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140 Difference – Announcing our Week 2 Grant Recipients

May 17, 2016
By: So Delicious

During the second week of the 140 Difference #WorldsShortestGrant contest, we received nearly 400 fantastic tweet-length grant applications. In total, more than 1,000 project ideas related to environmental sustainability, animal welfare, plant-based food, and/or food allergies have been submitted so far!

With so many incredible ideas, picking winners has not been easy. We awarded $13,500 in microgrants this week to 17 incredibly deserving individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses.

This week’s funding will help to pay for binoculars for young birders, feed vegan meals to the homeless, provide medical equipment for a horse sanctuary hospital, and so much more! Details on all of this week’s winners are below. Learn more about our week 1 winners here.

Have a brilliant idea you want to share? We still have $65,820 in funding available to support innovative projects. Simply tweet your plan to @so_delicious with #WorldsShortestGrant before May 31 for your chance to get funded. Learn more about the 140 Difference initiative here.

Drum roll please… our week 2 winners are:

Elizabeth LaMar (@3RiversGirl)

$500 to help the Sequoia Parks Conservancy educate the public about night sky preservation at national parks.

Tweet: Educational programs to teach of night sky preservation & how it affects national parks. #WorldsShortestGrant @So_Delicious @SeqParksCon


Alix Fano (Green Our Schools)

$500 to allow New York City students to restore habitats for pollinators.  



Bonnie North

$500 to enable an individual adopt and plant a pollinator corridor.
Tweet: We will adopt & plant a pollinator corridor on the pipeline easement, which spans for miles and miles. @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant


Burrito Brigade

$1,000 to help an Oregon nonprofit feed more vegan burritos to the homeless.



Shay Marie

$1,000 for a mom and son to create a kid-friendly vegan cooking web series.


City Growers

$500 to teach NYC youth about sustainable cities through rooftop farm workshops.


Draft Gratitude

$1,000 for a volunteer organization to save retired farm horses from slaughter.


Fed By Threads

$1,000 to support a clothing company advance its sustainable and humanitarian mission.
Tweet: We carry #sustainable clothing using #organic cotton, #hemp, #bamboo & more. We feed Americans in need! #WorldsShortestGrant @So_Delicious


Food Shift

$1,000 to help an innovative and sustainable organization that recovers food waste to feed those in need.
Tweet: Recover food waste and turn it into nutrient rich meals for #AlamedaKitchen @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant



Humanity for Horses

$1,000 to go toward medical equipment for a nonprofit horse sanctuary hospital.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.17.03 PM


John Galluzo

$500 to buy plants for a garden that has a solar-powered rain barrel watering system.



Mary Munford Elementary School

$500 to plant a pollinator garden at an elementary school.

Tweet: Would love to plant a Pollinator Garden at Mary Munford Elementary School with kids, for kids @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant



Ocean First Institute

$1,000 to help a nonprofit teach students about plastic pollution and marine wildlife.



Pasadena Audobon Society

$1,000 to purchase binoculars for young bird watchers.
Tweet: Binoculars for young birders, because hummingbirds are even cooler up close! Can you help? @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant



Twin Cities Food Justice

$500 to help deliver rescued produce by bike.



The Woolman Semester School

$1,000 to help expand its kitchen-to-farm connection class.

Tweet: Help us expand our kitchen to farm connection and class at the Woolman semester school. @So_Delicious #WorldsShortestGrant



Shannon (@YesMomCanDoIt)

$1,000 to start a garden at a preschool to help ASD students.
Tweet: @So_Delicious @Freedible I would love to start a garden at my sons preschool to help the ASD kids #WorldsShortestGrant


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  1. As a little girl, I wondered why my Mom never ate cereal? When I reached 40 yrs old I found out why! I inherited her lactose intolerance! I’m so glad to finally find “ice cream” that I can have without making the bathroom my favorite room in the house afterwords! Thank you for the variety also!

  2. How about donate healthy food options to food pantries. Many people who go to food pantries are lactose intolerant and only find milk and dairy products. Many are gluten sensitive or can’t have high sodium, and find mostly wheat and gluten breads and cereals, and high sodium foods. Food Link assumes you lost your dietary restrictions when you lost your job.

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