a nonprofit bring its traveling Sustainability Lab to public schools.




Valley Food Partnership

$1,000 for a school backpack program for kids with food allergies.

Tweet: @So_Delicious Help us improve our school backpack program for kids with food allergies! #WorldsShortestGrant


Veggie Army

$500 to promote a plant-based YouTube show.




Very Awesome Girls

$500 to help a group of women start a vegan garden at a local animal sanctuary.




White Pony Express

$500 to help a California-based nonprofit rescue surplus food and deliver it to those in need.



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  1. We’re so excited about our grant and are looking forward to buying all the specialty shelf stable foods possible! I emailed the address given in the So Delicious congrats tweet but haven’t heard anything back yet–should I try again? Just want to make sure I’m doing my part to make this process as easy as possible for everyone.

  2. Hello! I still have yet to hear back from the So Delicious team–am I contacting the wrong people? I hope I’m not making a silly mistake that is creating a problem for the processing of this amazing opportunity!

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